The Eighth Dynasty of Bucky

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November 5 - December 6, 2022

Ascension Address

Ascension Address:

Welcome one, Welcome All! The Blognomic Carnival is open, and I have a great deal for y’all.

As some of you no doubt already know, I’m retiring from the business next month. I’ve gotten most all I wanted out of this ol’ funyard, but I want to see smiles coming out of it ‘til the day I die. And who better to keep the smiles flowing than one of the park’s most devoted fans. For the next thirty days, I’ll be running the grandest carnival game ever, the game that includes all the other games and more, for the ultimate grand prize of the carnival itself!

Admission from now ‘til then is free for everyone! But the more fun you have, the more of the park you explore, the better your shot at the grand prize.

The dynasty’s theme shall be “Carnival”.

Repeal all dynastic rules except “Grillin’”.

Change Host to Proprietor and Partygoer to Visitor.

The Special Case rules “Dormancy”, “Dynastic Distance”, “Event Types” and “Mantle Limitations” shall be Inactive. (Other Special Cases have their Default Statuses)

Change the gamestate tracking page to “Information Center”.


The following players were active at the beginning of this Dynasty: Benbot, Bucky, Darknight, Habanero, JonathanDark, Josh, Kevan, lendunistus, Madrid, Raven1207, snail, Snisbo, Trapdoorspyder, TyGuy6

The following players were active at the end of this Dynasty: Benbot, Bucky, JonathanDark, Josh, Kevan, Raven1207, Trapdoorspyder

Final Ruleset


Information Center

Posts of Interest


  • Lining Up - The basic mechanic. Visitors join various Queues, which the Proprietor Advances every 48-ish hours, executing the Queues' actions for Visitors at the front. Divides the game into Turns based on how many times the Queues have Advanced.
  • Stamping your Tickets - The main scorekeeping mechanic, completing tasks gains non-removable, non-stacking Stamps.
  • Red Light Green Light - Allowed the Proprietor to pause most dynastic gameplay while carrying out Advancing the Queues. This proposal also defined a category of Traffic Actions to be paused, which was reused in various other rules.
  • Fun For All The Family - A minor retheme to make players into Groups that could control up to four Visitors each.
  • Stamping It Up, Again - The starting five stamps, two location based (FM) and three generic ones (JTW) related to queue movement.
  • There’s Always Money in the Brisket Stand - Introduced money (which was never scarce), the carried Items and the Queues for buying them.
  • Hold My Beer - ...and allowed Visitors in a Group to pass Items between themselves.
  • Roaming Robot - Introduced an NPC, the Robot, whose movement was controlled by the last one through a Robot Race queue.
  • Roll Up, Roll Up - Required Advancing the Queues to include a summary on the blog.
  • Some Competition - A new Attraction, the Ball Toss, that would award a very slow B stamp. So slow, that only one round of the Ball Tossing Contest completed before the dynasty's end date.
  • Elbow Room - Formalized as Jostling/Settled the distinction between Visitors who joined the Queue that Turn and Visitors who had been waiting longer. The act of Rushing a Queue could already bypass the former but not the latter.
  • Forearmed - Gave a victory condition of "group with the most stamps on December 4th". This was later amended to "single visitor with the most valuable stamps", where each stamp's value was calculated based on how rare it was and who else had copies of them.
  • Robot Friendship - Awarded an R stamp for helping the Robot to get a stamp.
  • I'm Hungry! - Created a Food Court with a Y Stamp for taking two food items to it.
  • Shiny Follower - Added the NPC Chase Pleonexi, who followed visitors who carried valuable items.
  • Geodesic Showdown - Added an Arena where visitors could fight for random K stamps.
  • Thank You For Your Visit - Sped the game clock up now that only two or three people were playing.

Turn summaries

Core proposals


At the end of the 15th Advancement round, park attendee Anderson Cooper was named the heir to the carnival; as the Group that included Anderson, JonathanDark achieved Victory.

Rarity Values

The final Rarity Values of the stamps were:
W 20 (unobtained)
X 20 (unobtained)
B 19 (exclusive to JonathanDark)
K 19 (exclusive to Kevan)
R 19 (exclusive to JonathanDark)
Y 18
T 17
M 15
J 13
F 8
Z 1


Dynastic Histories

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