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The Twenty-Sixth Dynasty of Kevan

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5 January 2020 - 5 February 2020

Ascension Address

The Pencil:

A dark room, possibly empty. A whirring projector. A rectangle of light across a wall, showing static footage of a regular HB pencil resting on some kind of printed personality test. Either the recording is monochrome, or it is a black pencil on a grey table. A man speaks.

...we refer to them Artefacts because of the… smudging effect they exhibit on the universe, blurring the local laws of physics in some simple or complex way, from the perceptual to the physical. In nearly all observed creation events this process is… catastrophic and the original object is abhorred by its surrounding reality, being instantly destroyed or otherwise erased from the world. But in some cases reality is able to successfully… recrystallise around the Artefact, giving a jagged but stable boundary to its smudging effect.
The Artefact on screen here is the Pencil. We recovered it four weeks ago from a collector in Jerez, and the rumours about it proved true. Physical contact with another Artefact causes that Artefact to… vanish, and… as best as we can interpret our own lab notes… erase all record of it ever having existed. Whether this retriggers the same nucleation process that created the Artefact, or destroys it in some other way, we were unable to ascertain. Research was progressing as to whether the Pencil would give us secure way to dispose of certain… L-Class Artefacts, or if it was simply teleporting objects away with a simple antimemetic halo effect, when the Pencil itself… disappeared from containment. That our records of the Pencil survive suggest a theft rather than the Artefact collapsing itself under its own means. A research and retrieval team was despatched to…

As a hand reaches into view on screen, the voice cuts out, and the film flickers and slides out of frame, leaving a blank white square.


The following players were active at the start of the Dynasty:

card*, Cuddlebeam, The Duke of Waltham, Josh*, pokes*, Kevan*, TyGuy6

The following players were active at the end of the Dynasty:

Avilva, Brendan*, card*, Cuddlebeam*, Darknight*, The Duke of Waltham, derrick*, Josh*, Jumble, Kevan*, pokes*, Tantusar*

Final Ruleset

Ruleset 174

Posts of Interest

Gin and Googles Scam Episode

  • Clarity:Josh had created two Artefacts which, if used in combination, would allow someone to modify of their proposals into anything they wanted. Cuddlebeam noticed the scam, managed to get the items before Josh did and then used it in...
  • Artefact Limit, attempting to get a very innocent-looking Proposal passed so that they could later change the meaning via the Goggles. Josh pointed out the scam there, which caused the Proposal to fail and the Gin and Googles to then be promptly patched (by erasing their Effect).


Cuddlebeam ended up with the most Attainment at the Endpoint date. Victory was achieved by the combined efforts of card, The Duke of Walthan, Darknight and Cuddlebeam. They voted to the goal of having Cuddlebeam win, although each also performed key in-game moves to ensure victory. Format is "[Final Emperor Mantle %][Date of alliance start with Cuddlebeam] name".

  • [40%][Jan 20th] card: Strategic counsel. Stole a lot of Artefacts from the Containment Facility via abuse of the Tiepin: Only Researchers were barred from taking Artefacts from the Containment Facility ("A Researcher may not pick up an Artefact in the Containment Facility, unless they are carrying the Security Pass"), card entered the Containment Facility as a Researcher, but then swapped to Collector to steal all of the Artefacts and took them into the Warp for Cuddlebeam to stash into their Collection.
  • [35%][-] Cuddlebeam: General coordinator, Pooling target. Stayed mostly in the Warp, which for most of the dynasty, they were the only person with the ability to enter (via The Living Portal/The Picture Frame).
  • [15%][Jan 31st] Duke of Waltham: Stalled Localizing via routinely Traveling within 16 hours (so that other players couldn't get Artefacts).
  • [10%][Jan 31st] Darknight: Used Magnetism to gain an Artefact (there was a 50% chance they'd get a useful item - The Glove or The Pencil were desirable, vs The Cuppa or the Radio), and they got the Pencil, which they used to erase The Sports Cap: the only Artefact aside from The Picture Frame that could grant access into The Warp, aside from abusing Reality Damage to RNG hitting 10 Spatial Damage.


Dynastic Histories

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