The First Dynasty of Mideg

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April 6 - May 11, 2015

Ascension Address

The hectic in the kitchen is organized - more or less. Every cook is rushing for ingredients, making recipes and nervously preparing the meals for the restaurant reviewer arriving later that week. The last trainee has burned all the recipes though and restaurant reviewers change every week. Trying to impress them will be hard.

Only the old Manager knows which ingredients go well together and which don’t.

Change “Townsperson” to “Cook” and “Astrologer” to “Restaurant Manager”. No Dynasty rules are kept.


The following players were active at the end of the Dynasty:

Brendan*, Darknight*, Kevan*, mideg

Final Ruleset

Ruleset 126

Posts of Interest

  • Stocktaking set up the basic mechanics: several Ingredients existed with secret properties such as "Sweetness" and "Sourness", and they could be combined to make Recipes.
  • Tools of the Trade set up an array of cooking equipment.
  • You Say Tomato made the properties of Ingredients public.
  • You Say Bulging Red Sphere obfuscated them again: each Ingredient came in a cryptically labelled Package, and could only be added to a Recipe by referencing that label.
  • Know Your Enemy introduced Reviewers.
  • Review: The Beginning - opening night at the restaurant
  • Apple Pie from Scratch allowed Equipment to be used in Recipes.
  • Too much avec in this one for my taste allowed Reviewers to give star ratings to Recipes based on their (secret) personal preferences.
  • First, Catch Your Hare allowed Recipes to include methods of preparation, which would modify the numbers involved.
  • It Spices, It Rices let Cooks discard unwanted Equipment to give effects to other pieces.
  • Cuisine of the Crime allowed Cooks to taste their own Recipes to see what stats they had. (Destroying the Evidence would later allow them to opt out of revealing stats by serving dishes flambée.)
  • Review: Even More Gigantic Fail - after the previous meals all got blank scores, a new reviewer visited the restaurant
  • So Sous Me allowed players to sous for one another, although this mechanic was never invoked.
  • Make It Snappy sped the game up, reducing the six-day cycle to 48 hours.
  • Suprême added a victory condition - to get five-star reviews from five reviewers.
  • Review: With The Word Review in the Title... Twice - Brendan's "Warsh Rowboat" won the round
  • Winner of the Day gave secondary awards for the best recipe during each review cycle.
  • Ketchup Mechanics gave an action bonus to the weakest cook each cycle, but this was never used.
  • Bruce Haggis Review of Recipes - Bruce Haggis did not pick a winner
  • Review of the Restaurant - Kevan’s “Bee Thermidor aux Bicyclettes” was the recipe of the day
  • Good Enough lowered the victory bar to three-or-more-star reviews from five reviewers.
  • Russian Roulade created a subgame where cooks could guess what ingredient a package corresponded to, with a penalty for thinking that chilli pepper was something else.
  • Review: Fusilis Tasting of Tastefull Tastes - Kevan's “Pasta al pattino freddo” tied with Brendan’s “Cry for Help”
  • Closing Time proposed a game-ending die roll, based on the number of reviews and awards each cook had attained so far. By this point the 48-hour review cycles were timing out at five or six days and the dynasty had dwindled to only three non-Emperor players.
  • Review af a Madman - Mad-Tongue Moody gave five full stars to Kevan’s “Bee Thermidor aux Bicyclettes” and Brendan's “Soylent XTREME”, but Kevan questioned the legality of the latter dish


With the original victory condition a long way off and the dynasty slowing down, Kevan proposed a sudden death die roll based on the players' scores so far. Kevan tactically waited until that proposal passed before questioning an illegal (score-affecting) move made by Brendan shortly earlier, but with no immediate response from Brendan a roll was made anyway (to see if it would fall in a zone where the move being illegal would make a difference), and it fell in Kevan's favour.

Dynastic Histories

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