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Mission Status

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Dynasty Stats

Amount of Missions Completed 4
Ancient One's Satisfaction 0


Boot Camp Supply Delivery

Boot Camp is deserted! Are the explorers getting cold feet? We must resupply Boot camp so that it attracts hungry explorers from all around the Antarctic. This effort will be rewarded by dog sleds made out of recycled boots.

Status Completed
Goal Boot Camp has fifty (50) supplies.

The Participants who are eligible for the reward are all the Explorers who transferred supplies to Boot Camp while both of the following conditions are true:

  • Boot Camp has less than 50 supplies
  • This mission status is Pending
Reward One (1) Dog Sled
Secret Treasure None

Establishing a Dig Site

The expedition tracks through the heavy snow, comparing the sculpted wastes to their ancient maps and charts as they seek a place to begin their research.

Status Completed
Goal Be the first Explorer to have created a Camp whose description contains the words “dig site”. The Participant is that Explorer.
Reward +6 Supplies if the Participant is a Scholar and/or a Cultist; -6 Supplies (to a minimum of zero) if they are not.
Secret Treasure Unknown

Where’s the mountains?

Most of the people on the expedition thought that the Antarctic had mountains (possibly angry or mad ones), but can’t seem to find where they lay specifically on the chart.

Status Pending
Goal Have 3 camps that:
  • each have the word “mountain” in their title or description
  • each have a temperature of -25°C or less
  • each have no supplies
  • each have the door state of open
  • each are at a latitude of 88° or greater

Participants are Explorers that created one of the first three camps that satisfies all of these conditions.

Reward +10 supplies and 1 dogsled.
Secret Treasure Unknown

Arresting a Cultist

‘‘Traitors amongst our midst! Their tentative to wake up some monstrosity might have failed, but make no mistake, they WILL try again. Suspect is to be considered armed and dangerous. Proceed with extreme caution.’‘

Status Completed
Goal The Explorer named Kevan is held at Gunpoint. In addition, at least three other Explorers are in the same Location as them. The Participants are all Explorers who are in the same Location as them.
Reward One Artefact.
Secret Treasure Unknown