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The Eighth Dynasty of Josh

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November 7, 2013 - December 27, 2013

Ascension Address

Twenty years ago, on the tarmac of the city’s airport, a man - middle aged even then - in a general’s uniform had stood and made a speech. There was no audience; the army has sealed off the airport, and the other decorated generals behind the man were just for show, as were the attack helicopters lazily spinning their rotors in the background. But the address was televised, and broadcast on radio. It was reprinted in full in newspapers across the world, and discussed at length in every corridor of power.Every citizen knew of that proclamation, for it altered the fate of their country irreversibly.

Now old, the general - he still styled himself as a general - had the sheet of paper he read from framed in the national Museum of the Revolution. The single act, that single speech, had not been all that was needed to sweep the old, corrupt government from power; no, there had been fighting, years of it, millions dead. But that was in the past now, and the last decade had been peaceful. He had give his country security, and protected it from outside forces. Was that not worth a little blood spilled?

Apparently there was no loyalty in this world, though, no gratitude, for his courtiers, sensing weakness in his age, had started to circle. He had made them, each and every one; he had elevated them to wealth and power, while under the old Parliament they would have been, what, merchants? Academics? Pfeh. If money can’t buy you loyalty these days, what can?

Force. Only force.

If you want my power, he thought to himself, you’ll have to prise it from my hands.

Repeal all dynastic rules, replace MN wherever it appears in the Ruleset with Oligarch, and replace Speaker wherever it appears with Despot.


Bucky*, Clucky*, Ely, Josef, Josh*, Kevan*, Larrytheturtle*, Ludwig, quirck*, RaichuKFM*, Spitemaster*, turtlemoon

Final Ruleset

Ruleset 115

Posts of Interest


Clucky and RaichuKFM paired up for a coin-toss Christmas Coup, making a UN Mandate a few minutes before Christmas Eve. For a UN Mandate, the rule was that "any Oligarch who wishes to vote on it must first spend either 1 Credibility or 5 Power" - since the game went into seasonal Hiatus at midnight on the 24th (where "no game actions may be taken except those described in the rules entitled “Votable Matters,” “Gamestate Tracking” and “Call for Judgement”"), regular players could not vote on the proposal because they could not take the action of spending Credibility/Power. (But the Despot/Emperor could, since he didn't count as an Oligarch, meaning that the proposal was still "open for voting".)

With two players in favour and the Despot voting against, the Coup timed out over the Christmas Hiatus and enacted. RaichuKFM won the coin toss.

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