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Ruleset 51

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Core Rules

Ruleset and Gamestate

This is the Ruleset for BlogNomic; all Valkyries must obey it. Section One consists of the "core rules" of BlogNomic, covering basic proposal mechanics; Section Two contains the rules of the current dynasty; and Section Three contains the glossary, which exists solely to clarify the remainder of the ruleset. Rules may be referred to by their type and entire number or type and name. (e.g. This Rule may be referred to as Rule 1.1 or the Rule entitled "Ruleset and Gamestate"). If a Proposal refers to a Rule by number and that Rule has been renumbered since the Proposal posting, that Proposal does nothing if enacted.

The Ruleset and Gamestate can only be altered in manners specified by the Ruleset.

Admins may correct obvious spelling and typographical mistakes in the Ruleset at any time.


Anybody may apply to join BlogNomic (if she is not already playing) by registering at via the Register link in the sidebar, and then making a post announcing her arrival. An Admin will add her to the roster in the sidebar, at which moment she becomes a Valkyrie.

A Valkyrie may leave the game at any time by posting an entry to the BlogNomic weblog requesting such an action. A Valkyrie may only change her name as a result of a proposal approving the change.

Some Valkyries are Admins, responsible for updating the site and the Ruleset, and are signified as such in the sidebar. Valkyries who wish to become Admins shall sign up with a username for the Ruleset Wiki, and submit a Proposal to make themselves Admins. Existing Admins may be removed from their posts by Proposal, CfJ, or voluntary resignation.

Some Valkyries are Idle, and shall be marked as such in the sidebar. For the purposes of the Ruleset, excluding Rules 1.1, 1.2 and 1.8, Idle Valkyries are not counted as Valkyries. Admins may render a Valkyrie Idle if that Valkyrie has asked to become Idle or if that Valkyrie has not posted a entry or comment for more than 7 days. Admins may de-Idle a Valkyrie at her request - the Valkyrie's personal gamestate retains the values it had immediately prior to her going Idle. If one or more values would be undefined, it is set to the value new Valkyries receive, if such a value exists.

A single person may not control more than one Valkyrie within BlogNomic. If anybody is suspected of controlling more than one Valkyrie, then a Proposal may be made to remove any number of such Valkyries from the game, and to bar the perpetrator from rejoining.


Any Valkyrie may submit a Proposal to change the Ruleset or Gamestate, by posting an entry in the "Proposal" category that describes those changes (unless the Valkyrie already has 2 Proposals pending, or has already made 3 Proposals that day).

Proposals can either be Pending, Enacted, or Failed. When a Proposal is first put forward, it is considered Pending.


Any Valkyrie may cast her Vote on a Pending Proposal by making a comment on that entry using a voting icon of FOR, AGAINST or DEFERENTIAL.

If the Valkyrie who made a Proposal has not cast a Vote on it, her Vote is counted as FOR. If a Valkyrie casts more than one Vote on a Proposal, only the most recent of those Votes is counted. If a Valkyrie leaves the game or goes Idle, her Vote no longer counts. If a Valkyrie votes against her own proposal, that vote may not be changed. This is referred to as a Self-Kill.

A vote of DEFERENTIAL is a vote of no opinion, or of faith in the decision of the Allfather. The vote will count as the same as the Allfather's vote. The Allfather cannot cast a vote of DEFERENTIAL. If there is no Allfather, a vote of DEFERENTIAL counts as an explicit vote of abstention.


The oldest pending Proposal may be enacted by any Admin (and the Ruleset and/or Gamestate updated to include the specified effects of that Proposal) if either of the following is true:-

  • It has a number of FOR votes that exceed or equal Quorum, has been open for voting for at least 12 hours, and has not been vetoed or self-killed.
  • It has been open for voting for at least 48 hours, it has more than 1 valid vote, more than half of its votes are FOR, and it has not been vetoed or self-killed.

The oldest pending Proposal may be failed by any Admin, if any of the following are true:-

  • It has enough AGAINST votes that it could not be Enacted without one of those votes being changed.
  • It has been open for voting for at least 48 hours and half or fewer of its votes are FOR.
  • It has been open for voting for at least 48 hours and has fewer than 2 valid votes.
  • The Valkyrie who proposed it has voted AGAINST it.
  • The Allfather has voted to VETO it.

Whenever an Admin marks a proposal as enacted or failed, she must also mark her name, and report the final tally of votes (or the fact that the proposal was self-killed or vetoed).

Calls for Judgment

If two or more Valkyries actively disagree as to the interpretation of the Ruleset, or if a Valkyrie feels that an aspect of the game needs urgent attention, then any Valkyrie may raise a Call for Judgment by posting an entry in the "Call for Judgment" category. If the Valkyrie wishes, she may post anonymously by choosing "Call for Judgment" from the Author drop-down menu on the OPTIONS tab. The post shall go on to describe the issue, and measures that shall be taken to resolve it.

All Valkyries may add votes of agreement or disagreement in comments to this entry, using appropriate voting icons (a Valkyrie's later votes overriding their earlier ones). Unfailed CfJs continue until they reach a quorum of FOR votes, a quorum of AGAINST votes, or if there is no hiatus going on, until four days have passed, and if there is a hiatus going on until two days have passed. After this time, if more than half of the cast votes are in favour, the Gamestate and Ruleset shall be amended as was specified. Otherwise, the CfJ fails. A Failed CfJ has no further effect.

Gamestate Tracking

Proposals, Calls for Judgment, and other official posts, as well as specific gamestate information, shall be tracked by the BlogNomic blog at Any Valkyrie may post to the blog at any time, but may only make official posts to the blog when the Ruleset allows it. Posts following the format specified by a rule are considered official posts.

If no Valkyrie has commented on it, an official post may be altered or removed by its author; otherwise this can only be done as allowed by the Ruleset. The Admin processing an official post is allowed to append to the post to reflect its new status. Anything appended to a post in this way must be placed in the Admin field of the post, and the post's Status must changed to reflect its status.

A non-official post may not, through editing of the blog or otherwise, be changed into an official post, with the following exception: Whilst a non-official post has been posted for less than five minutes and has no comments, the author may change the categories as they wish.

Voting and comments are accessible through the link at the bottom of every post.

Specific parts of the Gamestate data shall be tracked by the Generic Nomic Data Tracker at Any Valkyrie may update any Valkyrie's data via the GNDT, whenever the Ruleset permits it.

All updates to the GNDT are logged - if a Valkyrie feels that an alteration goes against the Rules (as they were at the time of the alteration), she may simply undo the effects of that alteration. If such an undoing is disputed, a Call for Judgment shall be raised.

Valkyries shall be assigned a password for the GNDT when they join the Nomic.


BlogNomic is divided into a number of Dynasties. Each Dynasty is headed by a single Valkyrie, known as the Allfather, and is named according to the number of Dynasties she has headed (eg. "The First Dynasty of Myke").

The Allfather may vote to VETO any Proposal.

Victory and Ascension

If a Valkyrie (other than the Allfather) believes that she has achieved victory in the current Dynasty, she may make a post to the Blognomic weblog in the Declaration of Victory category, detailing this.

Upon doing so, the game immediately goes into Hiatus, if it hasn't already. During this time, the only game actions that may be taken are those covered by Rules "Valkyries", "Calls for Judgment", "Gamestate Tracking" and "Victory and Ascension".

Every Valkyrie may respond to an active DoV saying whether or not she believes the poster has achieved victory in the current Dynasty (using the FOR and AGAINST icons).

The Declaration of Victory may be resolved after 24 hours, or after 12 hours if the Allfather has voted on it. Upon resolution, if a Quorum of Valkyries have voted on the DoV and more than half of those votes were in favour, then the DoV passes - otherwise the DoV fails, and if no other DoVs are still pending, the Hiatus ends.

When a DoV passes, all other active DoVs are failed, and a new Dynasty begins with the Valkyrie who made the DoV as its Allfather. (That Valkyrie may pass this role to another Valkyrie at this point, if she wishes.) The Hiatus continues until the new Allfather posts an Ascension Address to the BlogNomic weblog - this shall specify the Allfather's chosen theme for the new Dynasty, and may optionally include a proclamation that any number of Dynastic Rules will be repealed, and that any keywords will be replaced with new theme-appropriate terms.

Dynastic Rules


There is a wiki page called Einherjar which contains a section named for each Valkyrie that has recruited an Einherjar, a single section named “Unrecruited Einherjar”, and a single section named “Disgraced Einherjar”.

Each Valkyrie’s section on this wiki page contains a list of all of the Einherjar that Valkyrie has recruited, along with any relevant statistics associated with those Einherjar. The “Unrecruited Einherjar” section contains a list of all of the Einjerjar that have not been recruited by any Valkyrie, along with any relevant statistics associated with those Einherjar. A Valkyrie is said to “own” or “have recruited” any Einherjar that currently appears on her list. An Einherjar is said to be “owned” or “recruited by” a Valkyrie on whose list it currently appears.

Each Einherjar’s section will include a link to a web-based biography or web page that describes the Einherjar (for example, a Wikipedia article).

The “Disgraced Einherjar” section shall list the names and statistics of disgraced Einherjar. Disgraced Einherjar are not owned by any Valkyrie and may not be recruited by any Valkyrie for so long as they are disgraced.

Einherjar candidates

As a weekly action, any Valkyrie may make a nomination comment to the stickied story post entiled “Einherjar candidates Date:X”, where X is the date of the last time that the Allfather updated the Einherjar list. This comment should begin with the phrase: “I nominate: Y” where Y is a character from history or from Norse mythology that the Einherjar wishes to nominate. The comment must include a link to a web-based biography or web page that describes the character in question (for example, an article on the relevant character on and may, but is not required to, suggest the relevant attributes and statistics of that character. The Allfather may, at any time, add any characters who have been included in the comments of the story post to the list of Unrecruited Einherjar, in which case the Allfather will post the initial attributes and statistics of that Unrecruited Einherjar on the Unrecruited Einherjar page. At such time, the Allfather will unsticky the previous story post, then create and sticky a new story post. The Allfather may also, at any time, add any characters who had been described in posts to the main blog prior to November 30, 2007 (to wit: Otto Skorzeny, Siddhartha, Joshua A. Norton, Mohandas Gandhi, D.B. Cooper and Nellie Bly) to the list of Unrecruited Einherjar, in which case the Allfather will post the initial attributes and statistics of that Unrecruited Einherjar on the Unrecruited Einherjar page.

A Valkyrie may comment as often as they wish to this post, but only post a nomination comment once per week.


Each Einherjar has a rating from -10 to 10 (only integer values are valid) in each statistic on the list of Einherjar Statistics below. If an Einherjar’s description on the Einherjar wiki page omits a value for a particular Einherjar Statistic then it is assumed to be zero.

The Einherjar Statistics are:

  • Wit (represents cleverness/sense of humor and related personality traits)
  • Scholasticism (represents intelligence, scholarship and academic achievment)
  • Combat (means what you think it means)
  • Moxie (represents luck, pluck and charm)
  • Artistry (represents exceptional talent in the arts, music, literature or similar achievement)
  • Tinkering (represents skill with invention and problem-solving)
  • Charisma (represents leadership ability and attractiveness)
  • Mysticism (represents aptitude for theology or prophecy).

In addition, each Einherjar has exactly one of the two permissible values for each of the following Binary Einherjar Statistics:

  • Gender [male or female]
  • Sanity [sane or insane]
  • Honor [honorable or dishonorable]

Special Attributes

An Einherjar may have up to three special attributes. A special attribute is some text that adjusts the statistics of any specifically named Einherjar, or any Einherjar with a specific statistic value, or any other Gamestate conditions, if certain conditions are met. Unless otherwise allowed by the Ruleset, a special attribute can only be added when an Einherjar is first made a candidate. The special attributes shall be listed in the proper Einherjar's section on the Einherjar wiki page.


Each Valkyrie has a number of Acorns, tracked in the GNDT. New Valkyries start with 100 Acorns.

If any Einherjar has been on the “Unrecruited Einherjar” list for less than 48 hours, then any non-Allfather Valkyrie may make a bid on that Einherjar (or retract a previously made bid on that Einherjar) by emailing the Allfather with the amount of the bid, and the name of the Einherjar. (The Allfather's email address is: 108Hix at gmail dot com) Bids made in this way must be a positive integer number of Acorns, and may not exceed the bidding Valkyrie’s current number of Acorns.

If any Einherjar has been on the “Unrecruited Einherjar” list for at least 48 hours, then the Allfather shall, as soon as possible, remove that Einherjar from the “Unrecruited Einherjar” list, and add it to the list of Einherjar recruited by the Valkyrie who has the highest (non-retracted) bid on that Einherjar. When this happens, a number of Acorns equal to the amount of the second-highest (non-retracted) bid on that Einherjar are subtracted from that Valkyrie’s Acorns. This subtraction may cause that Valkyrie’s number of Acorns to become negative. If there is only one (non-retracted) bid on the Einherjar, then the second-highest bid is considered to be 1 for the purposes of the subtraction. If there are no (non-retracted) bids on the Einherjar, then the Einherjar is added to the list of Einherjar currently in Fólkvangr. If there is a tie for highest bidder, the Allfather shall randomly choose one of the tied bidders as the highest bidder for the purposes of this rule.


If a Valkyrie (referred to in this rule as the “Debtor") has a negative number of Acorns, and her name does not appear in parentheses after the name of an Einherjar on the Unrecruited Einherjar list, then any Valkyrie may transfer a single Einherjar from the Debtor’s list to the Unrecruited Einherjar list, placing the Debtor’s name in parentheses after that Einherjar’s name. If the Allfather eventually transfers this Einherjar from the Unrecruited Einherjar list to a high bidder’s list (as described in the Rule “Recruiting"), the Debtor gains the same number of Acorns that were subtracted from the highest bidder (as described in the Rule “Recruiting") and the Debtor’s name and the parentheses are removed after the Einherjar’s name. If the Rule “Recruiting” would cause this Einherjar to be transferred from the Unrecruited Einherjar list to Folkvangr’s list, then this Einherjar is instead transferred to the Debtor’s list.


A Valkyrie may attempt a Trade by making a story post with subject “Trade” that describes which Einherjar (if any) are to be transferred from which Valkyries’ lists to which other Valkyries’ lists, and how many Acorns (if any) are to be transfered from which Valkyrie to which Valkyrie. If all Valkyries mentioned in the post have commented to the story post with the FOR voting icon, none of those Valkyries have commented to the story post with the AGAINST voting icon, all of the Einherjar to be traded are still owned by the Valkyries which are to be transferring them away, and all of the Valkyries still have at least as many Acorns which they are to transfer away, then the transfer takes place as described in the story post.


An Einherjar who has a Tinkering statistic of at least +1 is referred to as a “Tinkerer”.

A Valkyrie who owns a particular Tinkerer may, as a Weekly action, cause that Tinkerer to attempt to create a Device. To do so, the Valkyrie announces in comments to the GNDT that the Valkyrie is causing the named Tinkerer to attempt to create a Device. The Valkyrie then rolls DICE12 in the GNDT a number of times equal to that Tinkerer’s Tinkering statistic. Each time the result of the roll is exactly 1, that Tinkerer is deemed to have earned one Device point. (For example, if that Tinkerer has a Tinkering score of +5, then the Valkyrie rolls 1DICE12 five times, and if the results are 3,4,1,1,10 then that Tinkerer is deemed to have earned two Device points). If that Tinkerer earns more than zero Device points in the attempt, then the Valkyrie who owns that Tinkerer shall make a story post reporting that the named Tinkerer has created a Device worth the number of Device points earned in the attempt, whereupon that Tinkerer’s Device points are reset at zero. (Tinkerers may not bank Device points; all Device points earned must be reported the day that they are earned). The story post may also suggest to the Allfather what the name and the game effects of the Device should be.

After a Valkyrie posts such a story post, the Allfather shall make a story post reporting that the Tinkerer in question has made a Device and specifying the game effects of the device. The game effects are within the discretion of the Allfather, however the Allfather is encouraged to consider the number of Device points used to create the Device in assigning game effects. The Device does not exist and has no game effects until the Allfather makes the story post announcing it.

A Valkyrie who owns more than one Tinkerer may cause any one or more of them to attempt to create a Device in accordance with the foregoing.

A Device is considered to be held by the Tinkerer who made it, unless the Valkyrie owning that Tinkerer makes a story post reporting that the Device has been transferred to another Einherjar owned by that Valkyrie.

Checks and Balances

The Allfather may, at any time, destroy an Einherjar from the Unrecruited Einherjar list. That Einherjar ceases to exist, and a new Einherjar from the same Einherjar Candidate post may be created.


Each Valkyrie shall have an Experience statistic, to be tracked in the GNDT. Each Valkyrie’s Experience statistic will start at 0. Whenever a Valkyrie wins a skirmish, she receives a number of Experience points equal to DICEX, where X is the Valkyrie’s Skirmish Rating. If a Valkyrie wins a skirmish with a Skirmish Rating of 0 or less, she receives 1 Experience point. The Valkyrie that owned the Einherjar that was transfered to Loki has her experience reduced by 1 (this may result in negative experience), and all other Valkyries will increase their experience by 1.

A Valkyrie may rediuce her Experience by Y in order to raise one statistic, except Tinkering, of one of the Einherjar she has recruited by 1 point, where Y equals half of eleven more than the current value of the statistic to be raised [Y=1/2*(current value +11)] rounded up, as long as the Valkyrie has at least Y experience. No Valkyrie may raise an Einherjar’s statistic whose value is +10.

Bleeding to death

Unless immune to this rule, any Einherjar who has no Statistics with a value greater than +1 becomes disgraced, and shall be moved to the Disgraced Einherjar section of the Einherjar wiki page.

Time Off

If it has been more than 48 hours since the last skirmish, and the Valkyrie has not done so within the last 48 hours, a Valkyrie may perform any one of the actions listed below.

  • Training: The Valkyrie may select a single Einherjar who she is trying to imporove. The Valkyrie then makes a comment in the GDNT Using the following format, any items placed is ()’s are to be substituted by the Valkyrie with relevent information: “(Einherjar name) trains 1DICE8 , 1DICE20”. If the relevent stat from the first roll (counting down from the order stats are listed in rule Statistics) is less than the second roll minus 10, the Valkyrie that owns the Einherjar gains 2 experience.
  • Mercenary work: The Valkyrie may make a comment to the GDNT: 1DICE7 XDICE20 where X is the current number of Einherjar that the Valkyrie has. If the total of the stat relevent to the first roll (counting down from the order stats are listed in rule Statistics) is more than the total of the second roll minus 10*X, the valkyrie increases her Acorns by X*3. If the total is equal or less, then the Valkyrie loses X acorns.

Training Skirmishes

As a Daily Action, the Allfather may announce that a Skirmish has taken place in perperation for the Final Battle.

A Skirmish is announced by first rolling DICEX in the GNDT, where “X” is the number of numerical Einherjar Statistics, and where the roll has a comment of “Skirmish Check”. The number rolled shall be used to determine which of the numerical Einherjar Statistics is relevant to the Skirmish, by counting down from the top of the list in the “Statistics” rule - this Statistic is the “Challenged” Statistic.

Each Valkyrie who has recruited one or more Einherjar shall then have their Skirmish Ratings calculated - this is the total of the Challenged Statistics for each of that Valkyrie’s Einherjar.

Fólkvangr shall then have its Skirnish Rating calculated - this is the total of the Challenged Statistics for each of Fólkvangr’s Einherjar.

If Fólkvangr’s Skirmish Rating is higher than the combined Skirmish Rating of all Active Valkyries, then the Skirmish is lost, and all Valkyries lose 20 Acorns. The single Einherjar currently in Fólkvangr with the lowest value for the Challenged Statistic (if one exists) has fallen, and is transferred to the “Unrecruited Einherjar” list to ensure fairness in future training exercises.

If Fólkvangr’s Skirmish Rating is not higher than the combined Skirmish Rating of all Active Valkyries, then the single Valkyrie with the highest Skirmish Rating (if one exists) is triumphant, and receives 10 Acorns. The single Einherjar currently in Asgard with the lowest value for the Challenged Statistic (if one exists) has fallen, and is transferred to Fólkvangr’s section of the Einherjar page to ensure fairness in future training exercises.

After having calculated these results and made the changes required, the Allfather should post a blog entry summarising them, and also describing the opponent that the Einherjar faced.

The statistic “Tinkering” is ignored for purposes of Skirmishes.


There exists an entity Fólkvangr that is not the Allfather or a Valkyrie but still may still have a section in the Einherjar page.

An Einherjar may be located in either Asgard, Fólkvangr or neither. If the Einherjar is recruited by an Valkyrie or the Allfather, then it is said to be located in Asgard. If the Einherjar is recruited by Fólkvangr, it is said to be located in Fólkvangr. If the Einherjar is in the “Unrecruited Einherjar” or “Disgraced Einherhar” list, then it is said to be located in neither.

The Aesir

While each Valkyrie supports the Allfather above all other gods, if a Valkyrie is currently supporting “None”, she may choose to support an additional god buy updating her section of the GNDT in the column marked “Supported God” to any of the gods listed in the subrule titled “List of Gods”. Each god has a statistic for every Einherjar statistic besides tinkering. During skirmishes, the relevant statistics of the god whom the Valkyrie is currently supporting are calculated by the Allfather (separately for each Valkyrie for whom adjustments are required under this rule), and added or subtracted, as appropriate, to the relevant statistics for each of her Einherjar--this is allowed to push the value of a statistic over +10 or below -10 for the purposes of that skirmish.

By default, all Valkyries support “None”. As weekly action, a Valkyrie may change her support of a god back to “None”. She may then support a different god as outlined in the above paragraph.

List of Gods

  • None: Provides no statistical benefits or hindrances.
  • Thor: Combat: +((3DICE3)-3), Charisma: +((1DICE3)-1), Scholasticism: -((1DICE3)-1), Artistry: -((3DICE3-3)
  • Baldr: Mysticism: +((2DICE3)-2), Scholasticism: +((2DICE3)-2), Combat: -((2DICE3)-2), Wit: -((2DICE3)-2)
  • Loki: Wit: +((3DICE3)-3), Moxie: +((1DICE3)-1), Mysticism: -((2DICE3)-2), Charisma: -((2DICE3)-2)
  • Frigg: Artistry: +((2DICE3)-2), Charisma: +((1DICE3)-1), Wit: -((1DICE3)-1) Combat: -((2DICE3)-2),
  • Heimdall: Combat: +((1DICE3)-1), Artistry: +((1DICE3)-1), Moxie, -((1DICE3)-1), Scholatism: -((1DICE3)-1)


Einherjar can attempt challenges at the Yggdrasil by entering a mystical portal.

There is a type of post called a Challange Post. A Challenge Post is an optional event that a Valkyrie may send one Einherjar to. The Einherjar attempts to pass the challenge using a statistic. A challange post may be made weekly by any Valkyrie by making a story post that has a title starting with “Yggdrasil Challenge:” A Challenge Post consists of a summary, which states what the challenge is, a Challenge Rating, which is a number from 1 to 10, and the prize, which may contain a positive amount of acorns, a positive amount of experience, a positive statistic modifier that may be temporary or permanent, or some other temporary or permanent positive effect that only directly effects the Einherjar who is attempting the challenge (but it may indirectly effect other things, such as some Special Abilities sway the outcome of a skirmish). A Challenge Post shall also contain a Penalty. A penalty can contain the following: A negative amount of acorns, a negative amount of experience, a negative statistic modifier that may be temporary or permanent, some other temporary or permanent negative effect that only directly effects the Einherjar who is attempting the challenge (but it may indirectly effect other things, such as some Special Abilities sway the outcome of a skirmish). All Challenge Posts are subject to the Allfather’s approval. In any Challenge Post the Allfather may cast an ::against:: vote along with a change to any portion of the Challenge Post. The Allfather then shall those changes into the original post. The Allfather can also cast a Veto vote and the Challenge Post shall have no effect at all.

After a Challenge Post has been made, any Valkyrie other than the one who made the challenge post may once send any one Einherjar they own to the Challenge. This is done by first rolling a DICE8 in the GDNT alongside one Einherjar the Valkyrie owns. Using the resulting number, the Valkyrie shall count from the top of the list of Statistics in the Einherjar rule in the Rule set and select the number they stop on when the reach the rolled number.The selected Statistic shall be the statistic the Einherjar shall use when attempting the challenge. Then the Valkyrie shall make a comment in the Challenge Post declaring which Einherjar they are sending (the one mentioned in the GNDT roll) and which statistic they are using. Included in this post shall be a story of how the Einherjar attempts to the that statistic in the challenge. This is called the Challenge Attempt.

At any point, if there is an unprocessed Challenge Atempt comment in a Challenge Post, the Allfather may process a challenge attempt by examining the differen between an attempting Einherjar’s chosen statistic, the story about the attempt, and roll of a DICE10 to decide if the Einherjar passed the challenge. If the Einherjar passes, the Valkyrie who own the attempting Einherjar gains the benifit of the prize. If the attempt fails, the Einherjar suffers the effects of the Penalty stated in the Challenge Post. If the Allfather rolled a 1 or 2 in the DICE10 roll, and the Einherjar failed the attempt, the attempting Einherjar may not again attempt a Challenge Post until the next week.


This is always at the end of the Ruleset. Its only effect can be to clarify ambiguity.

  • It is noted that where a Proposal would amend the effects of Proposal Enactment, this does not apply to its own enactment unless explicitly stated (eg. a proposal proposing that enacted proposals earn their writer a banana when enacted would not earn a banana for its own writer, when enacted).
  • Rules which trigger upon the Enacment or Failure of a Proposal are the responsibility of the Admin who Enacts or Fails it.
  • Appropriate Icons: For use in voting, a check box shall represent a vote FOR, an X shall represent a vote AGAINST, an I shall represent a vote of DEFERENTIAL, and an Imperial Seal (currently shall represent the Imperial Veto.
  • The "subject" of a blog entry is the part of the Title of an entry which is after the first colon. If the Title does not contain a colon, then the whole Title is the subject. Any entry whose subject is "" (i.e. an empty string) is not valid.
  • "Posts" and "comments" refer only to those made to the BlogNomic weblog at
  • A keyword defined by a rule supersedes the normal English usage of the word. A keyword defined in this glossary supersedes that defined by a rule. (eg. A rule specifying "Bananas are Blue" cannot be overruled by posting a dictionary definition or a photo of a banana, and a rule specifying "every day is Sunday" will be overruled by the glossary entry below.)
  • Unless otherwise specified, game variables defined to hold numeric values can hold only non-negative integers, and any action that would set those values below zero instead sets them to zero. Any situation which would require a roll of DiceX when X is zero or lower always yields a value of 0 unless stated otherwise.
  • Unless otherwise specified: When "X" is a number, to spend X of a numeric value "V" means to subtract X from V (i.e. replace V with V-X); no action may be taken which requires spending X of a numeric value when the subtraction would result in a number which is illegal as a replacement for that value (e.g. if the value represents a variable which is restricted to non-negative integers, but the subtraction comes up negative).
  • Superficial differences between the spelling of geographic versions of English, e.g, British English, American English and Australian English shall be construed as irrelevant for the purposes of play.
  • Gamestate is defined as any information which the Ruleset regulates the alteration of, such as Valkyries' names and the blog colour scheme.

Typographic Conventions

  • Italicized text is not considered part of the ruleset and may be used to clarify rules with examples, notes, and flavor text. For example, this italicized text provides an example of the use of italicized text.


  • References to "a day" (as an entity rather than a duration, eg. "Sunday") refer to that day in the timezone of the BlogNomic blog, which is considered to be GMT for all purposes.
  • References to a "week" refer to the period of time between the start of a Monday and the end of the following Sunday.
  • All references to time must be either specific or defined within the ruleset to be considered achievable in the gamestate. Abstract concepts of time (e.g. "dinnertime", "twilight") cannot be achieved until they fulfil one of these criteria.
  • If a game action is a Daily Action, each Valkyrie able to perform it may take that action once per day, but not more than once every six hours.
  • If a game action is a Weekly Action, each Valkyrie able to perform it may take that action once per week, but not more than once every twenty-four hours.


  • Quorum is equal to half the number of Valkyries, rounded down, plus one.


References to "YDICEX" refer to Y X-sided dice. To roll dice, post DICEX in the comments field of the GNDT, replacing X with the number of sides on the die you wish to roll.


  • The IEEE auxiliary verbs used in Blognomic are:
    • Is required to: "shall";
    • Is recommended that: "should";
    • Is permitted to: "may";
    • Is able to: "can".