The Second Dynasty of TyGuy6

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11 December 2019 – 3 January 2020

Ascension Address

Our Inner Journey:

What are we, as human beings? We each have a mind for thinking and decision, a heart to feel and to love, and a body to move, to act, and to react.

From our first moments to the many years of a life, we practice and grow in all of these aspects. Our journey is toward becoming our fulfilled and truest self, but the harsh climate around us creates obstacles that we try desperately to overcome. These obstacles thwart us, and our aspects present short term solutions: fear, anger, distraction, deceit. Imbalances can occur if we depart from integrity.

Only when we open our hearts, quiet our minds, and ground ourselves in our being can we actually achieve the goals that we seek, and become who we are meant to be.

Repeal all dynastic rules. Change Priest to Bookman and Adventurer to Person (or People when plural). Set Imperial Deferentials, The Traitor, and Dynastic Distance to Inactive.


The following players were active at the start of the Dynasty:

Cuddlebeam, The Duke of Waltham, NoOneImportant, Kevan*, pokes*, TyGuy6

The following players were active at the end of the Dynasty:

card*, Cuddlebeam, The Duke of Waltham, Kevan*

Final Ruleset

Ruleset 173



Posts of Interest

  • Regular Nonagram defined personality types as "a nine pointed figure in the shape of a regular nonagon, with the nine points numbered clockwise, 1-9, with 9 at the top"
  • Strengths and Weaknesses set up the nine personality types
  • The Sims added some stats and actions that players could take
  • Love What You Do added Happiness bonuses for actions that matched a player's personality type
  • Finding Your Center added "MHB" scores for Mind/Heart/Body
  • Class System added nine Happiness bonus actions, one for each personality type
  • Blegnemic allowed players to take actions in a BlogNomic-style subgame
  • Happiness is Inside Out removed the Happiness bonus actions added by Love What You Do and Class System, and turned remaining Happiness increases into MHB modifiers
  • Microcosm repealed Blegnemic, which only one person has been playing in two weeks


After the game went Dormant including an idled Emperor, a proposal was made to assign victory to a random active player. Cuddlebeam was selected, and passed the mantle to Kevan.


This was a promising theme, but having just documented the major proposals it's striking that the final big one before the dynasty slipped into Dormancy was the Emperor repealing two additions from other players (card and myself), replacing them with a more complex mechanic which players never entirely got their heads around, and which the Emperor themselves didn't ever try to use. The "Blegnemic" subgame was also repealed because only one person was playing it (and that person was neither its proposer nor the Emperor). --Kevan (talk) 09:47, 7 January 2020 (UTC)

I grew apathetic when there didn't seem to be much motivation for the dynasty, aside from just Kevan. Kevan was the only person actually doing dynastic actions since the start - spending Stamina and Dawning, and without a catch-up proposal for the rest of the people that had been snoozing, like myself (which I did end up proposing, but it didn't pass), I was just a lot more in favor of letting them get the win and get this dynasty over with. Card did eventually spend some Stamina, but I think they were naive in thinking that it would ever be enough to compete with Kevan unless they made a Proposal to catch up with the Stamina that they forgot to use in the past somehow. I was honestly just waiting for either: someone else cares enough for the dynasty to vie for some kind of catch-up proposal for the snoozers, or the dynasty dies and then I swoop in with a proposal to euthanize it (or there is some kind of victory condition made, and Kevan wins it anyways, but I think the dynasty was too malnourished to consider a serious victory condition at all yet). I personally didn't care much about the Emperor's repeals or reworks or whatever because I wasn't paying much attention at the dynasty at that point anyways. It's also why I didn't play Blegnemic, because there didn't seem to be a point to playing at all yet at that point. --Cuddlebeam (talk) 12:53, 7 January 2020 (UTC)

Why didn't we just start a metadynasty? Jumble! (talk) 03:31, 23 January 2020 (UTC)

Dynastic Histories

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