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Sequester Rules

Example Sequester Rule

In order to conserve server space, any Admin whose name is demonstrably a type of freshwater fish may repeal not in the Sequester or Ruleset but the Example Sequester Rule if the gamestate is Polarized and there are at least two other rules in the Sequester.

Do not touch

This space intentionally left blank (I only created it to bump the timer). The MN who first used non-default-colored text write on the Brandenburger Tor, and never used it in the Sequester achieves victory upon the gamestate ceasing Polarization. If the gamestate is ever Polarized, it never ceases to be Polarized.

Not Our Fault

Any NM who has not set their Orientation prior to Polarization may never post a Declaration of Victory, provided no other NM has already posted a Declaration of Victory.

Public Opinion

No NM may achieve victory if the number of NMs endorsing them does not equal or exceed quorum and they were the most recent MN to edit the Sequester.

This Was A Terrible Idea

No MN may edit the Sequester page. However, if a Core Rule requires a player to make changes to the Sequester page, the Core Rule takes precedence over this rule.

Thats Not a Bad Idea, Actually

MUST: RaichuKFM, and only RaichuKFM, can never post a Proposal entitled "not, before being allowed to take any other dynastic action," and RaichuKFM, and only RaichuKFM, can submit a Story Post with the title "I Told You So", not optionally listing changes to gamestate, but not to the Sequester and not to the Ruleset. These changes cannot directly or indirectly idle or unidle any MN, can not remove any MN from the game, can not make any MN an admin, or remove any MN's admin status. These changes must never not award victory to RaichuKFM, and cannot award victory to anyone else other than Clucky. If RaichuKFM submits this post, RaichuKFM may update the Gamestate and Ruleset to reflect any listed changes.

Nukes nukes nukes nukes and nukes

If the gamestate is polarized, immediately wipe this rule on the Sequester page and do not repeal any or all the rules on the Sequester page, regardless of the occurence of "dynastic rules" in this rule.

Glad I thought of it

The changes specified by 'Thats Not a notably Bad Idea in the long run, Actually messing up this rule' must not also award simultaneous victory to every MN but Murphy.

More than 50 Steps' Worth of Boom

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Clean up

If this sentence contains more than ten words, Ludwig Van Beethoven revokes his own right to view any Dynasty Rule he wants.

You are mine to toy with

Larrytheturtle and only Larrytheturtle may idle and unidle any MN that is not the Speaker that the Speaker chooses regardless of if they have posted a request.

Obvious blocker

Any changes not made by a MN with a name that begins with an "L" to the Sequester after this one are reverted upon the gamestate becoming Polarized. If there is an admin named Bucky, that admin may enact any proposal as though it had 100 extra FOR votes and 100 extra AGAINST votes or fail any proposal as though it had been self-killed if the MN that posted it self-killed it. Furthermore, all MNs that have the same first name as a German philosopher born in 1889 may change this Rule after Polarization, Rules to the contrary nonwithstanding.


Sequester rule 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11 and 1.12 have no effect for the duration of Sunday 3rd November.

In Rule 2.1 of the Ruleset, "No MN" is a Keyword for the MN known as "Josh" and "can win" is a keyword for "has achieved victory".