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Just not to confuse the names of the ingredients, each one has been enclosed in quotation marks.

Orange in Sweet Orange Sauce: "Peeled Orange", "Orange Peel", "Canola Oil", "High Fructuose Corn Syrup"

A dessert with a highly assertive flavor that cannot be confused with any other favor in the universe... except perhaps, chicken.

Grilled Tuna Fish in a Can: "Can of Tuna", "Grilled Onions", "Salt", "Mayonnaise Substitute", "Slightly rotten Avocado"

When eaten, the Member who did so must choose 5 Ingredients from the Ingredients List and remove them from it.

This delicacy is prepared by opening a fresh can of tuna, and grilling it right on the can. A recipe for true connoisseurs of the freeganist movement.

Tasteless Rice Bowl with Soy: "Rice", "Water", "Soy", "Dolphin"

When a Member eats this Recipe, that Member may choose another member and decrease the Credits of that Member by 3DICE5.

A very simple and tasteless meal that is nonetheless a fan favorite amongst fans of the japanese culture, all across the solar system.

Hearty Green Soup without Soylent Green: "Wasabi", "Water", "Milk", "Slightly more rotten Avocado", "Soylent Green"

The Endurance of the vehicle belonging to a Member who eats this recipes is considered to be 6 points higher than its actual value for the next 48 hours, however the Member cannot activate Turbo Mode during that time.

The Solar Cooking Associating must remind you that Soylent Green is NOT made of people. Seriously, are you gonna believe a movie from like ten centuries ago? Not that this recipe has Soylent Green on it anyways.

Banana & Cheese Cream Pie: "Ice 9", "Ice Cream", "Bananas", "Clover Honey", "Cheese"

This unique dessert, originating in the cold depths of space has a refined taste which can only be preserved in Liquid Nitrogen. Or in the cold depths of space.

Extreme Lactose Delicacy: "Moon Cheese (Luna)", "Philadelphia Scrapple", "Casu Marzu (Mercury)", "Stagnant Water (Europa)", "Black Pepper (Ceres)"

Sometimes I wonder who comes up with these recipes.

DDA Emergency Gourmet Ration: "DDA Dimension Travel Meat", "DDA Genetically Altered Wheat", "DDA Emergency Ration", "Aspartame"

Eating this Recipe sets the Member's station to Jump. Each other Ingredient that Member has on their bowl that doesn't have "DDA" on it, gets removed from that Bowl.

This DDAriffic meal has been carefully designed to provide all the nutrients you need when shifting through dimensions. Every other time, it just tastes funny.

Emperor Arth's Official Beverage: "Dr. Pepper (Ceres)", "Spam", "Bacon (Mars)", "Victory Coffee (Ariel)", "Fresh Mango Juice (Mimas)"

Eating this Recipe allows the Member to obtain 1 Guess. However, this benefit is only obtained if no other Member has eaten the Recipe previously during the same day.

Contains more energy than YOUR BODY HAS ROOM FOR.

Peaches with Soy and Tomato Juice: "Pink Peaches (Luna)", "Soy Sauce (Charon)", "Desoxyribonucleic Acid (Earth)", "Tomato Sauce (Mars)"

When eaten, the Member who did so may Increase their fuel by 10.

With its unique colour, density and atomic number, the Peaches with Soy and Tomato Juice are a perfect appetizer for any kind of gastronomical event. Blue Martian Wine is the recommended drink when served as an entré.