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The TRUE Ruleset

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1) Players shall follow the ruleset located at Ruleset, but this ruleset take precedence.

2) An action is illegal if a CfJ challenging it would pass, or if most players beleive it to be illegal.

3) Actions based on an interpretation of the Ruleset not obvious from a casual reading may be illegal even if strictly permitted by the Ruleset.

4) Large-scale spamming is prohibited. About the most you could get away with is the posting and Self-Killing of 3 proposal blanks. However, the exact limit depends on how good a reason you have for spamming.

5)Illegal actions may be reverted immediately even if the reversion would also be technically illegal.

6) Scams based on the properties of EE are strictly forbidden.

7) Scams based on the core ruleset are strongly discouraged except in cases of emergency.

8) A player may combine several actions into a GNDT entry if they could legally have been performed separately.