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Space Tech

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Displacer Shield (DPS)

  • Tech Level: 15
  • By investing this device with energy, it creates a minor rift in space that can protect the DDA Member from incoming attacks for a short period of time.
  • Ability: Negate all the effects of the next Tech ability that targets the user.
  • Cost: 5 Energy.

Container Cluster Cell (CCC)

  • Tech Level: 10
  • A single device focuses a large amount of field energy, amplifying it’s containment capabilities. Single Use.
  • Ability: Add 30 to your Energy. The user of this Tech loses it.
  • Cost: 10 Energy

Matter Displacement System (MAD)

  • Tech Level: 10
  • Allows the user to retrieve items that have been trapped within a containment field.
  • Ability: Transfer the ownership of any one tech owned by a Contained Planar to the user.
  • Cost:15 Energy.

Space Blaster Key (KEY)

  • Tech Level: 30
  • Creates a powerful rift in space, capable of displacing Planar Entities across the universe. It is rumored that one of these malfunctioned in Antarctica.
  • Ability: Uncontain Target Planar Entity (remove the “(Contained)” tag from its entry in the Planar Entities wiki page).
  • Cost: 25 Energy.