The Seventeenth Dynasty of Kevan

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December 3, 2015 - January 17, 2016

Ascension Address: Your New Office

Pushing open the door with the blank nameplate, you find yourself in a new but identical windowless office, on what feels like a higher floor. On the cheap grey desk sits a manila folder announcing proposed changes to the organisation’s committee system, and a red and a green pen. In the wastepaper basket, some coffee-stained memo paper and a colourful deck of cards. A wall clock ticks.

Change “Reader” to “Clerk” and “High Arcanist” to “Director”.


The following players were active at the end of the Dynasty: Kevan*, moonroof, quirck*, Tantusar*

Final Ruleset

Ruleset 135

Posts of Interest

  • Largely Ignored Jugs of Water created the framework for Committees with limited seats, each having a "Power". It created the Recruitment Committee.
  • Poetry in Motion allowed Committees to issue proposals which did nothing other than exercise their Powers: these could only be voted on by the members of the Committee.
  • King of Pentacles established the Executive Committee, a one-seat committee which could assign victory (although this was initially unplugged)
  • It's Only Payroll (But I Like It) added Money, and a Finance Committee to hand it out.
  • Musical Chairs created the Supply Committee, whose power was to increment or decrement numbers in other Committees.
  • Downsizing created the Termination Committee, which could remove excess players from oversubscribed Committees
  • I’d Like To Call This Meeting To Order added a Chairperson to each Committee, who got paid more
  • The Gravy Train created the Bonus Committee, who could hand money out at will
  • Sit Up and Shut Down created the Legal Committee, who could put other Committees under investigation, causing their members to lose money when powers were used.
  • OFVETO allowed the Emperor to privately rank players at his whim, with the highest ranked player achieving victory should the Emperor himself win. Also added a mechanic for the Emperor to veto motions, at a cost.
  • The Big Chair allowed Chairpersons to veto motions within their own Committees
  • I Didn't Get Where I Am Today created the Performance Committee, which could remove people from Committees if they failed to vote on that Committee's Motions.
  • T-1000 upgraded the Terminations Committee so that it could remove any single player from any Committee
  • Doughnut Run created the Welcoming Committee, who could hand out money to (and based on) new players joining
  • What's Good for Ford switched on the victory condition, with a clause that the game should have at least seven players (much like the Dormancy Special Rule, but pre-dating it)
  • Wage Avoidance introduced the Investment Committee, who could remove money from players


As the only person on the Executive Committee, and after slowly using the Supply Committee to lower the player requirement for the Executive Power to be used, Kevan posted an Executive Motion to award himself victory. When it enacted, this automatically gave victory to the player with the higher Appraisal score: Quirck. Quick chose to pass the mantle to Moonroof.


This dynasty was inspired by Reiner Knizia's senatorial negotiation game Quo Vadis?, which I still haven't played. --Kevan (talk) 12:11, 4 July 2019 (UTC)

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