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Amusing BlogNomic quotes

If you find some quote from the game funny, feel free to add it here.

(Truman and Simon's argument about the leadership of the Entropy Alliance): 
<Simon> Two words: Gigantic Battleaxe. 
<Truman> Stop giving comfort to our enemies! 
(Activity Leadership Challenge) - Orson challenges Chronos, then impales himself on his own blade. Ouch. 
<Elias> A runoff vote, a CfJ into a metadynasty, and an April Fool's Joke.
--On the last three victories.
<Greth> The encrypted rules are... remarkably evil ideas.
<Excalabur> there's secret rules, too.
<Excalabur> which are even more evil.
<AngryGrasshopper> Do you know much about gnosticism?
<Elias> About as much as I know about cryptanalysis.
<AngryGrasshopper> You thought you were Benedictines, but really we're Cthuluvians!
<Greth> There's an idea.
<Hix> Lord, no
Uniticity Distance
<Excalabur> i.e. the number of characters required to decrypt a cypher unambiguously
<Excalabur> it's about 50
<AngryGrasshopper> so it is rather difficult by that count.
<AngryGrasshopper> ?
<Excalabur> depends how you encrypted it.
<AngryGrasshopper> ahh
<AngryGrasshopper> So that number is a constant.
<Excalabur> that's true for a vigniere cipher
<AngryGrasshopper> Well, as you can see it's a one time pad.
<Excalabur> 27.6 is the minimum for a subs cipher, iirc
* AngryGrasshopper smirks.
<Excalabur> then the minimum length is INFINITY RAAAAR
<Elias> I'm just going through, chronologically 
<Hix> That's a silly order to do things in! 
<Hix> 0^0
<AngryGrasshopper> What else?
<Hix> zero to the zero
<AngryGrasshopper> ah
<AngryGrasshopper> I thought that was a face.
<Greth> lol
<cayvie> i am full of useful information
* Hix breaks cayvie open to get at all the useful information.
<cayvie> :o
<cayvie> i will prefer to think of it as a subtle antisemitic jab against the perceived threat of zionist bankers
--On piggy banks.
<Influenza> hey have you ever seen the anime 'scry-ed'? 
<Darknight> never heard of it 
<Devenger> No. 
<Influenza> because the story line is 
<Influenza> that this genetic tendency is spreading accross japan 
<Influenza> and people are born with power 
<Influenza> and they use a bit of their energy to use their power 
<Influenza> like one man converts melons into explosives (somehow) 
<Influenza> and throws explosive melons 
<Influenza> it's hilarious 
<Influenza> ._. 
<Influenza> I forget where I was going with this 
<Darknight> lol 
<Devenger> mmmm, you've lost me
<Bucky> Any dynasty where I (as someone other than the Emperor) gain full veto power and still don't win is a mess 
<Darknight> lol
<Bucky> Unfortunately Wikipedia is not gamestate, so we cannot change it by proposal.
 (note: see Rule 2.6 of the First Dynasty of Wakukee)

<Bucky> The first fight to actually happen was me two-shotting Darknight's dragon with first-turn advantage 
<Bucky> which ended the dynasty 
<Darknight> poor sap never knew what killed him 
<Qwazukee> lol 
--"On the dragon dynasty's battle system"
<Amnistar> you have the time it takes for me to go to the bathroom to convince me that I should like you 
<darknight> lol 
--"Said when Amni met a new player"
<Kevan> If the game ever breaks, we can just informally agree to stop playing it, and to start playing a new game with the core
ruleset. (The same way you’d stop playing chess, and get a new set, if the board caught fire, or if someone tactically ate your
<spikebrennan> What is it with Japanese culture... they went from kamikazes to Hello Kitty in less than a generation.
<spikebrennan> (on the IRC channel): bear with me, I'm on the phone
<hix> get off the phone, and DEAL WITH THE BEAR!
The Universe exists, and is gamestate.
-- Rule 2.6 "Universe", First Dynasty of Wakukee
The Actuary is an insufferable bore. Once every 96 hours, if the Actuary is in the same room with a particular Alert Guest then the Actuary may set that other Guest’s status to “Asleep”. 
-- from Rule 2.7.2 "Functions of Roles", Ruleset 72 (Sixth Dynasty of Kevan)
Milking cows is a weekly action.
-- The text of a proposed new rule entitled "Horses" in The First Dynasty of Jack.  Passed 12-0, despite the fact that it was a total non-sequitur at the time.  Inspired the core mechanic of [[The Second Dynasty of Ienpw III].
<Bucky> If people are influenced by the dynasty they joined in, what does that say about me?
<ais523> I don't know which dynasty you joined in
<Bucky> I killed it
<Clucky> If this passes, I’ll want to propose a rule that turns it into a special case rule
 If this doesn’t pass, I’ll want to propose a rule that turns it into a special case rule

Specific proposals

Stone crushers for crushing of stone !!!

Create a new form entitled "MAO".

Describing of excellent the form it follows: Please to welcome introduce MAO form for great Treason reducing!!! Also the wiki spam cleaning. Wiki full being all kind of pages of discuss spam not being ever have make Gamestate, for typical Promoting equipment for crushing of stone!!!!

Here is how form working. First, user of form to make great cleanup, these are the steps: 1. User find five (05) wiki page on Blognomic wiki never been Gamestate, also each page these having been made earlier than 01 July 2010 00:00:01. Let us call these page "Spam". But for this purpose being, if one Citizen give make a specific page that is Spam for this form, no other Citizen is doing so with that wiki page for that other Citizen's use of this form!!! (2) Of the five wiki page that is the Spam, User deletes the content! iii Within 24 hours being after User has done two above steps, User complete and submit form!!! In accordance with instructions on form text user have to follow them. Well there you have it but keep to reading below now. Number Four. The User can be using this form as a Weekly Action but not more many times than that. 05.00 The User follows all steps and submits form in traditional and proper respectful fashion he enjoys Reduction of Treason points by one but not going below the zero.

Here being Text of glorious form MAO:

Hi I am citizen name being: _______ !!! Hi nice to meet you. I telling titles now of five (05) wiki Spam pages I already cleaned them up in last 24 hours past: ___, ___, ___, ___, ___ All those Spam pages meeting standards for to use this good Form. I choose one from column A and one from column B

COLUMN A COLUMN B Pork fried rice Shrimp toast Happy lucky family Egg drop soup Moo goo gai pan I'M.TRAPPED.IN.A.FORTUNE.COOKIE.FACTORY

My choices being here: ___, ___

Signatory required for form is:

Any Three Citizens, each agreeing that Form requirements is met. Please to be using nice grammar and style of words but not is bad if it is not the case !!!

Additional requirements being: Any Citizen other than User of nice MAO form, but if requirement of content delete five Spam wiki page not being met like form says, then User and Citizen who pass form they both TRAITORS and getting Three (3) Treason points!