The Second Dynasty of Excalabur

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December 4, 2005 - December 13, 2005

Ascension Address

All… all I wanted to do was design the perfect game. But the voices.. they wouldn't be quiet and let me think. Why? Why must you constantly temper with my game? Why must you intrude into my carefully organised life? Why must you hurt me so?

Could I strike a deal? Is there some way to end this pain?

Will somebody help me?

Repeal all rules. Rename "Dieties" to "Voices" and "Archon" to "Ego".


Angry Grasshopper*, Cayvie*, Chronos Phaenon*, Elias IX*, Excalabur*, Hix, Moonwryn, Purplebeard, Quazie*, Rodney*, Salamander, Seventy-Fifth Trombone*, Smith*, The Lone Amigo, Truman Capote*

Posts of Interest

Framework (Excalabur, 12/4/05). This Proposal set a priority system for the rules of the dynasty, as contradictions and paradoxes were encouraged.

Instincts, Impulses, and so on (Excalabur, 12/4/05). Set three categories of rules: Instincts, Impulses, and Inclinations, which took precedence in that order. Instincts required a Quorum of 2/3, rounded up, Impulses retained the usual Quorum, and Inclinations required a Quorum of 1/3, rounded up.

Sandbox (Excalabur, 12/4/05). Created a rule named Sandbox. Each Voice could add one word to the sandbox daily. This created the rule "Proposals must alter other proposals.", causing great angst and annoyance for the remainder of the dynasty. Also required and rule allowing victory to be an Instinct.

Penguin (Cayvie, 12/4/05). Allowed Voices to whisper to other Voices, but ironically didn't allow Voices to whisper to Excalabur, the Ego. Later, whispering was expanded to control voting on proposals.

Paging Dr. Freud (Smith, 12/4/05). Rules that contradicted other rules were called Dysfunctional.

The Fortress of Cheese (Rodney, 12/4/05). Put a game board in the Wiki. The Fortress wasn't really used in the game.

Shoulders, now, this works, i swear, maybe (Quazie, 12/5/05). Created three Voices and three Allegiances, named Angel, Devil and Fred. Although it required rules to have an allegiance, almost every proposal afterward failed to include the allegiance of the rule it created.

Neurotic (Hix, 12/5/05). Rules that contradicted other rules could not be called Dysfunctional. Otherwise, this proposal, as well as the proposal Paging Dr. Freud did absolutely nothing.

Snappy (Cayvie, 12/5/05). Dictated the way Angel, Devil, and Fred voted on proposals. Basically, Angel voted with its followers, Devil voted against its followers, and Fred voted deferential.

Advice (Cayvie, 12/5/05). Angel, Devil, and Fred could whisper to other Voices. Those Voices were then required to vote FOR, AGAINST, and DEFERENTIAL, respectively, on all proposals.

Sigmund would be proud (Purplebeard, 12/5/05). Created Identities for Voices to have: Ich, Ãœber-Ich, or Es. Also set up one of the most complicated mechanisms on resolving conflicting rules.

Chicken Run (The Lone Amigo, 12/5/05). Placed the word "CHICKEN" in the ruleset. Voices could move it into a sentence, which would make that sentence void. Seventy-Fifth Trombone would use this for victory eight days later.


The Ruleset from this dynasty can be accessed here.


Purplebeard proposed a rule that stated that

If the game enters a state from which it [can't] impossibly continue by the rules, laws and glossary (due to a huge paradox or something similar), the voice who took the last legal action before the game entered that stage may declare victory. If a proposal caused this state, the writer of that proposal may declare victory. When a voice declares victory as allowed by this rule, e must do it in the form of a Shakespearian sonnet.

75th Trombone did something involving a chicken that made the ruleset nonsense, and posted a DOV which was enacted.


Although I didn't orginially realize it, Fred is the name of the mentor of my mentor in real life, and plays a guiding but not necesarily leaning in any particular direction way. He's a very wize man, and worked well to be the differential voice for the dynasty. Quazie 21:36, 19 Dec 2005 (GMT)

This dynasty was fast paced, and a good introduction to Blognomic. The abundance of rules that affected other rules, proposals that affected other proposals, and votes that affected other votes made for a good way to learn how to play the game. Elias IX 20:32, 27 Jun 2006 (GMT)

This dynasty marks the first one named after the same emperor twice in a row, due to previous dynasty becoming Excalabur's in the end. Seldiora 15:14, 7 June 2018 (GMT)


Written by Elias IX.

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