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Unnamed Essay

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by Cuddlebeam

The smallest group of players for a minority is 1, and the smallest group of players for a majority is 2, so the smallest nomic that can have both a majority and minority groups simultaneously has 3 players.

Cool. Let's imagine a pseudo-nomic (because it lacks self-amendment) or "pnomic" with this minimum amount of players, with the following ruleset - assuming that scams aren't part of the game, nor any sort of social norm that would otherwise limit what these players do, they're just rational "robots":

Ruleset 1

  • Players can have points, which start at 0.
  • Players take turns to make proposals.
  • A "proposal" consists in specifying a set of players. The other players vote FOR or AGAINST it. If there is a majority of FOR votes, that set of players earn 1 point. Otherwise, nothing happens.
  • If a single Player has the most points, that player wins and the dynasty ends.

(Note that this particular separation of the rules is entirely arbitrary and just for presentation. They could've all been the same rule, for example.)

A pnomic of this kind can't be won by anyone. The move that would win the game would be a proposal that would make a majority of players lose, which they would vote against.

A player can proposals in following proposals, in the format: {Points for player 1, Points for player 2, Points for player 3},{Player 1's vote, Player 2's vote, Player 3's vote}