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Go stones.png This page was gamestate during The Twenty-Seventh Dynasty of Kevan. It is being kept for archival purposes and is not part of the current BlogNomic game.
Pathfinder Gamestate
Name Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Stamina Prestige Location
Cuddlebeam Bone Scanner - - 0* 2 Colle Rainforest
derrick Gamma Pistol Bone Scanner 10 46 Physiy Forest
Josh Fire Extinguisher Gamme Pistol - 4 45 Cortex desert
pokes Fire Extinguisher - - 9 7 Cuneg Taiga
Raven1207 Magnetic Gloves - - 10 0 The Cortex Desert
Riggdan Gamma Pistol - - 10 7 Branchin Mountains
Tantusar - - - 7 0 The Cortex Desert
Index Location Topology Discoveries Hazards Links
1 The Cortex Desert Desert Gregite Gregite Qualifier Hills, Cresci Glacier, Branchin Mountains, Geosynchronous Rig, Physiy Forest
2 Qualifier Hills Hills Trabite Priora populum Cortex Desert, Interu Hills
3 Cresci Glacier Glacier Iterium - Cortex Desert, Colle Rainforest, Acari Hills
4 Interu Hills Hills Priora populum - Qualifier Hills, Felicu Savannah, Trepi Forest
5 Colle Rainforest Rainforest Arcti sordia - Cresci Glacier, Trecenta Mountains, Branchin Mountains, Acari Hills, Cuneg Taiga
6 Branchin Mountains Mountains Mundium - Cortex Desert, Cuneg Taiga, Colle Rainforest
7 Felicu Savannah Savannah Tremadon Opisthos, Tremadon Interu Hills, Hormi Hills
8 Cuneg Taiga Taiga Teret necria - Branchin Mountains, Calle Rainforest
9 Hormi Hills Hills Opisthos - Felicu Savannah, Campa Savannah
10 Trecenta Mountains Mountains Celera alphum - Colle Rainforest
11 Campa Savannah Savannah Tricha heliia - Hormi Hills, Heteru Grassland
12 Trepi Forest Forest Stenium - Interu Hills, Quindene Forest
13 Heteru Grassland Grassland Onera accipitrum Onera accipitrum Campa Savannah, Physiy Forest
14 Physiy Forest Forest Turba cirrum - Heteru Grassland, Phryni Desert, The Cortex Desert
15 Quindene Forest Forest Lampus Lampus Trepi Forest
16 Acari Hills Hills Fricos - Cresci Glacier, Colle Rainforest
17 Phryni Desert Desert Collos - Physiy Forest
- Geosynchronous Rig Savannah - - The Cortex Desert
Owner Location Gear
The Computer The Cortex Desert Gamma Pistol (6), Rocket Fuel (4), Canister of Glarsh (9), Magnetic Gloves (4), Fire Extinguisher (3), Wrench (2)
The Computer Geosynchronous Rig Pod (6)
Josh Colle Rainforest Probe
Derrick Physiy Forest Hallucinogenic Substance
pokes Cuneg Taiga