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Observations on BlogNomic

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By SingularByte

My first observation is about the influx of players at the start of a dynasty. Usually when there's an interesting theme, a lot of players join, yet after a couple of weeks, just as many leave, often including those who had recently joined. I don't know why this is. Maybe the theme doesn't live up to their expectations? Maybe they misjudge their free time? It happens every time without explanation.

My second observation is about new admins. They are often the most diligent in admin tasks. They pass proposals as soon as they can and once they know how, they add players too. This is the opposite of how experienced players act. They sometimes put off tasks for other people, letting the proposal queue build up. This observation is easier to explain. Once the newness wears off, it simply becomes a task which they may not have the time to do, or they simply view it as boring.

My final observation is about trying to win. You'd think that all players would try to win equally but I've noticed that there's only a couple of people at most in a dynasty who have a clear advantage. Some of this is probably the fact that new players (whether brand new or recently unidled) have a clear disadvantage. Also, some players seem to be happy just proposing the rules without trying to win. Whether or not the player with the advantage wins is decided by one main factor: Whether the ruleset is scammed.

Thanks for reading!