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1 - Ruleset and Gamestate

This is the Ruleset for BlogNomic; all Muffins must obey it. Rules 1-9 are the "core Ruleset", covering basic Muffin and proposal mechanics; Rules 10 onwards are those specific to the current round.

The Ruleset and Gamestate can only be changed when a Rule specifically permits their being changed. ("Gamestate" is defined as any information which the Ruleset regulates the alteration of, such as Muffins' names and the blog colour scheme.)

Admin Staff may correct obvious spelling and typographical mistakes in the Ruleset at any time.

2 - Muffins

Anybody may apply to join BlogNomic (if they are not already playing) by contacting any of the Admin Staff, specifying the name they wish to use in the game and the URL or email address they want their name to link to in the Muffin roster. The Admin may choose to approve or reject this application; if it is approved, the applicant will be signed up as a Member of the BlogNomic weblog, and will be considered a Muffin from the moment that they first appear on the roster in the sidebar.

A Muffin may change their name or their sidebar link, or leave the game, at any time, by posting an entry to the BlogNomic weblog requesting such action.

Some Muffins are Admin Staff, responsible for updating the site and the Ruleset, and are signified as such in the sidebar. Muffins who wish to become Admin should sign up with a username for the Ruleset Wiki, and submit a Proposal to make themselves an Admin. Existing Admin may be removed from their post by Proposal, CfJ or voluntary resignation.

Some Muffins are idle, and should be marked as such in the sidebar. For the purposes of rules other than 1 and 2, idle Muffins are not counted as Muffins. Admin may render a Muffin idle if that Muffin has failed to vote for more than a week, or if it has asked to become idle. Admins may un-idle a Muffin at their request - the Muffin's personal gamestate retains the values it had immediately prior to their idling.

A single person may not control more than one Muffin within BlogNomic. If anybody is suspected of controlling more than one Muffin, then a Proposal may be made to remove any number of such Muffins from the game, and to bar the perpetrator from rejoining.

3 - Proposals

Any Muffin may propose a change to the Ruleset or gamestate by posting an entry with the subject "Proposal : [Title]" (where [Title] is a title of their choosing), and describes the changes they wish to be made.

Proposals can either be Pending, Enacted, Failed or Expired. When a Proposal is first put forward, it is considered Pending.

No ostensible Proposal shall be legal if its posting leads to its poster having more than 2 Proposals pending. Furthermore, no Muffin may post more than 3 Proposals in the same day.

Some proposals are exceedingly well written and others are shameful disgraces. Muffins may indicate that they believe the proposer of a proposal deserves compensation by voting FOR with two FOR icons, and that they believe the proposer should be admonished by voting AGAINST with two AGAINST icons. If one player more than Quorum votes with two FORs on a proposal, the proposer gains five Stuff upon the enactment of the proposal. If one player more than quorum votes with two AGAINSTs on a proposal the proposer loses five Stuff.

4 - Voting

Any Muffin may cast their vote on a Pending Proposal by declaring it in the comments of the entry. Valid votes are FOR, AGAINST, and DEFERENTIAL, which must be represented by appropriate icons. If there exists more than one Vote from a single Muffin on a single Proposal, only the most recent of those Votes is counted. If a Muffin leaves the game or goes idle, their Vote no longer counts.

A vote of DEFERENTIAL is a vote of no opinion, or of faith in the decision of the GRAND POOBAH. The vote will count as the same as the GRAND POOBAH's vote. The GRAND POOBAH cannot cast a vote of DEFERENTIAL. If there is no GRAND POOBAH, a vote of DEFERENTIAL counts as an explicit vote of abstention.

If the Muffin who made a Proposal has not cast an explicit Vote on it, their Vote is counted as FOR.

5 - Enactment

Quorum is equal to half the number of Muffins, rounded down, plus one.

If the oldest pending Proposal's FOR votes exceed or equal Quorum and that Proposal has been open for voting for at least twelve (12) hours, or if it is more than 48 hours old and more than half of its votes are FOR, then any Admin Staff may mark that Proposal as Enacted, then update the Ruleset and/or Gamestate to include the specified effects of that Proposal.

If the oldest pending Proposal has enough AGAINST votes that it could not be Enacted without one of those votes being changed, or if all Muffins have voted on it and it still cannot be Enacted, or if the Muffin who proposed it has voted AGAINST it, or if it is more than 48 hours old and most of its votes are AGAINST, then any Admin Staff may mark that Proposal as Failed. When the proposer votes against his or her own proposal, that vote may not be changed.

whenever an admin marks a proposal as enacted or failed he/she must report the following information on the proposal:
1) the final tally of for to against votes, or whether the proposal was self-killed or vetoed
2) the time of enactment or failure
3) the identity of the enacting or failing admin

6 - Calls for Judgment

If two or more Muffins actively disagree as to the interpretation of the Ruleset, or if a Muffin feels that an aspect of the game needs urgent attention, then any Muffin may raise a Call for Judgment by posting an anonymous entry (via the blogger account that is specifically designated for CFJs) which begins with the paragraph "Call for Judgment" in bold text, and goes on to describe the issue, and measures that should be taken to resolve it.

All Muffins may add votes of agreement or disagreement in comments to this entry, using appropriate voting icons (a Muffin's later votes overriding its earlier ones). CfJs continue until they reach a quorum of FOR votes, or until four days have passed. After this time, if more than half of the cast votes are in favour, the Gamestate and Ruleset should be amended as was specified. Otherwise, the CfJ fails and may have no further effect.

The name of the CFJ blogger account is: CallforJudgment
and it's password is: blognomic

7 - Gamestate Tracking

Proposals, Calls for Judgment, and other official posts, as well as specific gamestate information, shall be tracked by the BlogNomic blog at Any Muffin may post to the blog at any time, but may only make official posts to the blog when the ruleset allows it. Posts following the format specified by a rule are considered official posts.

If nobody else has commented on it, an official post may be altered or removed; otherwise this can only be done as allowed by the ruleset. The Admin processing an official post is allowed to append to the post to reflect its new status. Anything appended to a post in this way must be formatted


, where [result] is one of enact, fail, veto, or other.

A non-official post may not through editing of the blog be changed into an official post.

Voting and comments are tracked by backblog, accessible through the link at the bottom of every post.

Specific parts of the Gamestate data shall be tracked by the Generic Nomic Data Tracker at Any Muffin may update any Muffin's data via the GNDT, whenever the Ruleset permits it.

All updates to the GNDT are logged - if a Muffin feels that an alteration goes against the Rules (as they were at the time of the alteration), he or she may simply undo the effects of that alteration. If such an undoing is disputed, a Call for Judgment should be raised.

The Year is tracked in the Blog sidebar and the GNDT. In instances of dispute, the GNDT is offical. It is measured in Years "D.Q.". Once per day at midnight GMT the Calendar advances 10 Years.

Periodically the Calendar will advance 1 year. This has no game effect other than to indicate the time until the year increments; the Year is still considered to be what it was at midnight.

Muffins shall be assigned a password for the GNDT when they join the Nomic.

8 - Dynasties

BlogNomic is divided into a number of Rounds, referred to as Dynasties.

Each Dynasty has a single GRAND POOBAH and is named according to the number of times which that Muffin has been the GRAND POOBAH (or the GRAND POOBAH equivalent) (eg. "The First Dynasty of Myke").

The GRAND POOBAH has the following powers:

  • They may veto any Proposal; that Proposal immediately fails. (This veto may be contested with a CfJ if it is thought excessively unreasonable.)
  • They may change the BlogNomic header, the colour scheme and the VETO icon, whenever they like.

A page of Dynasty Records are kept on a separate weblog, recording events that took place during past Dynasties, noting their themes, their GRAND POOBAH or equivalent, interesting rules, large arguments, the winning move, etc. A Dynasty record must accurately reflect the Dynasty it refers to. Muffins may submit Dynasty Records to the GRAND POOBAH - the GRAND POOBAH may award the submitter 20 Stuffs for any Records it uses.

9 - Victory and Ascension

If a Muffin believes that they have achieved the victory conditions for the current Dynasty, they may post a Declaration of Victory to the BlogNomic weblog. At this point, BlogNomic immediately goes into Hiatus, during which no further game actions (other than Calls for Judgment, and all relevant actions specified in Rule 6) may be taken.

Every Muffin may respond to the Declaration of Victory saying whether they regard it as legal or illegal (using the FOR, AGAINST and DEFERENTIAL icons). If more than half of Muffins consider the win legal, then the poster of the Declaration is considered to have officially won the Dynasty - the Dynasty ends. If more than half consider it illegal, and if no CfJs remain pending, however, then the Hiatus ends and the current Dynasty continues. If no clear decision is reached after 24 hours, the GRAND POOBAH may optionally step in and decide the win's legality.

When a Dynasty has been won, all Muffins' GNDT stats are reset to zero or blank. The Year is reset to 0 A.E. Any Muffins who were idle throughout that Dynasty may be removed from the game, at the GRAND POOBAH's discretion.

The Hiatus then continues until the new GRAND POOBAH posts an Ascension Address to the BlogNomic weblog - this should specify the GRAND POOBAH's chosen theme for the new round, and may optionally include a proclamation that any number of Rules will be repealed (excluding Rules 1-9), and/or that the words "Muffin", "GRAND POOBAH", "Stuffs", "Year" and “A.E. (Anno EquitisRegis)" will be replaced with new theme-appropriate terms. If the new GRAND POOBAH chooses not to repeal a rule with number over 9, he/she may also replace any keyword in those rules with a new theme-appropriate term. The remaining rules, after the new GRAND POOBAH's proclamation, shall be renumbered to keep a sequential progression. The new GRAND POOBAH may also proclaim at the Ascension Address the veto of any Pending Proposals. The failure of said proposals shall incur no Stuff penalty for the proposer.

Upon posting this Address, and having made the Ruleset changes, the Hiatus period ends and the new Dynasty commences.


10 - Stuffs

Each Muffin has an amount of Stuffs, which may vary during the course of the game. Stuffs may not fall below 0 or rise above 200. Any effect which would take Stuffs beyond either of these boundaries instead sets it to that boundary, unless the change must be made as a precondition of a game action (such as paying a "cost"), in which case that action cannot be performed.

New Muffins begin the game with 100 Stuffs.

If at any time a fractional value would occur for Stuffs that value is rounded down to the nearest whole number.

Whenever an Admin Enacts or Fails a Proposal that has been pending for more than 48 hours, he/she has the option of deducting 5 Stuffs from the accounts of all active Muffins who did not vote on the Proposal. This deduction cannot take place if a proposal has been vetoed or self failed.

11 - The Nature Of Stuff

The nature of Stuff changes weekly. At the beginning of each week, once a new nature of stuff has been decided, a column shall be added to the GNDT. The name of this column shall be a word. The specifications for said word are listed below. Any references to the nature, form, or type of Stuff refer to this word. The specifications for creating the column, and deciding on a new nature of stuff, are described within this rule.

The new column shall be referred to as the New Item. The current New Item shall be indicated on the Blognomic website just below the words 'Make a New Post:' in the form of 'This weeks item: ItemName' where ItemName shall be replaced by the current New Item name. The value of a player's New Item shall always be equal to the value of their Stuff.

At the end of each week a new word shall be proposed to be the nature of stuff. Once the GNDT and website have been updated this new word is now the New Item. All columns that reflect past New Items are referred to as Old Items.

Whoever has the most of the Stuff at the end of Sunday is the ‘Stuff Describer’. They shall determine the nature of Stuff for the coming week. If there is a tie between two Muffins for the most Stuff the GRAND POOBAH shall decide who is the ‘Stuff Describer’. Before changing the nature of Stuff the ‘Stuff Describer’ must make a post Entitled: STUFF SHALL BE. The context of the post must contain one noun, or made up word, and it may not be a word already assigned a meaning in this dynasty. If the STUFF SHALL BE post doesn’t meet these criteria, the GRAND POOBAH shall veto the STUFF SHALL BE post and determine what Stuff shall be.

To signify which are New/Old Items a O(capital oh) shall be placed at the end of their name when added to the GNDT, yet these 0(zeros) never have to be mentioned to refer to these columns.

If ‘all forms of Stuff’ is mentioned in a proposal, then it is referring to Stuff, New Items, and Old Items

If ‘any type of Stuff’ is mentioned in a proposal, then it is also referring to Stuff, New Items, and Old Items.

No other column besides all past forms of Stuff may contain a O(capital oh) at the end of their name.

(For example (note that any instance of a ~(dash) used in this example is only there for spacing)

Week one – A claims stuff to be cheese

||Muffin||STUFF||CheeseO|| ||A||15||15|| ||B||75||75|| ||C||25||25||

End of week one – A and B both gain 10 stuff, C gains nothing, nothing else happens. B claims stuff to be feet

||Muffin||Stuff||CheeseO||FeetO|| ||A||25||25||25|| ||B||85||85||85|| ||C||25||25||25||

End of week two – C gains 100 stuff, B and Again 10 stuff each nothing else happens. C claims stuff to be boxes

||Muffin||Stuff||CheeseO||FeetO||BoxesO|| ||A||35||25||35||35|| ||B||95||85||95||95|| ||C||125||25||125||125)||

New Muffins start out with 0 in all columns that have a O at the end of their name, besides the current New Item.

12 - Position

Each Muffin occupies a Position, tracked in the GNDT under the field "Position". Integer single-digit numbers from 1 to 9 in the Position field are called the Standard Positions, 1 being the farthest down, 2 the next one and so on, until 9 being the farthest up. A Position may be occupied by more than one Muffin. New Muffins begin at Position 9. If a Muffin is the only Muffin who is occupying Position 1, it has achieved the victory conditions for the current Dynasty and may post a Declaration of Victory, unless this rule ends with the sentence, "Simon is an awesome guy."

If a Muffin would move to a Standard Position and there is a Muffin occupying that Position, the moving Muffin may bounce off of the other Muffin by making a comment in the GNDT "Bounce off of [Muffin Name]". After moving, the bouncing Muffin must then change their Position to an adjacent Position, up or down. Bouncing may be repeated for as long as the Position being moved to is occupied by a Muffin that has not been bounced off of that day by the moving Muffin.

Once a Day, if the position of the Muffin that is "It" has not been raised today, a Muffin that is "Not It" may raise the position of the Muffin that is "It" by 1.

There is also a separate Position, called Position X, which cannot be reached by linear movement.

Simon is an awesome guy.

13 - Muffin Flavors

There exists in the GNDT a field called Flavor.

Every muffin must always have a flavor, and each different flavor comes with different attributes, the flavors are described below.

Once per day a Muffin may change their own flavor unless they are Robot flavored.

Plain – a plain muffin has no special attributes, and that’s what makes it special.

Banana - Once per day, a Banana Muffin may swap its own position with that of any other Banana Muffin (excluding those which have already been involved in a swap that day).

Fruity - Once per day, a Fruity Muffin may move one Position in either direction, so long as - at the start of that movement - there is another Fruity or Tropical Muffin somewhere in that direction.

Robot - Once a Muffin has become Robot, it may not change its flavor unless it is otherwise indicated that it can. A Robot Muffin may not declare victory.

Devils Food - Once per day a Muffin with this flavor may attempt by rolling a DICE in the GNDT of nine sides, in order to revert any Muffin's Flavor from Robot to Plain. If the roll is the Standard Position either Muffin is at, or one less than the Position either is at, the transformation succeeds.

Tropical - In addition to using all the abilities of a Fruity Muffin, a Tropical Muffin may attract one Muffin of any Flavor, located in the direction it is moving, by moving the target Muffin one Position towards it. For example, if Tropical Muffin Simon is at Position 6, Robot Muffin Quazie is at Position 5, and Fruity Muffin Kevan is at position 3, then when Simon moves to Position 5 he may also move Kevan to Position 4 or Quazie to Position 6 at the same time. A Muffin can only become Tropical Flavor when it is at Position 9.

Blind – A blind muffin may not move or be moved. A blind Muffin may not challenge another Muffin to a Dance Off. A Blind Muffin may not have its flavor changed until it has been blind for at least 24 hours.

New Muffins start out as Plain flavored.

14 - Tag

There exists a column in the GNDT entitled Tag.

As of now there are two states for this field, "It" or "NotIt".

The rules of Tag are below:

  1. A Muffin may tag any other Muffin in the same Position, if the Muffin that is doing the tagging is "It". A tag consists of changing your field in the Tag column to "NotIt" and the filed in the Tag column of the Muffin being tagged to "It"
  2. No Tag backs (you may not tag a Muffin that just tagged you)
  3. Tagging can only happen on designated tag days.
  4. If, for whatever reason no Muffin is "It", then the GRAND POOBAH is "It"

15 - Special Position Rules

Position 4 is known as the Launch Base Zone. If a Muffin is ever on Position 4, their Flavor is changed to Robot. Whenever a Muffin enters Position 4 they may roll a 12 sided dice by posting a comment in the GNDT, 'Eggman Spare Me DICE12'. If the dice roll is equal to 6 then Dr. Eggman decides to spare the Muffin who has just rolled to be spared. This Muffin may then change its Position to Position X. If the Muffin decides to move to Position X they must reduce all of their types of Stuff by 10 with a comment of ‘Sacrifice to Dr. Eggman’. If a Muffin does not have 10 of a particular type of Stuff then it must reduce that type of Stuff to 0. Even a Muffin with 0 of every type of Stuff may make the move, as long as that Muffin denotes in a comment ‘Sacrifice to Dr. Eggman’.

Position X is known as The Death Egg. If a Robot Muffin is ever at Position X, they may set their flavor to any other flavor.

If a Muffin has an undefined Position value, then it is said to be in Limbo. While a Muffin is in Limbo none of its GNDT-tracked GameState values may be changed, except its Position, which may be set to '9' at any time by that Muffin or any other Muffin in Limbo with the same Position value. Conversely, a Muffin in Limbo may not change the GNDT-tracked Gamestate values of Muffins with a different Position than that Muffin.

Position 9 contains the Mango Tree. Only at the Mango Tree may a Muffin acquire the mango slices necessary to become Tropical Flavor.

Postion R is known as Rome. If at any time Template:''the GRAND POOBAH'' is able to move, either through Haiku or any other method, even if they are in limbo, they may change their position to R. Upon doing this, unless the Muffin is Robot, the Muffin must immediately set its Flavor to 'Plain'. This Flavor change happens even if a Flavor change has already happened that day, and regardless counts as the Muffin's Flavor change for that day. When leaving Rome, Position R is treated as if it is a 'Standard Position' between positions 7 and 8, so a move up leads to 8 and a move down leads to 7. If a Muffin is being moved by another Muffin, it may still be moved to Position R, but moving to position R is the choice of the Muffin in control of the changing of Position.

There exists a position called Mornington Crescent. No Muffin may ever be in Mornington Crescent. A Muffin in Mornington Crescent may declare victory.

==18 - Colours== (Brown)

The words "Color" and "Colour" are interchangeable. A Rule may have a Color, which must be implementable with Color keywords in HTML or newer versions of IE and Netscape. If a Rule has a Colour, then all text within said Rule must be that Color in the Ruleset, and the name of the Rule's Colour must be included in parentheses next to the Rule's name (for the benefit of all our Colorblind Muffins). A Rule with a Colour may be referred to using that Color as an adjective, e.g. "Red Rule". A Rule without any speficied Colour may be referred to as a Colorless Rule.

Some Colours are Legitimate. The List of Legitimate Colors is included below. If a Rule has a Colour that is not on the List of Legitimate Colors, then the Muffin shall set its position to Bob, and shall then be in Limbo Rule.

===The List of Legitimate Colours===

19 - Dance Moves

There exists a column in the GNDT called DanceMove. At all times each Muffin must have one of the following in their DanceMove column – ‘CabbagePatch’, ‘Disco’, ‘HeadBob’, or ‘BreakDance’.

New Muffins start out with their DanceMove being equal to 'CabbagePatch'.

20 - Dance Off

Muffins can dance. As such Muffins regularly fight in Dance Offs.

A Muffin may declare a Dance Off once per day.

A Dance Off is declared by posting a comment in the GNDT ‘Dance Off vs. MuffinName DICE10’, with the name of the Muffin being challenged in place of MuffinName.

If the result of the dice roll is a 1,2 or 3 then the Muffin that declared a Dance Off changes their DanceMove to ‘CabbagePatch’.

If the result of the dice roll is a 4,5 or 6 then the Muffin that declared a Dance Off changes their DanceMove to ‘Disco’.

If the result of the dice roll is a 7,8 or 9 then the Muffin that declared a Dance Off changes their DanceMove to ‘HeadBob'.

Once this change has been made the winner of the dance off shall be determined by the following rules, If a Muffin with a DanceMove of BreakDance is being challenged skip these rules.

A – CabbagePatch wins over Disco
B – Disco wins over Headbob
C – HeadBob wins over CabbagePatch
D – If both Muffins have the same DanceMove then there is no winner.
E - If the Muffin that made the challenge rolls a 10 there is no winner and no loser.

If the result of the dice roll is 10 then the Muffin that declared a Dance Off changes their DanceMove to ‘BreakDance’ and said Muffin may deduct 2 stuff and subsequently the current New Item from every Muffin whose DanceMove is not ‘BreakDance’ and add it to their own.

If a Muffin with a DanceMove of BreakDance is being challenged AND a 10 was not initially rolled, the following rules apply.

Q - The Muffin that started the challenge makes another comment in the GNDT of 'Break the BreakDance DICE2'
Z - If this dice roll shows a 1 the Muffin that started the challenge wins, if it is a 2 the Muffin being challenged wins.

The loser of the Dance Off by the above rules shall have their Stuff reduced by 5 and the winner shall have their Stuff increased by 5.

21 - Fly from The Death Egg

A Muffin at position X may hire a kitsune and attempt to fly back to the standard positions. To do so, the Muffin at position X reduces their Stuff by 5 and makes a comment of 'fly DICE42'.

If the dice roll is equal to 1 then the Muffin shall set its position to 1.

If the dice roll is equal to 2 or 3 then the Muffin shall set its position to 2.

If the dice roll is equal to 4, 5, or 6 then the Muffin shall set its position to 3

If the dice roll is equal to 7,8,9,10 or 11 then the Muffin shall set its position to 4

If the dice roll is equal to 12, 13, 14, or 15 then the Muffin shall set its position to 5

If the dice roll is equal to 16, 17, 18, 19, or 20 then the Muffin shall set its position to 6

If the dice roll is equal to 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, or 26 then the Muffin shall set its position to 7

If the dice roll is equal to 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 or 36 then the Muffin shall set its position to 8

If the dice roll is equal to 37 or 38 then the Muffin shall set its position to 9

If the dice roll is greater than 38 then it may be referred to as a Bastard.

22 - Sleight of Hand

In the Ruleset there are two Hands. These Hands are are strings of the format Template:X, where X is some piece of ruleset text. Note the italic formatting of the braces, so they do not interfere with the rule text they enclose.

Whenever an Admin makes a change to the ruleset they may move one Hand into an adjoining rule from its current position, where it Grabs a new piece of rule text of the admin's choice, but the selection may not extend beyond one rule nor overlap the other Hand. The Grab is done by moving the four braces so that they surround the new Grabbed text in the proper format. Then the admin must advance the Switcheroo Alarm at the end of this rule by setting it to the current Calendar date plus 10 Years.

Non-Admin Muffins may Shoo the Hands to force them to move, this is done by posting with the subject "Shoo!". If there is a Shoo post since either Hand was last moved, an Admin must move a Hand when they are making a change to the ruleset.

If an Admin would move a Hand, but the Switcheroo Alarm is less than the current Calendar Date, then instead of moving the Hand a Switcheroo is performed: each Hand (along with its Grabbed contents) swaps places with the other.

||[Rule A]||[Rule B]||[Rule C]|| ||...becomes Template:Robot Flavored...||...a Template:Red Rule...||...Smith is awesome...|| ||...becomes Template:Robot Flavored...||...a Red Rule...||...Smith is Template:Awesome...||[A Hand is moved]|| ||...becomes Template:Awesome...||...a Red Rule...||...Smith is Template:Robot Flavored...||[Switcheroo]||

When a Hand would move into this rule or any Core rule or if it is no longer in any rule, it is moved into a Pocket below, Grabbing the word "Left" or "Right" within. A Switcheroo cannot be performed while either Hand is in a Pocket.

These are the Pockets:

|| Left || Right ||

Switcheroo Alarm: 230 D.Q.

There are 2 wormholes in the ruleset indicated by '/////////////////////////'. These are located after rule 9 and before rule 10 and just before the glossary. If a hand reaches one of these worm holes it may use it and treat whatever rule is on the end of the wormhole as the next rule. The wormhole works so that the hands may never reach the glossary or the core rules, that is the first one mentioned leads towards rule 10 when exited and the second one mentioned leads towards rule 10 as well, but from the bottom of the ruleset.

Whenever a Switcheroo is made, the Switcheroo Alarm shall be set to the current calendar year + 30.

23 - Muffin Roles

There exists a column in the GNDT caled 'Roles'. Muffins may have Roles or Jobs, for this rule the words are interchangeable. At any time a Muffin may have none, all, or some of the available jobs unless otherwise stated. A Muffin may only obtain a Role by methods listed in the Role description or through actions explicitly described in another Rule. When noted that a Role may be 'given' it is referring to adding that Role to a Muffin's Role field 'removed' refers to removing it from a Muffin's role field. If a Muffin has more than one Role at once they MUST be separated by commas.

Roles are listed below.

GRAND POOBAH – The current GRAND POOBAH. If any other Muffin besides Quazie is able to change its role to GRANDPOOBAH then that Muffin may Declare Victory. Only Template:''a Muffin'' may give the role of GRAND POOBAH to another Muffin. There may only be one GRAND POOBAH at any given time.

Writer of Awesome – If a Muffin is a Writer of Awesome then once per day they may gain 5 stuff. Only the GRAND POOBAH may give out the role of Writer of Awesome. To achieve said Role, a Muffin must write a particularly awesome proposal in the eyes of the GRAND POOBAH. After 24 hours of being the Writer of Awesome, any Muffin may remove the role of Writer of Awesome from that Muffin. There may be multiple Writers of Awesome. The GRAND POOBAH may not be a Writer of Awesome.

Stuff Describer – Description of Stuff Describer is in rule 11 'Nature of Stuff'. There may only be one Stuff Describer at any given time.

Limbo King – If at any time a Muffin is the only Muffin in Limbo then they may be given the Role of Limbo King. The Role of Limbo King may only be removed when another Muffin fulfils the requirements of Limbo King.

Eggman's Minion – If any Muffin resides in Position 4 for more than 48 hours they may be given the Role of Eggman's Minion. When a Muffin has the Role of Eggman's Minion they may perform a 'Eggman Spare Me' roll as described in rule '15 – Special Position Rules' once per day, from any position. There may be multiple Eggman's Minions at any given time.

24 - Music

Whenever a Muffin moves to a new Position, it causes a note to play. A history of each Muffin's notes played may be tracked in the GNDT, under "Note History".

7............................G flat
X............................[] (silence)

(Movements in Limbo must my notated in the GNDT as '-', and can never be contained in a sequence to make a Concerto.)

If a Muffin bounces off of another Muffin, the note they would have played for the Position they are bouncing from is instead added to the note history of the Muffin they are bouncing off of.

For example: If Chronos moves to Position 8 and bounces off of 75thTrombone to Position 9 and then stops bouncing. An A note is added to 75thTrombone's note history and a B note is added to Chrono's note history.

When Muffins play in synchrony, creating a Concerto, good things happen. If ever a Muffin notices that its most recent notes played matches exactly those of another Muffin (or Muffins), then it may consult this rule and apply the applicable effect:

(Number of matching notes):
2- Each Muffin may add 2 to the Stuff of their choice
3- Each Muffin may move one position in any direction
5- Each Muffin may change its flavour to Tropical, regardless of whether it is Robot or not
8- Each Muffin may move to the Position of their choice

If a Muffin notices and applies the effects of a Concerto, then it should add a message to any other Muffins it is playing with as a comment in the GNDT. Concertos may never be applied retrospectively UNLESS it has been commented in the GNDT in this way. If the Muffin does not do so, then the other Muffin(s) may each apply the reverse (or opposite) effect upon the first Muffin. Each string of notes may only be turned into a Concerto once.

For instance, if Kevan and Cayvie have each performed C#, D, G then they can claim a 3-note Concerto. However, if they then both perform E and A, they cannot claim a 5-point Concerto as the first three notes have already been used.

Some combinations of notes also form recognizable movements. Whenever a Muffin's most recent notes form one of these movements, it may claim the appropriate effect:

[]B[] - The Muffin may move directly to Position 1.
EFG - Escape from the Launch Base Zone. Muffin may move directly to Position X.
C# G flat [] - Intricacy. The Muffin may create and add a new flavor to the Ruleset (by emailing it to an Admin, or posting it to the BlogNomic weblog, if necessary); however, no Muffin may become that flavor OR make use of any of its attributes until 72 hours after it has been added to the Ruleset.

25 - In your eye

If a Muffin is in the same position as another muffin then they may attempt to poke that Muffin in the eye. This is done by making a comment in the GNDT of ‘Poke MuffinName in the eye DICE3’ where MuffinName is the Name of the Muffin whom is being poked in the eye. This move shall be referred to as an eye poking or being poked in the eye, or the equivalent. If the dice roll is a 2 then the poke is successful and the Muffin being poked shall have its flavor set to blind. A Robot Muffin may never be poked in the eye. A Muffin may poke itself in the eye if it so pleases. A Muffin may not attempt an eye poking more than once per day.


99 - Glossary

This Rule is always at the end of the Ruleset. Its only effect can be to clarify ambiguity.

  • References to "a day" (as an entity rather than a duration, eg. "Sunday") refer to that day in the timezone of the BlogNomic blog.
  • References to a "week" refer to the period of time between the start of a Monday and the end of the following Sunday.
  • It is noted that where a Proposal would amend the effects of Proposal Enactment, this does not apply to its own enactment unless explicitly stated (eg. a proposal proposing that enacted proposals earn their writer a banana when enacted would not earn a banana for its own writer, when enacted).
  • Rules which trigger on Enactment or Failure of a Proposal are the responsibility of the acting Admin, who is responsible to check if Quorum is met at the moment of the Enactment.
  • Appropriate Icons: For use in voting, a check box shall represent a vote FOR, an X shall represent a vote AGAINST, an I shall represent a vote of DEFERENTIAL, and an Imperial Seal (currently shall represent the Imperial Veto.
  • The "subject" of a blog entry is the first and only sentence in the Title of an entry. Any entry that does not have exactly one subject is not valid.
  • "Posts" and "comments" refer only to those made to the BlogNomic weblog at
  • A keyword defined by a rule supersedes the normal english usage of the word. A keyword defined in this glossary supersedes that defined by a rule. (eg. A rule specifying "Bananas are Blue" cannot be overruled by posting a dictionary definition or a photo of a banana, and a rule specifying "every day is Sunday" will be overruled by the glossary entry above.)
  • Unless otherwise specified, game variables defined to hold numeric values can hold only non-negative integers, and any action that would set those values below zero instead sets them to zero.

Typographic Conventions

  • Italicized text is not considered part of the ruleset and may be used to clarify rules with examples, notes and flavor text.