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Pumpkin Boulevard

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Time: The Big Night


Valid Locations Connections
Main Street Cauldron Avenue, Pumpkin Boulevard, Nightmare Way, Hardware Store, Police Station
Cauldron Avenue Main Street, Gated Fence, Cemetery
Pumpkin Boulevard Main Street, Sidewalk
Nightmare Way Main Street, Beach
Addams Sidewalk
Scarecrows Sidewalk
Misers Sidewalk
Tuckers Sidewalk
Joneses Sidewalk
Greenbergs Sidewalk
Sidewalk Addams, Scarecrows, Misers, Tuckers, Greenbergs, Joneses, Pumpkin Boulevard
Hardware Store Main Street
Police Station Main Street
Cemetery Cauldron Avenue, Spooky Woods
Spooky Woods Cemetery
Gated Fence Cauldron Avenue, Ominous Castle
Ominous Castle Gated Fence
Beach Nightmare Way, Shipwreck
Shipwreck Beach



Costume Type Preference: spooky
Candy Type: Licorice
Gullibility: 4
Trick Value: 0


Costume Type Preference: sneaky
Candy Type: Corn
Gullibility: 3
Trick Value: 5
Dropped items: 4 gummy bears


Candy Type: Gummy Bears
Candy Quantity: 15
Trick Value: 0


Costume Type Preference: spooky
Candy Type: Suckers
Gullibility: 5
Trick Value: 0


Costume Type Preference: ecologically responsible
Candy Type: Apples
Gullibility: 6
Trick Value: 0


Costume Type Preference: expensive
Candy Type: King Size Snickers
Gullibility: 7
Trick Value: 6