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The Second Dynasty of Darth Cliche

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June 2, 2010 - July 27, 2010

Ascension Address

ASCENSION address. Get it?

It is written in the Book of Darth Cliche:

After the creation, the cruel god Anthony rebelled against the authority of Kevan the Creator. Anthony stole from Kevan the most powerful of all the artifacts of the gods, the Amulet of Yendor, and he hid it in the dark cavities of Gehennom, the Under World, where he now lurks, and bides his time.

Your god Darth Cliche seeks to possess the Amulet, and with it to gain deserved ascendance over other gods.

You, a newly trained Nomic-Player, have been heralded from birth as the instrument of Darth Cliche. You are destined to recover the Amulet for your deity, or die in the attempt. Your hour of destiny has come. For the sake of us all: Go bravely with Darth Cliche!

Repeal all dynastic rules (even though they’re all nonexistent. I like repealing all dynastic rules). Replace Blognomicker with @ and Victorious Blognomicker with RNG throughout the ruleset. Welcome to the NetHack Dynasty!


The following players were active at the beginning of this Dynasty:

Anonyman, Bucky*, comex, Darknight*, Darth Cliche*, dbdougla, Freezerbird, Galdyn, h2g2guy, Ienpw III*, Igthorn, Josh*, Jumblin McGrumblin, lilomar, Narya, Put, Qwazukee*, Rodney*, ScrumHalf, spikebrennan, Tiberias, Wooble

The following players were active at the end of this Dynasty:

ais523, Brownie, Bucky*, Darknight*, Darth Cliche, dbdougla, Galdyn, glopso, Ienpw III*, Josh*, Kyre, lilomar*, Purplebeard*, Put, Qwazukee*, Rodney*

Final Ruleset

Ruleset 78

Proposals of Interest Introduced the Amulet of Yendor and the original victory condition, having the Amulet on dungeon level 0. led to a DoV by lilomar which failed because the new rule did not specify that "lilomar" referred to a specific @. added a second victory condition, being the only @ that has never died.


The majority of players were relatively inactive over the course of the dynasty; the only players to make it past dungeon level 1 were Galdyn, lilomar, Josh, and ais523 (who generally travelled through the dungeon in that order). Because for most of the dynasty, it was impossible to move backwards through the dungeon, it meant that players behind in the dungeon, once they'd stocked up on combat items like potions of conflict and beserk [sic] rage, could generally one-shot the people ahead of them immediately upon Finding the Stairs; ais523 eliminated Josh and lilomar like this.

The end of the dynasty, therefore, was a standoff between ais523 and Galdyn, who could move back through the dungeon to attack ais523 due to having picked up the Amulet. Nothing happened for several days, due to both players having appalling luck with the GNDT, failing to roll the 1 on a DICE3 necessary to move to the other player's level and attack. Eventually, after the necessary die was reduced to a DICE2, ais523 got the first 1 and moved onto Galdyn's level; however, he failed to kill Galdyn even with four attacks (using three potions of conflict and one of beserk rage), and Galdyn easily killed ais523 in response, with the aid of a potion of conflict of his own.

Soon afterwards, the last remaining player on dungeon level 1 (Rodney) was eliminated by the cooperation of several players (with Ienpw III landing the final blow), leaving Galdyn to claim a last-@-standing victory.


I AM THE DICTATOR. FEAR ME. User:Darth Cliche/sig 20:08, 22 Jun 2010 (GMT)

  • I don't understand "FEAR ME" Please try again. (The previous unsigned comment added by Qwazukee.)

lilomar tried to conquer the multiverse by lilomar here: - his DoV failed because his new victory rule failed to specify that "lilomar" referred to an @'s name. User:Darth Cliche/sig 21:37, 16 Jul 2010 (GMT)

I've only just noticed that my scam that gained my third dynasty was similarly flawed. Good thing that the DoV passed, I suppose... CallForJudgement 07:30, 20 Feb 2011 (GMT)


One aspect of the creature rules allowed the RNG (this dynasty's Emperor figure) to add new creatures to the ruleset, at any time, with special ability text of their own free choice. Darth Cliche used this to add a creature whose effect was "The RNG may edit the ruleset in any way, at any time." and then announced that he was invoking a dictatorship, creating a core rule to that effect.

The rule was overturned by a CfJ, and Darth went idle in response, leaving the Dynasty temporarily without an RNG. He was replaced by Bucky.

Dynastic Histories

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