The First Dynasty of Derrick

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19 June 2018 - 1 August 2018

Ascension Address

Upon returning from my voyages, I received word that an old aunt had perished from consumption. I mourned this loss, but there was nothing to be done about it. The executor visited me shortly afterwords, delivering a stack of old books. Aunty Neddy always had odd interests. The oldest book I’d never seen before. when I opened it, the archaic runes on the page stared back at me, signifying nothing. And then they shifted, and I could read of the ancient people who made this book. It spoke of cities, so long lost to history that this was perhaps the only record of them.

It spoke of the wizards. These wizards found safe valleys, fertile mountains, and majestic rivers for the people to settle in. They led small bands to become thriving villages. They guided young peasants to become Wise Kings, Witty Playwrights, and Cunning Architechs. They dethroned idolent kings, provoked starving peasants into revolution, and brokered alliances. They placed monsters to guard to terrorize towns, and sent heroes on quests. And they told stories about their deeds. With the short lives of the common folk, five generations is enough to rewrite history.

The word of the book didn’t just change that first time.


The following players were active at the start of the Dynasty:

9spaceking, Axemabaro, Brendan, card, Corona, derrick, Jumble, Kevan, LinkVanyali, pokes

The following players were active at the end of the Dynasty:

9spaceking, Brendan, card, Corona, derrick, Jumble, Kevan, Pseudo-Climacus, Trigon

Final Ruleset

Proposals of Interest

  • Wizards are Wild Creates the cards, with a name, score, constraint, and two effects (up and down), and specifies playing a card is an atomic action.
  • Community Service Creates communities, with a name, a faction, three ratings for war, culture, and economy, plus attitudes of either indifferent, friendly, or suspicious. Created the first community, and specified community size classes.
  • Discard Dis Card defined discarding
  • Type of Cards Adds card types
  • They're Cards, not Rules places the ability to start drawing and playing in the Historian's hands
  • Drawing lays foundation for how to draw cards, and how to deal them
  • Factions and Ruins Defines the possible factions and made empty communities ruins
  • some cards The first card proposed. It failed, but probably effected later cards a lot
  • Two bit Arcana The first set of cards to be added. Very simple effects, all spells and potions.
  • A village is not made of houses mostly faction oriented, and with strong requirements
  • More Communities created many communities, and gave them random ratings
  • Thou Shall Not created a mechanism for manual dealing
  • Towers of Power Created homes for wizards, and a way to move
  • Growing rather Attatched Created an attachment mechanism for cards.
  • First Catch Your Owlbear Created a number of powerful ritual cards that require discarding card types.
  • Shoe Polish Created a convenient and compact format for the cards
  • The Point Defined Scoring, which increases "Thaum"
  • A Psudodeck Defined the "Deck", which is a computed value
  • Trick or Treat A number of Trick cards
  • Making Monsters Added a number of monster cards, all attachable
  • Deal of the Day Made dealing a daily action instead of weekly. This really sped up game play, and the game really starts here.
  • There's Some Place Let wizards choose a home
  • Factionalism Created 11 cards that relied on factions to work. 8 person cards and 3 Labors.
  • Selfkill 2.0 Created the SHRED mechanic, allowing Wizards to remove specific cards from proposals even after voting has started.
  • More People Created 6 person cards, 3 of which change the attitude of communities towards wizards
  • Here I brought some more of me Created token cards. created 15 rather diverse cards, including the first objects (clothing cards) and structures.
  • Honor System enabled card trading on a 1 for 1 basis.
  • Wont' you be my neighbor created 6 labors and a spell effecting wizard's homes, and resubmitted two shredded persons.
  • Cap in Hand Limited the hand size to 4 cards
  • Auto Dealer Made the auto-dealer on a separate site a convenient way to deal cards
  • Exothaumic Reactions Made Thaum a price when playing the up effect of cards
  • Immortal Memory -- set a winning condition; a score equal to the sizes of settlements that were Friendly to a Wizard, plus half the sizes of those Suspicious of them
  • Meta Traveller 4 powerful cards that can create a city, remove a ruin, veto a proposal, or remove a card from the game.
  • Magic Mirror Established the Duplication method for cards
  • Ancient Rituals 4 rituals, 1 labor, 2 persons, and a monster. The monster and rituals are positive attached cards.
  • More Attatchables + Faction Maker 1 spell and 5 structures relating to factions, mostly giving benefits to that community when cards are played
  • Dungeons and Dragons Made attachable a function of card type, not constraint
  • Glove in Hand Made objects stay in a wizard's hand if the up effect is played, added 5 objects.
  • The Past Not Present Made the Historian not a wizard for dynastic rules
  • Vitruvian Mana 1 labor that increases ratings across a broad range of communities
  • Factional Monsters 4 monsters and a ritual. The monsters are associated with factions
  • Slow but Steady Thaum can be spent to increase the rating of a wizard's home
  • Pay to Win Allows trading Thaum for a card, at the price of the card's thaum
  • Trying Something New 3 structures, one was shredded. Allowed prohibited cards to be recovered and created a roving card
  • Sense of Scale Shrunk the size categories for communities to use multiples of 3 rather than 5 (making it easier to end the game)
  • Capitals created 4 structures that added to a communities size
  • Another Strategic Card 1 spell that lets you swap out your hand for 5 thaum.
  • something happens removed "Nothing happens" effects from most cards that are not objects or potions
  • One King to rule them all made capitals all move around a single "Throne" Token instead of scoring themselves
  • The Real Home Reset allows a wizard to set their home to wilderness by discarding two (non-faction) cards

Extra-Dynastic Proposals

  • Simultaneous Actions barred users from declaring multiple actions from commencing at the same single point in time
  • Dispel Imp updated some old ruleset references to an "IMP" vote (whose icon now says "DEF") and an "Imperial Seal" (which used to change in the earlier dynasties but has remained a crossed-circle for years now)
  • Through Unity, Strength allowed atomic actions to trigger other atomic actions without breaking the one-at-a-time rule.
  • A historian without an opinion added the Imperial-deferential-defers-to-majority rule (which had been used in several past dynasties) as a Special Case rule


Brendan won in the end with the most legacy. He transferred his emperor rights to card.


First attempt to use cards in nomic. --seldiora (9spaceking)

Not quite - we've done poker twice and tarot (with complex card abilities). --Kevan (talk) 17:23, 1 August 2018 (UTC)

A fun dynasty for sure. Card draw needed some balance for those people who kept on getting cards which couldn't help them to victory. There was Duplication but that only gave everyone a greater chance of drawing something, it didn't give you the right cards. Card (talk) 17:26, 3 August 2018 (UTC)

Well, That sure was interesting. The majority of gameplay happened behind the scenes in the GDNT, which made the whole dynasty a bit hard to follow. I feel like this dynasty would actually work better as a physical card game where players could see all the action unfold before them. So good job Derrick, for making a fantastic dynasty, and good job Brendan, for winning. Trigon (talk) 20:03, 4 August 2018 (UTC)

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