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To do before The Switch

Remember to nuke all unnecessary scripts. 
Backblog stuff is still floating around. "Oldest Pending Proposal" is still there somewhere, I think, too.
Switch the LiveJournal feed. 
[Their FAQ page] has the details. Just entails an e-mail to support@livejournal.com with the info.
Update the FAQ. 
Also discuss whether the new link (instead of the whole text in the sidebar) is okay.
Clean up the code! 
Spruce up code formatting in all templates. Organize CSS. Create a final "map" of what templates do and where they go.
Put in appropriate <link> tags for the RSS feeds, etc.

To consult with the entire group

New member registration. 
It's now very trivial to let people sign up themselves. But having people contact other folks in the group might be a good barrier to entry. Or it might just be necessary because of the way Blogger works. Also, it gives admins a chance to update the Quorum count; but it's a simple matter to require folks to post before they start voting. There's even a good chance we can automatically keep track of active users and Quorum. In any case, this is all stuff that needs to be talked out before we decide.

Features we might lose

Threaded comments. 
Unfortunately, EE doesn't currently do threaded comments. There are supposedly several people working on modules for this, and it might even work its way into EE 1.3. If you think this is vital, pipe up loudly somewhere. :)
I think that this would be really nice but not vital -- Excalabur
I agree with Excalabur --Chronos Phaenon 04:22, 4 Aug 2005 (PDT)
Last-person-to-comment on each entry 
Currently, doing this would require us to compile our own PHP. There's probably a way to hack it without that, but it eludes us so far.

To implement later

Fix comment previewing 
Make the page jump down appropriately, give some feedback that this is preview only. Maybe a Javascripty person could do the popular fading-highlight-background thing.
Automatically keep track of Dynasties.
Be able to click a "First Dynasty of Knightking" link and see that Dynasty's annotated history and a list of posts. This will require some amount of hacking. An intrepid player might write an EE module for such a thing, but a quite-good-enough version could be achieved through hacking templates and PHP alone.
Separate page showing only pending Proposals. 
Already have this in the sidebar. A separate page could show more detailed data, and possibly be a one-stop administration interface.
Give admins access to other players' statuses 
Moved to "Later." No real need for this initially. Statuses can be set by the players until we actually use them for something automated.
Perhaps automate the Ascension Alert Service in EE. Might require too much hacking, though.
Collapse sidebar sections with Javascript 
For bonus points, do this with external files only; NOT with attributes in the markup.

Crazy future potential

Automate voting.
This will be dodgy and probably not worth the trouble. Possibly could generate a summary screen just for admins that they could judge for themselves. Just a simple list, like "75th Trombone: FOR. Kevan: (for) AGAINST" (Kevan changed his vote in that example.) Something. Dunno
Automagically idle and de-idle people based on posting. 
Upon posting a 'proposal', or voting, make 'em active, and idle people that haven't moved in a week. Also, an automatic quorum counter /should/ be trivial.. just do a line count of the active crewmemebers list, /2, floor, +1.
Will require EE hacking. Probably should throw up a new Wiki page for all the EE hacks we'll need someday :) 03:32, 30 Jul 2005 (PDT)
I guess a "Last time voted" will make for it. And let admins idle people as usual. --Chronos Phaenon 04:24, 4 Aug 2005 (PDT)