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Node Events


The beginning. God creates heavens and earth. [Init] [Christianity] [God]


God creates light. Bucky's view of this is obscured by a tall silhouetted figure named Thelonious. The same tall silhouetted figure was later spotted combing the beach for an important slip of paper. [Christianity] [God] [Bucky] [Thelonious] [Perilous]


A small electronic device is baked into a piece of Neolithic pottery, somewhere in a village in northern Italy. [Italy] [Kevan]


Elias IX comes across a nude man running in the streets of Syracuse shouting "Eureka". E gives him eir blood-stained towel, which the man happily, but gingerly, accepts. In thanks, the man explains to Elias IX his discoveries. [Towel] [Italy] [Greece] [Blood] [Elias IX] [Archimedes] [Math]


In Rome, silk first appears, but before it can be traded to the local merchants, Elias IX takes some and dyes it with eir blood. Everyone is in wonderment at this new soft material and its rich, deep, red color. [Red] [Silk] [Italy] [Blood] [Elias IX]


Jesus is warned of Judas's impending treachery, extends thanks for the heads-up. Does not invite Judas to last supper. [Jesus] [Christianity] [Greth]


A civilisation of dinosaurs is discovered by a group of human explorers. Naturally, they attack the first thing they see - Reega, a raptor hunter. Reega survives, but is outcast for failing as a hunter. This may be the origin of the "Repelling Dinosaur" style. [Dinosaurs] [Martial Arts]


Emperor Myke finds emself on the wrong end of a coup funded by eir Grand Vizier. In a short, bloodless buyout, Lyndse becomes Empress. [Blognomic] [Empire] [Lyndse]


Vikings attack the Monastery of St. Passignano. The Viking age had ended over three centuries ago. [Viking] [Italy] [Anomalous]


A copy of "Malleus Maleficarum" is discovered in the posession of Bruno the Witchfinder, even though "Malleus Maleficarum" would not be written for another fourty-odd years. The Lone Amigo replaces it with a book on cabbages. [Italy] [Bruno] [Literature] [The Lone Amigo]


Bruno the Witchfinder finds a sack containing several scraps of parchment. The Lone Amigo removes a secret prophecy. [Italy] [Bruno] [The Lone Amigo]


Death of the Abbot of the Badia a Passignano. [Christianity] [Italy] [Katastrophe] [Bruno] [Marcello]


Bruno meets aran and gives him the sack of parchments. [Italy] [Bruno] [aran]


God begins to have serious thoughts about whether E should abolish tornadoes. E starts with a small-scale test in Italy. A tornado already in progress in an uninhabited area is blinked out. Upon further reflection, God shelves the idea until E can subject it to further study. [God] [Tornadoes] [Italy]


The Lone Amigo meets Marcello the Scribe in Italy, and convinces him to include a chapter on growing cabbages in his memoirs. [The Lone Amigo] [Marcello] [Italy]


Marcello the Scribe writes a memoir detailing the memorable events he witnessed at the Badia a Passignano. [Italy] [Marcello] [Katastrophe]


Bruno the Witchfinder watches Marcello being murdered by a hooded robot.

aran takes the robot's laser gun.

[Marcello] [Bruno] [aran] [Anomalous]


Thelonious and Rose celebrate their reunion. [Thelonious] [Rose] [Reunion]


The Chronomaster kills Bruno and steals the Neolithic pottery. Aran memorizes the activation key. [Chronomaster] [Bruno] [aran]


Vatican Library opened by Pope Nicholas V, collecting religious texts from around Europe. The memoirs of Marcello the Scribe, along with the Codex Cabbagus, are misfiled among applied theology books. [Christianity] [Italy] [Literature] [Marcello]


Thelonious visits the new-born Michelangelo and gives him a paintbrush. [Thelonious] [Michelangelo] [Paintbrush]


Having spent the night with Michelangelo and family, Thelonious departs - forever. [Thelonious] [Michelangelo]


Thelonious begins to poison the mind of Frances I against the week-old treaty of Madrid. [Francis I] [Thelonious]


Thelonious displaces another traveller and sees a somewhat bewildered Sir Isaac Newton disappearing in time. [Thelonious] [Newton] [Anomalous]


Friedrich Nietzsche is born in Prussia, the son of a Lutheran Pastor and a Martial Arts Teacher, the last living master of the "Repelling Dinosaur" style. [Nietzche] [Philosophy] [Martial Arts]


Epylar thinks about Italy momentarily while eating dinner. [Epylar] [Italy]


At the tender age of fourteen Friedrich Nietzsche successfully repels an attack by a large predatory dinosaur. [Nietzche] [Philosophy] [Dinosaurs] [Martial Arts]


Having somehow obtained and deciphered a copy of Friedrich Nietzsche's "Thus Spake Zarathustra", Gandhi is inspired to turn a planned act of civil obedience into an armed revolt. He becomes the despotic leader of the New Kingdom of India. [Nietzche] [Philosophy] [Gandhi] [India]


Thelonious visits Thomas Edison's recently opened motion picture studio - the first in the world [Edison] [Thelonious] [Film]


Aran recives the first Time Commercial(tm) in History(tm). [Aran] [Anomalous] [Katastrophe] [Commercial]


The Chronomaster stops time locally at 4:43 PM by cleverly using the clock tower known as "Enormous Jameson" as an amplifier, all under the nose of the Arbiter who was less than a Game Month away. Locals respond by blowing up Enormous Jameson, killing the Chronomaster and 23 others. [Blognomic] [Keitalia] [Chronomaster]


Bucky slips a note to a grad student named Greg Shaw studying linguistics at Wash Stat Univ that contains a 5 letter word. The grad student has a burst of productivity and in 23 hours produces a paper entitled “The Use of Five Char Word in Talk”. [Bucky] [Literature] [Linguistics]


The Arbiter steals a superpower belonging to the legendary Super Villian Katastrophe. [Blognomic] [Arbiter] [Keitalia] [Katastrophe] [Meteo]


Katastrophe confronts the Arbiter and demands his power back. When the Arbiter refuses, Katastrophe vows to destroy em. [Blognomic] [Arbiter] [Keitalia] [Katastrophe] [Meteo] [Perilous]


The expected blueprints for the rebuilding of the Enormous Jameson do not appear. [Millennium]


Chronos Phaenon begins writing a book about some great Time Travellers. [Chronos Phaenon] [Keitalia] [Lyndse]


Elias IX, having ignored the previously sought-after strategy advice of a fellow Traveller, dies in the final round of a Chicken Tournament. [Chicken] [Math] [Death:Elias IX] [Hix]


The Arbiter discovers a mysteriously well-crafted Time Bomb, which appears to somehow have the ability to influence past and future Node Events without utilizing any known time travel techniques. [Christianity] [Italy] [Red] [Silk] [Blood] [Jesus] [Bible] [Literature] [Dinosaurs] [Martial Arts] [Blognomic] [Empire] [Lyndse] [Bruno] [Katastrophe] [Marcello] [Nietzche] [Philosophy] [Keitalia] [Chronomaster] [Arbiter] [Meteo] [Millennium] [Chicken] [God] [Towel] [Greece] [Archimedes] [Math] [Tornadoes] [TIME BOMB] [Perilous] [Anomalous] [Hix]