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Go stones.png This page was gamestate in an unspecified dynasty (see which pages link here). It is being kept for archival purposes and is not part of the current BlogNomic game.


Lifting large rocks
Prerequisites: thinking hard, tools
Cost: 31/35
Field: Progress
Effect: The Cavemen learn that if you use the right tools, you can pick up and move very large rocks.
Basic Geometry
Prerequisites: basic math and thinking hard
Cost: 45
Field: knowledge
Effect: cavemen learn about shapes, like triangles and squares. this will help them build things later. cavemen also start to think about big numbers and big math.
Axe Crafting
Prerequisite: “Tools” and “Making Pointy Sticks”
Cost: 28
Effect: Cavemen learn that fixing rock to stick make easier to hold rock, make rock move faster when hit things.
A Caveman who has Knowledge of Axe Crafting may, as a daily action, remove a Stick and either a Sharp Rock or a Shiny Rock from their Tools, to craft an Axe. If they removed a Sharp Rock, they may add one Sharp Axe to their Tools as a result; if they removed a Shiny Rock, they may add one Shiny Axe to their Tools.
Field: Art


Bashing Rocks
Prerequisite: None
Cost: 0/20
Field: Progress
Effects: The Cavemen have learned that if you bash a rock against another rock, it makes a noise and sometimes a bit of light.
Making Pointy Sticks
Prerequisites: None
Cost: 0/15
Field: Progress
Effect: Cavemen realize that if you break sticks right, you can make a pointed object that can be used to poke things.
A Caveman who has Knowledge of Making Pointy Sticks may, as a daily action, turn any basic Sticks they are carrying into Pointy Sticks.
cave painting
prerequisites: none
cost: 0/20
field: art
effect: the cavemen can draw things that have happened on the cave wall. If a Caveman knows Cave Painting and is carrying either a Burnt Stick or a Red Rock (known as the “Painting Tool”), then he or she may, as a weekly action, reduce the cost of any Open Research Project by his or her own Intelligence, provided that they have Knowledge of every Prequisite of the Project. Upon doing so, the Painting Tool is used up and is removed from their Tools.
prerequisites: bash rocks
cost: 0/20
field: progress
effect: when rocks bash against rocks bits come off. some bits cut. if rock tied to stick can bash against other rocks easier.
when this learn think complete, each cave guy get smarter by one point. this has effect once only.
A Caveman who has Knowledge of Tools may, as a daily action, turn any basic Rocks they are carrying into Sharp Rocks.
thinking hard
prerequisites: none
cost: 30
Field: Knowledge
effect: the cavemen begin to wonder about the sun, moon and stars and also triangles and circles.
sky fire
prerequisites: bash rocks
cost: 20
field: knowledge
effect: light from rock bash like light from sky fire. sky fire hit tree, tree gets hot and burny. perhaps burny tree can be used. perhaps can make burny tree with bash rocks.
A Caveman who has Knowledge of both Bashing Rocks and Sky Fire, and who is carrying two Rocks (of any type) may, as a daily action, remove one Rock from their Tools to add Fire to their Tools. If there is at least a Caveman carrying the tool Fire, a Caveman who has Knowledge of Sky Fire, and who is carrying a Stick (of any type other than “Burnt”) may, as a daily action, remove that Stick from their Tools to add a Burny Stick to their Tools.
prerequisites: none
cost: 0/10
field: art
effect: The cavemen are able to attract and direct one another’s attention with guttural noises.
advanced painting
prerequisites: cave painting and tools
cost: -15/30
field: art
effect: Cavemen can use brushes to make very nice paintings instead of just finger scribbles. They can also use tools to make a better canvas than just cave walls.
Basic math
Prerequisites: thinking hard
Cost: 0/30
Field: knowledge
Effect: cavemen now know numbers. all cavemen get one smartness. cavemen know now how much is correct cost of learn think. cavemen still do not know of big words like me di an and av er age.
Rock Finding
Prerequisite: Bashing Rocks
Cost: 0/20
Effect: Some rocks in valley not same as other rocks. Some rocks soft and red, some hard and bright, some wet and squishy.
If a Caveman knows Rock Finding, then whenever they take an action which would add a basic Rock to their Tools, they may add a Red Rock, a Shiny Rock or a Squishy Rock instead.
Field: Knowledge
Hunt animals
Prerequisite: Making pointy sticks
Cost: 0/15
Effect: If you hit an animal with a rock or stick, you will get a lot of raw meat. It is not so good to eat but better than starving. Again, it does not work with mammoth, for some reason. Any caveman with Knowledge of Hunt and carrying a Weapon may choose a Weapon they are carrying and Go Hunting. They shall do this by rolling a DICE5 (mentioning their chosen Weapon in the die roll comment) and adding their chosen Weapon’s Power. On a 6 or more, they may add one Raw Meat to their tools. On 5, they shall lose their chosen Weapon to gain a Raw Meat. On 4, they shall lose their Weapon. On 3 or less, nothing happens. If after hunting a Caveman would get his third tool, they must either lose their chosen Weapon before getting the Meat, or give the Meat to a Caveman with less than 2 tools. This transaction does not count towards the daily limit described in rule 2.4 “Tool Use”. A caveman may not Go Hunting more than 3 times a day.
Field: Progress