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The First Dynasty of Jack

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March 4, 2008 - April 8, 2008

Ascension Address

Yarr! Pirates and Ninjas have been waging a war for many a year, and now be the time to settle it. Be ye a Pirate, or be ye a Ninja, this be the time to end the battle of all battles. May the best Captain win!

Repeal all rules and change Player to Captain, and Dealer to Dread Pirate.


The following players were active at the end of the dynasty:

aaronwinborn, ajhager, arthexis, Bucky, Chivalrybean, Darknight, Jack, lars atomica, Masked Jedi, Oze, Purplebeard, Rodlen, Yoda.

Final Ruleset

The Dynasty's final ruleset has been archived.

Proposals of Interest

False Start (Jack) - Gave each captain a role (pirate or ninja), and defined Gold, the main currency of this dynasty.

Every captain needs a pet (Clucky) - Each captain had an army composed of animals of various types. Not many people bothered with armies due to the insane upkeep costs imposed later on.

Something to Brag about (arthexis) - Created 'bragging rights', powers that captains could use while they had certain ranks (gained by voting on proposals). Near the end of the dynasty, arthexis cunningly hid the 'prosperity' bragging right, which they then used to give emself large amounts of gold. Sadly for them, the dynasty ended before they could make any use of it.

Snow on cherry blossoms (SpikeBrennan) - Rewarded captains for posting proposals entirely in the form of limericks (for pirates) or haiku (for ninja). As most captains would later find out, this is really really hard.

How appropriate. You fight like a cow. (Purplebeard) - Allowed captains to engage in personal combat (derived from the Monkey Island games). As far as I know, only three swordfights were properly resolved.

And it is awesome (arthexis) - Created Treasure captains could find.

Victory Condition? (Purplebeard) - Created The Diamond Steering Wheel of Destiny, a treasure that allowed its owner to achieve victory (as a daily action).


Purplebeard took advantage of some badly written rules to find aforementioned treasure they didn't meet the requirements for, and didn't have a map for, while located on the wrong island entirely. They then used its ability to achieve victory.


I was amazed by the response to my little social experiment. Apparently, people really like completely random proposals. Purplebeard

Yah, and you definitely set that whole "Diamond Steering Wheel of Destiny" thing up, seeing as how you came up with the wheel and used it to steer you to victory. --Yoda 18:15, 4 Jun 2008 (GMT)


Written by Purplebeard.

Dynastic Histories

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