Act 4 - Depths

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Go stones.png This page was gamestate in an unspecified dynasty (see which pages link here). It is being kept for archival purposes and is not part of the current BlogNomic game.

Hero goes into steel grate opening, descends into darkness down ladder.

Target Body Count: 120


  • Script: Hero drops to the ground, wetness, he looks around and at first sees nothing. Then, shining eyes peer from the darkness, a boy (Nicholas Art) says: ‘Come with usss, join usss...’ Hero swiftly throws a grenade and hears moans as four pairs of eyes flicker out of existence.
  • Body Count: 4

A Pitt

  • Script: Hero looks around. A pit. Deep one. And a Pitt. Annoying one. And 9 other targets. Also annoying. Hero pushes them all into the pit by bashing them with the Empire State. He then takes a note that fell out of Pitt’s pocket…
  • Body Count: 10

The Note

  • Script: The Hero unfolds and reads the note, which is spoken in a voiceover (Angelina Jolie). It is addressed to Pitt, and tells him that “they” are looking for the underground settlement, and have now started to bomb any likely locations.
  • Body Count: 14


  • Script: Hero discards the note, failing to notice the postscript, which is nonetheless voiced-over by Brad Pitt in a devilish voice: “This message will self-destruct. . . .” Explosion. 14 people extinguished in the shadows. Hero’s leg is mildly injured.
  • Body Count: 14

Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies

  • Script: Two ninjas appear, similar to ones from van. Hero throws rocks at both ninjas, killing them. Nicholas Art can be seen in the background.
  • Body Count: 3


  • Script: Traveling deeper underground our hero Stewart is ambushed by a squad of Molemen. Stewart guns them all down, yet pauses to listen to the Foreman’s (Brad Pitt) long and embittered death speech regarding the invasion of over-worlders into his subterranean home. A teary eyed Stewart trudges on.
  • Body Count: 15


  • Script: As Stewart moves through the sewer, he begins to feel the effects of noxious sewer gases. Cue warping, flashing colors and odd chanting (James Palacio)in the background. He picks up a Contradictory Sharp Icy Hot Fang Of Inquisitive Fire, understanding its unrivaled power, and erases six telemarketers that appear inexplicably.
  • Body Count: 6

The Stars Below

  • Script: Meanwhile, the Man is standing on a hill, impassively staring down at a small village in rural Nebraska. Coming behind him, Brigadier Unthank (Brad Pitt), Yellowstone’s perfect enforcer, perplexedly shouts “Inspector!” Confusion occurs locally as bombs drop on the village, killing many.
  • Body Count: 15


  • Script: The view zooms up to and inside the plane that dropped the bombs. There’s a row on board; the co-pilot (Brad Pitt) seize the controls by breaking the pilot’s neck, and the rest of the crew join in the scuffle, twelve falling out of the bomb bay to their deaths.
  • Body Count: 13