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5 August 2015

Site changelogs are a category. - Tantusar (Although we're putting them here now, this is still super relevant.)

18 August 2015

Twitter link in sidebar. - Tantusar

19 August 2015

Closed the div the Twitter link was in (Oops.) and changed the Slack div to not require the user to be logged in. - Tantusar

22 September 2015

Category "Site Changelogs" removed. - Kevan

22 September 2015

"Compose a Message" commented out in sidebar. - Kevan (X years on and I'm still occasionally clicking this when I want to compose a blog post. Raised on Slack a while ago with no objections.)

25 September 2015

Added class="blogpostlink" to the blognomic/posts template. - Kevan (When Tantusar changed the h3 headings into links a month or two ago BNScript was no longer able to detect Proposals, so DEF votes were no longer tallied. This is to make the links identifiable so that that can be fixed.)

25 September 2015

Fixed BNScript to version - Kevan

7 October 2015

Sidebar now has Scheduled Maintenance div. To remove, set its display style to none. Change the text in the <p> tag and set display to block to change and reenable the div. - Tantusar

15 October 2015

Emoji enabled 👍

22 April 2017

Recaptcha deprecation has started rejecting all signup attempts as spam, so the signup process in the FAQ has been changed to ask new players to request an account by email. - Kevan

5 June 2017

I've belatedly replaced the <a href="{path="member/register"}">Register</a> link from the sidebar with a FAQ link, as it no longer works. - Kevan

24 June 2019

In the CSS I've replaced body:not(.archive) #main2 > .post:nth-of-type(n+11) { display: none; } with #frontpage > .post:nth-of-type(n+11) { display: none; }, and re-id'd the main2 div to frontpage in the "index" template. The original code was trying to hide posts on everything except the page with the "archive" id, I think under the misconception that this was the monthly archives (but it's actually the individual blog posts). - Kevan

29 June 2019

I've updated the search/index template to use {exp:search:advanced_form result_page="search/results" status="not quarantined"} (previously it didn't specify a status, which defaulted to "open" and concealed enacted/failed proposals from search results) - Kevan

29 June 2019

Archive search added to sidebar. - Kevan

5 July 2019

blognomic/index updated so that archive pages now show a title of eg. "BlogNomic: July 2019 archive" instead of the front page dynastic title. - Kevan

7 November 2019

Dice Roller and Sidebar wiki tool added

23 January 2020

Hiatus and dormancy image links replaced with a nifty, accessible, flexible div. --Tantusar

30 January 2020

Pronoun tags introduced on trial basis in comment sections. Emperor tag added in similar fashion. --Tantusar

22 February 2021

Bug from 24 June 2019 fixed again/further (archive pages were being incorrectly displayed with the frontpage div class). --Kevan

26 February 2021

Added overflow-wrap: break-word; to the post class, to stop long hashes from breaking page width on mobile. --Kevan

12 May 2021

Changed a:hover to a text-shadow in the CSS, as Clucky wanted links bold on hover, but actually making words bold was shuffling paragraph layout on some browsers. The shadow was left in place upon Josh's ascension. --Kevan

30 September 2022

The "Quarantined" post status (created in advance for this proposal and never used?) has been removed from the system. The "Closed" post status has been restricted to superadmins (since it's an EE keyword which always means "hide this post from public view", and which has occasionally been mistaken for the "Failed" status over the years). --Kevan

14 October 2022

Logged-out sidebar "login / sign up" links made more explicitly for existing and new players, to reduce the chance of a new player ending up at the obsolete signup page. --Kevan

21 January 2023

Added the following to the blognomic/archive EE template to handle cases where a visitor accesses an invalid URL (eg., sending them to the blognomic/404 template:

{exp:channel:entries weblog="{my_weblog}" status="not closed" limit="1" require_entry="yes" url_title="{segment_3}"}
  {if no_results}

Also added a similar redirect to the fail state title text on blognomic/index (which should only be seen if the page is neither the front page, nor a monthly archive, nor an individual archive page):


404 page at blognomic/404 also updated to say that it's a 404 page, and to include a link to the front page. --Kevan

23 March 2023

Added a very rough sitemap at, just including the blog, wiki, ruleset, FAQ and the 200 most recent blog posts. --Kevan

22 August 2023

blognomic/posts template updated to include a stickypost-styled warning above the comments section, when a proposal or CfJ is fewer than four hours old. (Not the ideal place for it, but I was unable to wrangle it directly above - or even inside - the comment box itself.) --Kevan

26 September 2023

Removed the following from template blognomic/head, as part of a sweep to see why Bing isn't spidering us. This is an eighteen year old script related to IE7 that's surely completely obsolete now. --Kevan

<!-- compliance patch for microsoft browsers -->
<!--[if lt IE 7]>
<script src="/ie7/ie7-standard-p.js" type="text/javascript">