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Go stones.png This page was gamestate during The Third Metadynasty. It is being kept for archival purposes and is not part of the current BlogNomic game.

Group Policies

Charter and Group State

This is the Group Charter for X; all Gostaks belonging to X must obey it. Section One consists of the "policies" of X, covering basic Gostak and proposal mechanics; Section Two contains the "directives" of X, Section Three contains the glossary, which exists solely to clarify the remainder of the Charter, and Section Four contains the Group State. Policies and directives may be referred to by eir type and entire number or type and name. (e.g. This Policy may be referred to as Policy 1.1 or the Policy entitled "Charter"). No Directive may contain a provision that bars itself from being altered and/or repealed. If at any moment a Directive exists or is altered in a manner that renders it to contain such a provision, the entirety of that Directive shall be considered void and with no effects on the Group State. The provisions on this paragraph supersede any text in a Directive.

The Charter and Group State can only be changed when the Charter and Ruleset specifically permit eir being changed.

Spivak pronouns, as defined in the Blognomic Glossary, shall be used whenever a Gostak is referred to.

Gostaks belonging to X may correct obvious spelling and typographical mistakes in the Charter at any time.


Any Gostak beloning to X may propose a change to the Charter or Group State by posting an official post that describes the changes e wishes to be made, titled "X Proposal: Y" where Y is a title e chooses.

Proposals can either be Pending, Enacted, or Failed. When a Proposal is first put forward, it is considered Pending.


Any Gostak belonging to X may cast eir Vote on a Pending Proposal by declaring it in the comments of the entry. Valid votes are FOR and AGAINST, which must be represented by appropriate icons. If there exists more than one Vote from a single Gostak on a single Proposal, only the most recent of those Votes is counted. Rules may take precedence over the previous sentence. If a Gostak leaves X or goes idle, eir Vote no longer counts.

If the Gostak who made a Proposal has not cast an explicit Vote on it, eir Vote is counted as FOR.


If the oldest pending Proposal's FOR votes exceed or equal Quorum after it has been open for voting for at least 24 hours, any Gostak belonging to X may update the Charter and/or Group State to include the specified effects of that Proposal if e comments on the Proposal to note that it is closed to voting and e has enacted it.

If the oldest pending Proposal has enough AGAINST votes that it could not be Enacted without one of those votes being changed, or if all Gostaks belonging to X have voted on it and it still cannot be Enacted, or if the Gostak who proposed it has voted AGAINST it, or if it has been open for voting for at least 24 hours and half or fewer of its votes are FOR, then any Gostak belonging to X may comment on the Proposal to note that voting is closed and the Proposal failed.

Directives may take precedence over any part of this policy.

Calls for Judgment

If two or more Gostaks belonging to X actively disagree as to the interpretation of the Charter, then any Gostak belonging to X may raise a Call for Judgment by posting an entry titled "X Call for Judgment". The post shall go on to describe the issue, and measures that shall be taken to resolve it.

Gostaks belonging to X may add votes of agreement or disagreement in comments to this entry, using appropriate voting icons (a Gostak's later votes overriding eir earlier ones). CfJs continue until they reach a quorum of FOR votes, a quorum of AGAINST votes, or until two days have passed. After this time, if more than half of the cast votes are in favour, the Group State and Charter shall be amended as was specified. Otherwise, the CfJ fails and may have no further effect.

Group State Tracking

Proposals, Calls for Judgment, and other official posts shall be tracked by the BlogNomic blog at http://blognomic.com. Specific Group State information shall be tracked on this wiki document in the section Group State. Posts following the format specified by a rule are considered X official posts.

If no other Gostak has commented on it, an X official post may be altered or removed; otherwise this can only be done as allowed by the Charter.

A non-X official post may not through editing of the blog be changed into an X official post.

Voting and comments are accessible through the link at the bottom of every post.

Specific parts of the Group State data shall be tracked by the [#Group State||Group State] section of the Charter. Any Gostak belonging to X may update the data of any other Gostak belonging to X whenever the Charter permits it.

All updates to the Charter are logged - if a Gostak feels that an alteration goes against the Charter (as it was at the time of the alteration), e may simply undo the effects of that alteration. If such an undoing is disputed, a Call for Judgment shall be raised.


This Charter may not have any effect on the Blognomic Ruleset or Gamestate.



The only effect of this can be to clarify ambiguity. The Glossary of the Blognomic Ruleset applies here as well, and supercedes it at all times.

  • Group State is defined as any information which the Charter regulates the alteration of, such as who is President or how many apples the Hagen has.

Typographic Conventions

  • Italicized text is not considered part of the Charter and may be used to clarify rules with examples, notes and flavor text. For example, this italicized text provides an example of the use of italicized text.
  • Words in section 2 of the Charter using a definition derived from section 2 of the Charter rather than an English definition should be in bold, and a reference to the directive (if it is not the directive containing the word and the word has not been already referenced in the directive) that defines the word appended to it.


  • Quorum is equal to half the number of Gostaks belonging to X, rounded down, plus one, or 2, whichever is larger.


References to "YDICEX" refer to Y X-sided dice. To roll dice, post DICEX in the comments field of a post, replacing X with the number of sides on the die you wish to roll.

Group State

None currently.