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Madame Bariconder
Condition: Alive
Field: Explosive Latin
Pet: FuzzyLogic
Grudges: Thane Q, Purplebeard, Kevan
Assigned to Gothmog
Master Heikregg
Condition: Alive
Field: Wild Beasts
Pet: Greytyphoon
Grudges: Blacky, Alecto
Condition: Ghost
Field: Divination
Pet: Greytyphoon
Grudges: Roujo, Josh
Assigned to Bandersnatch
M. Hrrrggh
Condition: Zombie
Field: Beginner's Alchemy
Pet: Greytyphoon
Grudges: Thane Q, Josh
Assigned to Ichneumon
Mr. Cruik
Condition: Ghost
Field: Recreational Necromancy
Lord Marvolo
Condition: Zombie
Field: Unbridled Evil
Pet: All Zombie Students
Grudges: All Alive Students
The Headmaster
Condition: Ghost
Field: Any Subject
Pet: All Alive Students
Assigned to Penanggalan