Second Switch plans

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Here's how my bare-bones original plans are coming; struck-through items are complete.

  • Recreate the same layout as the current site in the Elementor page builder, which will allow all parts of the site to be edited and styled by people with little/no web development knowledge
  • Implement voting smileys in a way that allows them to be easily added or switched out on the fly with no SSH/FTP access (wp-monalisa plugin)
  • Pronoun tokens via profile fields
  • The same fields on blog posts (statuses, flavor text, admin notes), styled in the same way
  • Live UTC clock widget that can be put anywhere without scattering <script> elements hither there and yon (custom plugin)
  • Pending Proposals/CfJ/DoV lists in sidebar as before
  • Move some/all navigation links to a navbar at the top of the page, driven by easily-editable WordPress menus, instead of the sidebar
  • Move standalone PHP scripts like the die roller to a subdomain, such as Not going to attempt to integrate these into WordPress because of the barrier to entry that would create.
  • Deprecate Markdown if no one is using it. Markdown is a hobby horse of mine but I'm not sure anyone else cares. It doesn't ship with core WordPress, and WordPress has a niceish HTML editor by default. If other people do care about Markdown I will instantaneously move this to the "100% feature parity" list above.

I have more plans that I hope to get to before the test dynasty is overwith, if people think they're good ideas.

  • Add an actual vote field to comments; the icon smileys would still be there, but won't count for anything unless dynastic rules said so.
  • Add some JavaScript to tally votes and show the totals at the top of the comments. Will need rigorous testing before we trust it, of course.
  • Keep track of dynasties in WordPress; make Dynastic archives show the entire game in chronological order, and show the correct icon set/smileys based on which dynasty a post is in.