Act 5 - Hallucination

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Go stones.png This page was gamestate in an unspecified dynasty (see which pages link here). It is being kept for archival purposes and is not part of the current BlogNomic game.

Noxious fumes have overwhelmed Stewart. Stumbling through surreality, he experiences many things…

Target Body Count: 67204


  • Script: It’s dark. Stewart sees a small squirrel, which shows off its vampiric teeth, and whispers Stewart a secret. Having ripped the Contradictory Sharp Icy Fire Bat From The Inquisitive Hearing Ear of the squirrel, he bowls it towards a herd of sheep people, who howl as it explodes with radiance.
  • Body Count: 5

What was that?

  • Script: The radiant shower of sparks flow into Stewart who grows in size and power. 5 Guardian statues attack and Stewart grinds them into dust.
  • Body Count: 5

Exploding Head

  • Script: And then Daniel Kountz’s head explodes gorily.  And awesomely.
  • Body Count: 1


  • Script: Mutant snake with legs (someone like Lillian Gish) enters hero’s ear. Hero goes insane and kills four hallucinated clones of Man. Mutant snake leaves ear.
  • Body Count: 4


  • Script: The snake transforms into a trio of lizardman like beings with machines stuck on autofire a few seconds and many bullets later there are three spreading pools of blood and gore on the floor.
  • Body Count: 3


  • Script: Stewart spins around, to see a man in a scruffy blonde wig (50 Cent) clutching an axe. Behind the man, six cleanly headless bodies collapse onto the featureless black floor.
  • Body Count: 4

Aerial Combo: 24 hits!

  • Script: After a small explosion, Hero is propelled into space, where he finds he can breath. He lands on a distant planet populated with one sandwich, one wrap, and one cream-cheese bagel. In an epic aerial fight, they are dispatched, and seem to bleed just fine.
  • Body Count: 3

Wait, GREEN? What?

  • Script: Three purple elphants mysteriously appear, and offer Hero a Ride. Suddenly, a mysterious figure in a black cloak (Isabel Jewell) waves a banana at the elphants, who turn green. Ahh! Then they start singing Celine Dion songs. AHHH!
  • Body Count: 3


  • Script: The hero floats through a bubbly green gas, with small fluffy pink fish swimming around. He turns into a metal shark and eats two of them, flicking a third into a large boulder with its tail (which ends up badly crushed and explodes), and shoots the fourth with a laser.
  • Body Count: 4