The First Dynasty of spikebrennan

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December 28, 2007 - March 4, 2008

Ascension Address

Know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em.

Gentlemen, welcome to Nuttal & Mann’s Saloon. Wipe the mud off your boots on the way in. Whiskey and beer are available at the bar. Kindly refrain from discharging firearms while on the premises; but if you just can’t help yourself, try not to shoot the piano player—he’s doing his best. The poker table is in the back, and that fella sitting at the table with his back to the corner, that’d be the Dealer.

Have a seat and let’s play some poker.

All Dynastic Rules are repealed. “Valkyrie(s)” becomes “Player(s)”. “Allfather” becomes “Dealer”. Singular third-person pronouns become masculine when appropriate.


The following players were active in this dynasty:

aaronwinborn, arthexis, Chivalrybean, Clucky, Darknight, Iammars, Jack, Kevan, Night, Rodlen, Sheelawolf, spikebrennan, Yoda

Final Ruleset

Ruleset 52

Proposals of Interest

Ascension Jack declares victory, having more money than all other non-Wounded active players combined.


A wild-west themed dynasty, generally based on Texas Hold-Em Poker. Proposals permitted players to play poker (according to generally standard rules), consume alcoholic beverages, engage in shootouts (in which a participant could become Wounded, which would limit further actions), become Yellow by declining to participate in shootouts (which would also limit further actions), or attempt to engage in train robbery.

Rather than have the Dealer deal cards and then confidentially inform players as to their hole cards, the ruleset provided for each player determine their own hole cards (more or less on the honor system) based on GNDT DICE52 rolls and cross-referencing them against a shuffled list of cards generated by an engine that User:Kevan developed (BlogNomic Poker Deck Trading Post). As a result, it was theoretically possible for cards to be duplicated (for example, more than one player could have the Ace of Spades, and furthermore the Ace of Spades could also appear on the board).

Only 3 complete hands of poker were played, the dynasty ended during the fourth hand. Each hand took a rather long time to play since players had to take action (call, check, raise or fold) in consecutive order based on the order in which their names were listed in the GNDT.

Won by Jack after four consecutive duels between himself and Aaronwinborn (the winners of the first two hands of poker).

First attempt to use cards in nomic. --seldiora (9spaceking)

Dynastic Histories

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