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Aries (Fire,Cardinal) -- Saturn(T, Dec. 7)

Taurus (Earth,Fixed) --

Gemini (Air,Mutable) --

Cancer (Water,Cardinal) --

Leo (Fire,Fixed) --

Virgo (Earth,Mutable) --

Libra (Air,Cardinal) -- Uranus(G, Dec.12), Mercury(P, Dec. 11)

Scorpio (Water,Fixed) -- Mars(P, Dec. 6), Jupiter(T, Dec. 10 15:41:00), The Moon's Terrible Core (P, Dec. 9)

Sagittarius (Fire,Mutable) -- Sun(P, Dec. 9), Pluto(G, Dec. 16)

Capricorn (Earth,Cardinal) --

Aquarius (Air,Fixed) --

Pisces (Water,Mutable) -- Eris(G, Dec. 11), Neptune(G, Dec. 15),Venus(P, Dec. 10)

(Dates and times following identification as P, T, or G indicate when that planet can be moved again.)