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Weighted Power Factor 16,000,000
Name Prestige Power Estate
Brendan 0 3 5 Items
Clucky 9 3 11 Items
Darknight 3 -3 2 Items
Farsight 3 1
JimothyFromTLTT 2 -4 1 Item
Jumble 3 -6 5 Items
Kevan 3 2 3 Items
naught 1 1 6 Items
pencilgame 5 1 2 Items
Tantusar 3 -8
TyGuy6 3 1
Estate of Item Description Type:Subtype Impacts Characteristics
Brendan A copy of Sun Tzu’s Art of War translated into Latin Physical:Art Instructive / Instructive
Brendan Management of the toll road between Orleans and Tours Favour of the King Valuable / Instructive
Brendan Instruction in horse riding from the King’s own stablemaster Favour of the King Instructive
naught An Athenian natural realist scene depicting Apollo at Crete Physical:Art Valuable Renaissance, 1,987 years old
naught Feast of Ortolan Favour of the King Distracting / Extravagant
Jumble A life-sized nude erotic sculpture of St John the Baptist Physical:Romantic Gift Valuable / Distracting / Unfashionable Obscene
naught Inclusion on the War Council Military Instructive
clucky A suite seven feet closer to the bedchambers of the King Favour of the King Valuable / Instructive / Extravagant
Jumble State of the art Savoyard three-quarter plate Military Instructive / Unfashionable
Jumble A turkey where the meat has been impregnated with a jet black dye Physical:Food Extravagent / Instructive Black, Meat
Darknight Candied dates with reflective spun sugar decorations Physical:Food Valuable / Valuable / Instructive Red, candies
JimothyTLTT Wine from Merlot grapes strained through muslin to remove all pigmentation Physical:Food Unfashionable / Valuable / Instructive Silver, wine
Jumble An antique, hand-illustrated copy of the Kama Sutra Physical/Romantic Gift Distracting / Valuable / Instructive Obscene
Darknight The heart of a stag from the King’s own forest Physical:Food Instructive / Valuable Purple, Meat
Naught The Preaching of John the Baptist by Adam van Noort Physical:Art Extravagant Mannerist, 60 years old
pencilgame A notable playwright crafts a comedy about your romance Physical:Romantic Gifts Valuable / Extravagant / Valuable Bawdy
pencilgame The ironwood throne of a King of Scythia Physical:Furniture Instructive Black, 1,926 years old
Clucky A treatise on advanced duelling techniques Military Instructive
Brendan A division of English pike infantry Military Valuable, Unfashionable, Unfashionable, Valuable
Clucky Contract for the supply of logistics support Military Instructive, Valuable
Clucky The strategic notes drawn up by Roland of the Paladins before the Battle of Roncevaux Pass Favour of the King Extravagant
naught A quail that has been fully encased in marzipan Physical:Food Distracting, Distracting Yellow, Meat
Jumble A collection of pocket-sized Italian cameos Physical:Romantic Gift Distracting Bawdy
Clucky Barely cooked steak from the Spanish King’s herd Physical:Food Distracting, Extravagant Purple, Meat
Brendan Harry the Black-Hearted Bastard gives instruction in fighting dirty to win alehouse brawls Favour of the King Unfashionable, Unfashionable, Instructive, Valuable
naught A tiny, bejewelled, impeccably well-crafted codpiece Favour of the King Unfashionable, Unfashionable, Extravagant, Valuable
Clucky The King’s Military Drummers to follow you for an entire day playing motivating a battle tattoo Military Unfashionable, Extravagant, Distracting
Clucky A single red rose with a sincere note Physical:Romantic Unfashionable Romantic
Clucky A stool from the cell of Joan of Arc Physical:Furniture Distracting, Instructive Black, 251 years old
Clucky Pottery from the height of Seleucid Syria Physical:Furniture Valuable, Extravagant Turquoise, 1,811 years old
Kevan A leather corset and skirt combo, fitted for a young male, with an exposed groin region Physical:Romantic Gifts Unfashionable, Extravagant Obscene
Kevan A fire-damaged footrest dating from the Roman Republic Physical:Furniture Valuable Black, 1757 years old
Kevan A prototype for a smooth-bore pistol Military Instructive, Useful
Clucky A kitten of a new rare breed Favour of the King Extravagant, Distracting
Clucky A porcelain egg with gold trim, in the Renaissance style Favour of the King Unfashionable, Extravagant
Ribbon Holder
Letters Clucky
Sword Jumble
Bell -
Robe naught
Chancery Clucky
Royal Patent Name Type:Subtype Impacts Characteristics