The First Dynasty of Farsight

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29 July 2019 – 10 September 2019

Ascension Address

All Ahead Full:

Despite the discord and in-fighting between the Royal Wizards, the War against the Western Kingdoms was won, their armies driven back to the sea by hordes of magically mutated war-beasts.
However, the fall of the West was good news for others.
The island nations of the Great Sea, long held in thrall to the West, suddenly found themselves free – and determined to remain so. Each nation called up its captains, launched its navy and headed for battle…
Change Wizards to Captains and King to Admiral. Keep all special case rules active.


The following players were active at the start of the Dynasty:

The following players were active at the end of the Dynasty:

Farsight, Kevan*, Quincunx, Thunder, TyGuy6, ubq323

Final Ruleset

Ruleset 169


Posts of Interest

  • The High Seas created a privately-tracked 10x10 grid of ocean, some squares containing vessels, and set the game clock to an update action every 48 hours. (The game would be similar to Battleships, where each player would only know the position of their own ships.)
  • Battle Stations defined different ship types, some of which could shoot at other squares
  • Like a Craction defined once-per-watch actions
  • Gone Swimming allowed players to roll dice to dive for treasure
  • Enemy Ship Sighted! gave ships armour ratings, causing them to sink when damaged too far.
  • Factionalism declared the Red, Green and Blue teams, randomly assigned
  • Maritime Inaction changed the confused Maritime Actions to Orders
  • Technical Moves distinguished different types of ship movement
  • Running Silent, Running Deep… added the Red October submarine, control of which would be passed from player to player
  • Ports added home ports to the map
  • Fancier Teams allowed each team to pick a special ability
  • Belay the Order dealt with orders being changed underfoot during a Watch
  • Ramming Speed dealt with collisions
  • Colorful Ports named the seven Ports
  • Storm the Beaches created Transport ships that could invade Ports
  • Land Ahoy added some solid land squares around the Ports
  • Port Authority allowed multiple ships to share a square if they were at a Port, or on the same team
  • Sunk Profits, Take 2 gave 10 Treasure for sinking a ship, and victory at 50 Treasure
  • Pass the Port renamed the ports with colours in their names, since they wouldn't always belong to that team
  • A Softer Freeboot allowed players to score by attacking their teammates, given that one team was down to a single captain at this point
  • Armistice added an endgame time
  • Sunday Night Armistice sped it up and handed the win to TyGuy


An Armistice proposal suggested victory for the Captain with the most Treasure on the 14th, if no Captain had more than 50 by that point. A few days later this was sped up to just hand TyGuy the victory, as their position - having teamed up with Thunder to take a free shot at Thunder's ship - seemed unassailable.

They declared victory. (Thunder commented "Thanks for the 1/3 chance." when voting for it.)


Seeing as I got to choose the theme and propose a lot of the initial rules, I enjoyed being Admiral for this dynasty! It was very interesting to see how it ended up working compared to how I imagined it, but of course that's because everyone else had their say in the rules. If I'm honest I don't think I was a very good Admiral, I kept making mistakes in the updating of the Chart, but I was very grateful for everyone's support and hopefully everyone had a bit of fun! Farsight

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