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Discussion: Dynasty Ideas

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This page is for people who would like to practice giving an Ascension Address, and to discuss ideas for future dynasties.

  1. The Poetic Dynasty. AA- ?: Replace all instances of Scribe with Poet, replace all instances of Editor with Director, replace all instances of Rule with Sonnet. Repeal all dynastic rules, and add the following: A poet, like my father: All rules, with the exception of this one, must have an acceptable rhyme scheme that that rule follows and is written withen the rule. It must not simply be an alphabetical string of letters. ExampleYes:ABAB ExampleNo:ABCD
  2. The Nomic Time Travel Dynasty: A Dynasty based on the mechanic of taking "snapshots" of the Ruleset every week (each Sunday?), and granting players the ability to remove themselves from the current Ruleset, and play according to a snapshotted Ruleset.
  3. Seeing the future Dynasty: A Dynasty where you state your actions X days in advance, and by consuming a resource, you can check on someone else's stated action planning and then change your own, as if seeing the future allows you to change your timeline because you have new information. (In true future-seeing, wouldn't the act of seeing the future also be predicted by that same future seeing? Anywhoo, like this its more cool and mechanics-worthy lol) Done in The First Dynasty of Axemabaro
  4. BlogNomic Dynasty: A Dynasty where a sub-game of nomic is being played that initially has no effect on the outer Dynasty. It might be interesting to have the initial rules of the sub-game be slightly edited Core rules of BlogNomic, but it may be weird if a sub-Dynasty starts up.
  5. Real life travel Dynasty: A Dynasty where, to go around the game map (our Earth!), you have to find real-world bus/airplane tickets and pay their real price in game money to travel around. Something similar was tried in The_Eighteenth_Dynasty_of_Kevan
  6. A picture speaks more than a thousand words: All Dynastic Rules are pictures. Pictionary, nomic-style.
  7. Reverse Nomic: You start with a ruleset and can only remove from it (or adding is significantly taxed). Repeal to your advantage and strategically remove words to change the meaning of rules!
  8. Parallel Universe Nomic: Two universes with two slightly different (or maybe even significantly different) rule sets. You can step into portals to change your universe and gain advantages.
  9. Card nomic: Inspired by a thousand blank cards, this is a dynasty where actions can depend on draw of a card and playing the card. There may also be rules concerning what you can write on a card. Done in Derrick's first dynasty
  10. Liars' Nomic: Players begin with currency that they may promise to trade with other players, but they obviously may lie. They can also hinge on making promises about voting on proposals and creating specific types of rules. Will anyone earn enough trust to win the others' votes?
  11. Lawyer Nomic: Players are encouraged to challenge rules, change them, remove them, find loopholes. Maybe the goal is to change the core ruleset itself (if only temporarily for one dynasty).