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The Twenty-Fourth Dynasty of Kevan

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21 January 2019 - 13 February 2019

Ascension Address

Death of a Chamberlain:

Two months earlier.
The annual Mystery Writers’ Fundraising Dinner at Chamberlain House.
Silverware glints and chinks in the candlelight, and lively conversation resounds around the enormous oak-panelled dining room as local dignitaries and police officials exchange anecdotes and questions with fiction writers and amateur detectives. The empty chair at the head of the high table remains empty, the reclusive Morgan Chamberlain IV traditionally arranging and hosting the dinner without ever attending in person. The usual jokes and rumours that Morgan secretly attends each event in disguise are muted this year by the news that the ageing financier is seriously ill, confined to bed elsewhere in the mansion.
In a lull between courses, the clock having not long struck eleven, the double-doors swing open and the chief of police enters from the hallway, flanked by serious-faced uniformed officers. Three squad cars pull up outside the tall windows of Chamberlain House, their bright blue lights strobing wide across the dining room, sharp against the candlelight.
Morgan Chamberlain IV has died.
Replace “Attorney” with “Detective” and “Judge” with “Chief”.


The following players were active at the start of the Dynasty:

edelopo, Kevan*, pokes*, Trigon, Zaphod

The following players were active at the end of the Dynasty:

Allo, derrick*, Kevan*, Luther&Locke, pokes*, Trigon, Zaphod

Final Ruleset

Posts of Interest

  • Lead Piping established the Murder, with 4 secret qualities, and a method for discovering clues about the qualities.
  • Just One More Thing added Traits that a detective could add to themselves (in equal balance positive and negative traits) which affected clue-finding.
  • Shoe Leather added Locations, which affected which clues could be discovered.
  • People and Pondering added Murderers as possible Locations.
  • More to Life added 2 more traits, including Sidekick, which prevents achieving victory.
  • More tasteful red herrings added red herrings - proofs of a Murder's quality that look like disproofs, or vice-versa.
  • I Cannot Live Without Brain-Work added 2 more traits.
  • You Can’t Hide Fishy removed false negatives as red herring.
  • Start the Tape added Methodical as a trait.
  • Snooping (with Style) made it possible to search through another Detective's clues.
  • Colonel Mustard with the Nerf Gun defined a way that Traits that had been weakened could be removed from a Detective (after I had whined about it --pokes)
  • Secret Agent Added Secretive as a Trait, which blocked snooping.
  • Cigar Burns added Clumsy as a Trait, which broadcast any disproof Clues received to everyone.
  • Team Work added a public disproof Clue to be added to each Search.
  • Lounge Wizard added a fix for a GNDT maybe-bug that kept moving Trigon, and Warp Zone generalized it to be usable by everyone.
  • Accusations 3 added the victory condition, making an accusation that is correct in all four qualities of the Murder.


  • The Hammer of God added "A Detective should not use a core, special case or appendix rules scam to directly or indirectly achieve victory" to Fair Play.


After the victory condition was established as correctly naming all four qualities of the murder, Trigon did so. (And then posted the DoV.)



This dynasty was fun for having a bit of everything: small decisions about what traits to take and what locations to scout, talking to other detectives about exchanging clues and deciding how much to trust them, and some Nomic-ery at the end in the form of Air Keyboarding to convince others not to scoop an accusation.


Oh man, that was a fun ride. I have remarked on this before, but this dynasty was really quite reminiscent of the previous dynasty mechanic-wise. Both were dynasties played in short rounds that were took lots of effort for their Emperors but didn't require much on the part of the players as a whole. This led to a fun dynasty, but not one I had to actively participate in, not even as the winner. I was in an alliance with pokes nearly the entire time, and due mostly to pooling, but also because of great luck (such as pokes getting four clues one search) and some good planning, we ended up with all the clues in a matter of weeks. I don't think I would have enjoyed this dynasty nearly as much if it wasn't for our alliance, to be completely honest. I am glad that I won though. :) Trigon (talk) 04:03, 14 February 2019 (UTC)

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