The Eighteenth Dynasty of Kevan

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Kevan claims the Shabaka Stone
Brendan claims the White Stag Sign
Kevan remotely claims the White Stag Sign with the help of a contact in the area
Kevan claims Leake Street, and also the Cincinnati Museum Center as the graffiti in this photo includes all the letters of the name "Brendan"

May 23, 2016 — June 16, 2016

Ascension Address: A Thousand Words

Trying something a bit different this dynasty, so no in-character preamble: this is intended as a real-world scavenger hunt where players take photos of things and submit them to the blog. We’ll see what direction the proposals head in, but I’d be interested in restricting the game to a particular city, to give the potential for some real-life interaction between players (such as having short time windows in which photos had to be taken without being spotted). It’d limit the player base, but it might bring in some much-needed fresh blood, and distant players could potentially recruit local friends to run missions on their behalf.

Replace “Imagineer” with “Hunter” and “Boss” with “Moderator”.


The following players were active at the end of the Dynasty: Brendan*, Kevan*, RaichuKFM*, Larrytheturtle*

Final Ruleset

Ruleset 140

Posts of Interest

  • Make It Snappy - Established the basic photo-capture mechanism of the dynasty: take a photo which includes the appearance of the current Merriam Webster Word of the Day.
  • Alea Iacta Est - Set productive/creative constraints for new targets, and allowed players to become the "Celebrant" of the ones they created.
  • DROP TABLE rosetta; - Moved targets to their own wiki page to prevent ruleset text injection. "We really must remember to stop proposing these and voting them through," said Kevan.
  • Flag the Capture - Allowed targets to be claimed when photos were taken of them, and ownership to change when other players took further photos of it.
  • Watermark - Required photos to also include the name of a player, that player being the only one who could score it.
  • Target Market - The only proposal that added more targets to the list.
  • Stargazing - Allowed wildcard player names and words of the day, so that people outside of the game could more easily help players out.
  • Target Tag - Allowed players to steal a target from its controller or its celebrant by posting a photo of graffiti that included all the letters in that person's name.
  • Final Boss - With only Brendan and Kevan effectively in the game, Kevan offered Brendan veto power in exchange for being allowed to potentially win his own dynasty.


After a few attempts at rewriting rules in his own favor failed in Two-Player Mode, Brendan waited until Kevan's Celebrant Target declined out of the game, used graffiti photos to steal the two targets Kevan controlled, and quietly sat for 24 hours before pointing out that all the other Targets were no longer Valid since their location-matching players had idled out.

Dynastic Histories

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