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The Twenty-Third Dynasty of Kevan

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19 October 2018 - 23 November 2018

Ascension Address

The Crash

A master control anomaly somewhere in the depths of a server warehouse, and a glittering chain snaps, sending a spike and then a crash around the world, computers reacting and counter-reacting in milliseconds. Currencies veer and slide in the darkness, but as the sun breaks over the larger cities, the system begins to correct itself at a slow and human speed.
A response is drawn up, somewhere just off the grid. A ragged group gather around a trestle table in a squatted warehouse in a city where dawn is yet to break, and bring their plans forward.
Replace “Program” with “Activist” and “Flynn” with “Veteran”.



The following players were active at the start of the Dynasty:

Brendan*, card*, derrick*, Kevan*, Trigon, Zaphod

The following players were active at the end of the Dynasty:

Brendan*, derrick*, Kevan*, pokes*, Trigon

Identities and Loyalties

Sentence: If you ask me if I'm a police officer, I am obligated to tell you.
MD5 hash: 7363704671da41a9c07f3de5a2f08e76
Sentence: Who will Police the policepersons?
MD5 hash: 3e5f1fa01557634a48854ceebf6c6603
Sentence: peace on earth, good will to men
MD5 hash: 9499bcc19301efe80259de6ca65edb90
Sentence: The sinewy ocelot with fifty-five thousand spots unaccusingly snarled: "Give Peace a Chance"
MD5 hash: 2ed30540dc8e4bc84b440dd5c258c7b0
Sentence: I, Trigon, do hereby declare my Loyalty to be Government.
MD5 hash: 29d93dfc6b86107cdc3171bc2e7c8492
  1. derrick's identity was revealed after the fact due to the fact that they were unable to participate in the end of the dynasty.

Final Ruleset

Posts of Interest


  • Struggling Together introduced the central concept of the dynasty: Loyalties - either Peace, Violence, Police or Government - were chosen privately and their MD5 hash shared publicly. Unlike past hidden identity dynasties where the Emperor generated and tracked the roles, the only person who would know a player's Loyalty would be that player themselves.
  • After the Horse patched a perceived problem allowing Kevan to win the previous dynasty.
  • A Little List allowed players to file Reports (lists of players and their Loyalties).
  • Flipchart in a Warehouse set up another central mechanic: The Plan. This also allowed a specific endpoint for the dynasty.
  • The Man With A Thousand Gs made the dynasty emperor-playable.
  • Introductions encouraged players to pick a Loyalty by making the only performable dynastic action picking a Loyalty if they hadn't done so yet.
  • Things To Make And Do allowed players to choose an Activity and introduced the Meeting.
  • Masks Up further encouraged players to pick a Loyalty by disallowing proposals from non-Identified players to edit the Plan.
  • All Going To Plan added a generic score mechanic where players would be judged based on how well they played their Loyalty.
  • Heat Sink introduced another GNDT variable: Heat, which represents police attention.
  • Stay Frosty penalized people who had too much Heat.
  • Organization added: (1) a compliment to Heat, Suspicion, which represents attention from other players; (2) the Speaker, a de facto leader; and (3) Orders, which the Speaker can issue.
  • Strangers' Gallery added a mechanism to further penalize people without Identity.
  • Connecting the Speaker tied the Speaker into the Leading activity and, more generally, to the dynasty itself.
  • Down to the Wire increased the importance of the Chance of Success field in the plan.
  • First Among Equals set the victory condition and a list of tiebreakers.
  • Who Are You Again? added a further penalty to people without an identity (yes, again).
  • Be Prepared! introduced Montages to increase the Plan's chance of success.
  • Flash Mob set the plan's date to November 19.
  • What's He Building In There added the Building mechanic for those pursuing Construction.
  • Sound Check increased the stakes of Speakership by penalizing people who had suspicion and giving inactive Speakers suspicion points.
  • Doubling Up attempted to make the montages more fair.
  • Order and Law added a construction order.
  • Pushing the Deadline and Six Sleeps set the Plan's date to the 30th and the 21st respectively since we realized we could probably ooze more gameplay out of this dynasty.

Calls for Judgement

  • Turning off the Taps disallowed copies of Reports.
  • Synchronise Watches was submitted when, on the 21st of November, the Plan's date, it was realized that no one but pokes had submitted a Report, and so delayed the deadline once more to the 22nd.


This is a comprehensive list of orders given by the Speaker during the dynasty.

  • Zoom Lens, by Kevan, gave the order "Photograph" to derrick.
  • Take That Mask Off, by Kevan, gave the order "Change Activity to Planning" to pokes.
  • Speaker's Command, by Trigon, gave the order "Change Activity to Training" to Brendan.
  • Get Back Here, by derrick, gave the order "Change Activity to Planning" to Trigon.
  • Paint those Placards, Cache those Weapons, by pokes, gave the order "Change Activity to Construction" to Kevan.
  • Potato, by Brendan, gave the order "Photograph" to Kevan.
  • Non-lethal, of course, by pokes, gave the order "Construct Weapons" to Kevan.
  • Po-Tah-To, by Brendan, gave the order "Change Activity to Leading" to Trigon.
  • No Slackers, by derrick, gave the order "Change Activity to Planning" to pokes.
  • Dirt Apple, by Brendan, gave the order "Change Activity to Recon" to Trigon.
  • Up in Arms, by derrick, gave the order "Change Activity to Training" to Brendan.

Other Posts


On November 23, the player with the highest Impact was pokes. DoV: The Aftermath


After a couple of dud dynasties, this one was fantastic. It was one of the most fun I've played, so much so that it competes with Derrick I in that regard. The theme of hidden information made it really unique as well. I was kinda concerned when Kevan revealed the theme that it would be yet another failure since I thought the theme would be hard to pull off, but it turned out fantastic. I think someone mentioned in the comments of a post that they would play this as a physical board game, and I have to say that I most definitely would. It might be even easier as a board game since in a physical medium, it's easier to verify secrecy of information so there would be no hashes required. I'm disappointed in myself for not getting the Cover Story proposal resubmitted and passed, but it's okay. Good job everyone! --Trigon (talk) 02:33, 23 November 2018 (UTC)

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