The Twelfth Dynasty of Josh

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9 September 2020 - 20 October 2020

Ascension Address

A hundred thousand years passed.

For a hundred thousand years, the surface of the earth was quiet and calm. Water lapped up against itself as it moved through the stages of its dance with the moon. Fish teemed, swooping around in elegant school a mile in length, carefully watched over by birds who gradually evolved away the need for solid ground. The clouds drifted aimlessly through the sky and the sun shone.

Another hundred thousand years passed, and then another hundred thousand more.

Gradually, the gently meandering waves found themselves disturbed. A choppy patch of water frothed and heaved and broke. The blue planet briefly developed a small patch of white.

A hundred thousand more years passed, and now the sea was in a rage. The outcrop of rock had asserted itself and the water found itself powerless; its moment of apotheosis was gone and now, most days, its rage was impotent, unable to raise itself above the level of the jagged earth, which had started to dry in the sun. Birds had rediscovered their vestigial legs; lichens and molds found footing on solid ground and found it to their liking. What had once been a mountaintop was now an island. A hundred thousand more years passed, then a hundred thousand more, and more, and more, and there were islands throughout the great sea, the tops of great mountain ranges popping through the surface like daisies in spring. Seeds and smells drifting on the wind, propogating life over the new land, but each island alone, a small experiment for how land-based life could begin anew.

Throughout the ruleset, change Pathfinder to Island and Computer to Gaia, and repeal all dynastic rules. Make the Imperial Deferentials and Traitor special case rules inactive.


The following players were active at the start of the Dynasty:

Cuddlebeam, derrick, Josh, Kevan, pokes, Raven1207, Riggdan, Tantusar, Vovix

And at the end:

Bais, Clucky, Josh, pokes, Raven1207

Final Ruleset


Posts of Interest

Dynastic Rules

Non-dynastic changes


Around the time of the Round 6 reset, five players went idle within the space of a few days, leaving the game without any real momentum. That coupled with Clucky establishing a clear and potentially unassailable lead, with a Mana engine that allowed him to build reliably powerful dice, led to the game being called early by a proposal to bring forward the end date.

Clucky declared victory.



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