The Second Dynasty of Bucky

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October 17, 2008 - November 15, 2008

Ascension Address

People of Blognomic, As you may know, the bloodline of the Null Clan has run dry. The clan’s other branches all perished during the last Succession War, and I am now too old to produce an heir. If I do nothing now, I fear that there will be another bloody war upon my death.

I wish to settle the issue of succession immediately. When the Null Clan is no more, some other clan will rise to take its place. In the old days, before the Succession Wars, it would have been decided through ritual combat between the Clan Lords’ champions. The old ways are still law, and as much as we would wish to do away with them, today they suit my purpose.

Send word to each of the minor clans. A Trial of Champions has been decreed for the first time in four hundred years. May the crown be won by the bloody sweat of dozens rather than thousands.

--- Repeal all Dynastic Rules. Breeder becomes Clansman. Dragonmaster becomes Patriarch.

--- I was already headed in the direction of a Barbarian dynasty when Rodney suggested it. His suggestion confirmed that it was a good direction to go in.


The following players were active at the end of the dynasty:

arthexis*, Bucky*, Clucky*, Darknight*, Hello Sailor, Purplebeard*, Rodlen*, Rodney*, SingularByte, spikebrennan, Yoda*

Final Ruleset

The final ruleset is located here.

Proposals of Interest

  • Back to the Basics (17 Oct) created the three physical stats, Strength, Skill, and Reflex.
  • Giving you a life to live (18 Oct) gave players a Health status, from "Superb" to "Crippled" or even "Killed", with dead players being unable to take Dynastic Rule actions.
  • Grabthar's Hammer (20 Oct) issued weapons to the players.
  • Duel Core (22 Oct) gave them a way to fight duels, based on iterated Rock-Paper-Scissors with the additional ability to use items or "Dodge" for a round. These duels would later cause Yoda's victory.
  • What Will Happen at the End? (22 Oct) defined a last-man-standing victory mechanism.
  • Making It Kinda To First Blood (25 Oct) refined the duelling system, and offered different types of duel, including "First Blood" and "Glorious Death".
  • Rite of Passage (27 Oct) created hunting and feasting rituals, the main source of stat gain.
  • Battle for the Title (10 Nov) set the stage for a final duel between Yoda and Arthexis.


In the closing days of the dynasty, Yoda made a proposal that would begin a Glorious Death duel between Yoda and Arthexis. It was determined that, due to honor gains from winning Glorious Death duels and a rule that allowed a Clansman to achieve victory if he has more honor than twice the Patriarch's honor (which was 100), that whoever won the duel would win the dynasty.

After 4 rounds of 4 moves each, it came to a point where both Yoda and Arthexis had one hit left before death. However, there was a rule that said that if a Combatant in a duel did not submit moves within 24 hours, he fled the battle, and another rule that said if you fled the final battle, the other Combatant achieved victory. After the fifth round of moves was requested, Yoda sent moves but Arthexis waited. Unfortunately, Arthexis waited about 26 minutes too late, causing him to flee the battle and Yoda to achieve victory.

Interestingly enough, had Arthexis sent in his moves on time, he would have killed Yoda, thereby winning the duel and the dynasty.


The main flaws in this dynasty were that it was too difficult for Clansmen to start duels, and that duelling the same person repeatedly caused exponential honor gain.-Bucky


Written by Yoda and Rodlen.

Dynastic Histories

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