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The First Dynasty of Elias IX

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January 16, 2006 - March 3, 2006

Ascension Address

[Ascension Address]

Ahoy, matey! Avast, ye landlocked lubbers! Welcome to me ship, the Bloody Inquisitor! She's a beauty, eh? I'm yer captain n' you'll be always calling me by me title, Captain Elias, or I'll make ye walk the plank.

Ye look a bunch o' inexperienced lads and lassies, n' I can see some o' ye don' even have yer sea legs yet. Arr, that'll be smartly fixed once yer a member o' the crew o' the Bloody Inquisitor! Soon enough, we'll be drinking all the grog ye desire when we find that booty, n' if any of ye prove to be loyal and clever enough, I may even reward ye with yer own ship. But if any of ye's try to mutiny, I'll leave ye marooned on an uncharted island, you filthy bilge rat! Shiver me timbers!

Arrrr, now, enough's been said! Swab the poop deck! Ready the mast and trim the sails! It's the open ocean for us, crew! It's time t' go terrorising the seven seas! Yo ho ho, and a bottle of rum!


Proposals of Interest

Upstart Scallywag Encouraged players to take up the piratical lifestyle with glee.

Laying Foundation, Part One Created GPS, or Genereal Pirating Skill. This was the main stat used during the entire dynasty, determining success in duels and adventures.

Cutlasses for everybody! Created our humble ship, the Inquistior, and allowed Duels between Swashbucklers.

Pieces of Eight Created Booty and Style, allowing pirates to hoard treasure and rack up an impressive amount of scar tissue.

Prepare to Board Repellers Allowed the Captain to declare Adventures for the crew to participate in, for fun and profit.

Motley Crew Replaced Style with Motley, a sort of inventory for all sorts of piratical accessories, like Tricorn Hats and Small Children.

Arrr, Me Heart! Allowed Swashbucklers to lose legs, eyes, and other bodily parts in Duels, which they proceeded to do with great enthusiasm.

Port Created a Port for the Inquisitor to visit.

Scourge of the Seas Allowed various Motley and combinations of Motley to have special effects… and allowed the Captain to add such effects as he pleased.

First Mate Established the post of First Mate for the most skilled Swashbuckler on board, legitamizing TheLoneAmigo’s previous claim to the post… a position which he held for all but a brief confused period until the end of the game.

The South Seas Allowed the Inquistor to attack other ships, a feature which was not often used, and created the Locations of Davy Jone’s Locker, the Bilge and British Gaol.

Loyalty Prevented the First Mate from declaring victory, which was obviously a despicable ploy to keep TheLoneAmigo from the Captaincy.

Grog! Allowed the Captain to spend 5 doubloons to raise every crew member's GPS by 1.

Duties Created Duties for the crew…

Off-Duty ...and called out those who failed to perform their Duties.

Utter Piracy Allowed Swashbucklers to Mutiny against the Captain, and instituted harsh punishments for failed mutineers.

Formal Duel With The Captain Allowed Swashbucklers to formally duel with the Captain. If they were victorious, a 24-hour timer would start. If they reached the end of the twenty-four hours undefeated in any duel, they would be able to declare victory.

40 Lashes for the Rule Lawyers Allowed the Captain and the First Mate to punish those Shirking their Duty.

Ninja-Free Zone, Yarr Prevented ninjas from boarding the inquisitor.

P vs N vs Z vs C Allowed Swashbucklers in Davy Jones' Locker to become Zombies.

Rule cleanup and lice Cleaned up various rules, and created Lice, which could “be found lurking on islands and in the holds of ships.”, leading to the Great Lice War.

What's a weevil? Created Weevils for the Swashbucklers to own and train in the arts of Piracy.

Valentine's Day has passed, but... Allowed Swashbucklers to declare their Love for one another, because all you need is love…


Ruleset 33


No ascention happened. After five DoVs in the same Hiatus, a CfJ failed them all and started a metadynasty.


Most Swashbucklers spent the dynasty cowering in the Crew Quarters, the one place where they were safe from the wrath of The Lone Amigo.

Interestingly, Kevan appears to have won for a good hour before the Metadynasty CfJ came up. But he never did anything about it, so this went straight into the Third Metadynasty. --Qwazukee 02:06, 12 Apr 2009 (GMT)


Written by The Lone Amigo.

Edited by Elias IX.

Ascension written by Bucky.

Dynastic Histories

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