The Thirteenth Dynasty of Kevan

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January 18 - February 21, 2015

Ascension Address

Somewhere between Jupiter’s moons, the ISV Jenny Haniver picks its autopiloted way through derelict shuttles and abandoned cargo debris, and slowly drifts clear of the giant planet’s shadow. Solar panels glint in the weak sunlight, awakening on the very edge of their operable range, and a crop of parabolic antennae whirr and track the dark sky, sifting for a signal from Earth.

A single greenscreen display chatters to itself on the unmanned flight console: no signal, retrying, no signal, retrying. After exactly an hour, it falls blank. One hour five seconds, and fluorescent striplights clunk into life, spreading from the bridge and down the corridors, flooding light through the ship. One hour ten, and machinery whirrs in the cryo-suspension bay as thick grey vapour begins to swirl and drain from the higher-ranking glass tubes.

“Good morning.” says a calm voice from hidden microphones. “Ship’s systems have been unable to contact Earth station or detect any outbound radio signals for one full hour. Under the Polaris protocol, the core flight crew have been reactivated. Please proceed to the command deck.”


The following players were active during the Dynasty:

_Fox_, ais523, ayesdeeef, Brendan*, Bucky*, Darknight*, Josh*, Kevan*, Put, RaichuKFM* and Sylphrena.

Final Ruleset

Ruleset 124

Posts of Interest

  • Crew Amendable randomly split the Crew into Humans and two Androids, and gave the Androids an (untraceable) veto power
  • Atmospheric Control gave the Crew emotions
  • Half Lynched offered an alternative to player elimination; players would just be knocked out of taking certain actions
  • Random Command gave roles to the Crew at random
  • Subroutine Rehash created a queue of commands to the ship's computer
  • You-Know-What Android created Trials to disable crew
  • Anonymous Orders made subroutine orders secret
  • Some Assembly Required created a system of repair missions for the crew to respond to
  • Demand Line Interface allowed the Androids to submit proposals anonymously - something that the previous Werewolf dynasty had conspicuously lacked
  • Alert: Training Drill - the first mission. It failed for being unattended, possibly aided in part by an Android "helpfully" reassigning the team when the clock was running low.
(This list of significant dynastic events is currently incomplete.)


The dynasty had been at a standoff for several days, with a Command Quorum of 4. An effectively unanimous proposal to Disable Put (who was in the process of idling out) reduced the Command Quorum to 3, with five players still active: Josh, Brendan, _Fox_, ais523, and Sylphrena. The Androids, Josh and Brendan, were the first team to be online and ready after the proposal resolved, and made Trials against _Fox_ and ais523; Sylphrena voted for _Fox_, and after a Phaser shot locked this vote in place and some Emotion manipulation reduced the number of Trial votes required to equal Command Quorum, the Androids could then Disable all the Humans in turn, with no remaining Human ability to stop it. Josh had higher Clearance than Brendan at the time, and thus ended up with the win.

Most of the behind-the-scenes planning that was going on in the dynasty is detailed in the DoV or the post-game discussion post.

Dynastic Histories

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