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The First Dynasty of coppro

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August 16 - September 6 2010

Ascension Address

Good news, everyone!.

My newest invention is a game where the rules can be changed as you play! I’m already using it, you see, to repeal all dynastic rules except ‘The Mantis Mantra’, replace High-Programmer with Professor, and replace Citizen with Earthling.

If only someone could explain to me what those words mean.




The following players were active at the beginning of this Dynasty:

90000*, ais523, Bucky*, coppro*, Darknight*, flurie, Galdyn, glopso, jmrdex, Josh*, Keba, Kevan*, lilomar*, Princerepulsive, Purplebeard*, Qwazukee*, Rodney*, Wakukee*

And at the end:

ais523, Bucky*, coppro*, Clucky*, Darknight*, Darth Cliche*, Galdyn, glopso, Josh*, Kevan*, parsley, Princerepulsive, Qwazukee*

Final Ruleset

Ruleset 80

Posts of Interest


ais523 managed to collect the Cash Product required for a win, by creating and disbanding a series of corporations:-

And now, a summary of what happened. The key to the original scam was that a newly created corporation got to act immediately, and then could be disbanded and a new one set up without ill effects (I deliberately introduced this loophole into the ruleset). Darth Cliche and I, working together, set up a series of corporations (I thought we needed six, but it would actually have worked with one, bypassing this scam altogether due to something I realised later), and each created a planet and shipped it to Planet Express. The original idea was to then rejoin Planet Express, sell seven Planets for Cash, buy Earth and ship it to a new corporation (X Express), and obtain victory.
Halfway through this, I noticed a separate scam in Kevan’s recently passed proposal: it didn’t just allow selling Products for Cash, but Stock generally, which includes everything that a Corporation can produce. It turns out that Planet Express had almost enough stock to win as it is, so as the scam had provided it with more than enough, I liquidated it all to buy more.
Finally, I transferred all Planet Express’s stuff to X Express (which Darth Cliche was holding in existence for me); I joined it and Darth left, leaving me as the only member, then I dropped my AC by two (due to the weekly action provided by my newly passes proposal) to become Inebriated, thus meeting the victory condition.

His declaration of victory was thought to be slightly flawed (his scam involved using a weekly "Business action" several times), but had it been voted down, any player could have trivially performed the same scam.



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