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The Third Dynasty of pokes

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23 November 2018 -

Ascension Address

Morgan Chamberlain, 1935-2018

Some relevant selections from the obituary:
Morgan Chamberlain IV, Connecticut financier, passed away on the 22nd of November, after a brief illness. They were 83.
Shortly after a string of high-profile business successes in the late 1980s, Morgan retired from public view and began a reclusive life. Public records show that Morgan remained in Connecticut for the rest of their life, but specifics of their whereabouts remained unknown outside of the Chamberlain family.
Dr. Chamberlain is survived by a spouse, Casey, of four years; eight children: Morgan, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Isabel, James, Joshua, Anne, and Robert, all from previous marriages, and twelve grandchildren.
Meanwhile, within the newly-reconstructed City Hall: Case number 2018-1022, regarding the estate of Morgan Chamberlain IV, begins to be heard. The courtroom is already at capacity with lawyers representing parties who would love to materialize any claim they have on the sizeable fortune of the deceased.
Replace “Activist” with “Attorney” and “Veteran” with “Judge”.


The following players were active at the start of the Dynasty:

Brendan*, derrick*, Kevan*, pokes*, Trigon

Final Ruleset

Posts of Interest

Proposals and CFJs

  • The Clientele started the dynasty off with Clients, which would grow into the main draw of the dynasty. Each Client had a Worth (a dollar value) and a Reputation. Clients could be represented by Attorneys. This would be done by making requests to the judge.
  • Habeas Corpus reworded the clients rule completely and fleshed out the requests mechanic, allowing Attorneys to choose a set of clients they would like to represent and having the Judge choose secretly from that set.
  • Court Is In Session allowed the Judge to create, but not yet resolve Cases, the main mechanic by which money would shift between Clients and Attorneys.
  • Business as Usual added four businesses to the pool of clients.
  • The Guilty Party put more detail into the Cases mechanic. It gave Clients villainy scores related to their reputations. For each case, it gave Clients guilt, a variable between 0 and their villainy.
  • Lawyer Up gave Attorneys two stats: money and integrity. Attorneys could Set up Shop by setting their money and integrity such that the sum of their integrity and their money divided by 1,000 did not exceed 10.
  • Slush Puppy gave Attorneys the last of their stats: their Slush Funds, tracked privately by the judge.
  • Gavelogue finally completed how Cases would work. Each Attorney could vote on cases. FOR icons decreased their client's guilt by two. The winning party would take a sum of money from the loser and give a portion to the attorney.
  • I'll Allow It added underhanded tactics. Players voting with AGAINST icons on a case would now decrease their client's guilt by one and increased their opponent's by one at the cost of one integrity.
  • Better Call Saul added consequences for having low integrity. Now, Clients could mistrust their Attorneys.

From this point on, most proposals are just quick afterthoughts, as gameplay shifted to the cases.

  • Case Adjourned raised the stakes by making each case only able to have Clients represented by Attorneys in them. The first case to adhere to this rule was Case 9.
  • Laundry Day allowed players to launder money in their Slush Fund, giving 90% of it back to them.
  • Who Was That Masked Barrister? did away with some of the secrecy and inserted a list of representations into the ruleset.
  • Noisy Withdrawal allowed dropping of Clients to be done by the Attorneys themselves.
  • Open Registration finished the work of the previous two and allowed the acquisition of clients to be done by the Attorneys as well.
  • The Winner Takes It All instituted a win condition -- earning $100,000.


  1. Isabel Chamberlain v. James Chamberlain
    • Winner: Isabel
    • Fine: $50,000
  2. Goldberg Technology v. Benjamin Chamberlain
    • Winner: Benjamin
    • Fine: $100,000
  3. Anne Chamberlain v. Bananasoft
    • Winner: Anne
    • Fine: $100,000
  4. X Express v. Anne Chamberlain
    • Winner: X Express
    • Fine: $89,000
  5. Robert Chamberlain v. Bananasoft
    • Winner: Bananasoft
    • Fine: $90,000
  6. Isabel Chamberlain v. James Chamberlain
    • Winner: Isabel
    • Fine: $54,000
  7. Bananasoft v. Joshua Chamberlain
    • Winner: Bananasoft
    • Fine: $70,000
  8. Connecticut v. Morgan Chamberlain V
    • Winner: Connecticut
    • Fine: $90,000
  9. X Express v. Benjamin Chamberlain
    • Winner: Benjamin
    • Fine: $108,010
  10. Anne Chamberlain v. Goldberg Technology
    • Winner: Goldberg Tech
    • Fine: $80,100
  11. X Express v. Casey Chamberlain
    • Winner: X Express
    • Fine: $100,000
  12. Goldberg Technology v. Joshua Chamberlain
    • Winner: Goldberg Tech
    • Fine: $63,000
  13. Casey Chamberlain v. Morgan Chamberlain V
    • Winner: Morgan
    • Fine: $90,000
  14. Isabel Chamberlain v. Goldberg Technology
    • Winner: Goldberg Tech
    • Fine: $70,260
  15. Robert Chamberlain v. Goldberg Technology
    • Winner: Robert
    • Fine: $81,000
  16. X Express v. Elizabeth Chamberlain
    • Winner: Elizabeth
    • Fine: $106,209
  17. Robert Chamberlain v. Casey Chamberlain
    • Winner: Casey
    • Fine: $72,900
  18. Elizabeth Chamberlain v. Anne Chamberlain
    • Winner: Elizabeth
    • Fine: $72,090
  19. Bananasoft v. Elizabeth Chamberlain
    • Winner: Elizabeth
    • Fine: $104,400
  20. Elizabeth Chamberlain v. Bananasoft
    • Winner: Elizabeth
    • Fine: $93,960
  21. Bananasoft v. Elizabeth Chamberlain
    • Winner: Bananasoft
    • Fine: $129,874
  22. Connecticut v. Elizabeth Chamberlain
    • Winner: Connecticut
    • Fine: $116,886



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