The First Dynasty of Darknight

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September 20, 2008 - October 17, 2008

Ascension Address

Hear ye hear ye. This years brood of dragon eggs have finally hatched. The time has come once again to see who can raise the best dragon and earn the title of Dragonmaster for the coming year. Claim a hatchling to raise and prepare. Let the battle for the title… BEGIN!

Repeal all dynastic rules except “G-Man”, clear the GNDT of all stats other then names and replace the terms President Thog with Dragonmaster and Candidate with Breeder.


The following players were active at the begining or the end of the dynasty: Ambi Valent, Amnistar, arthexis, Bucky, Clucky, Darknight, Devenger, jmrdex, Oze, Qapmoc, Rodlen, Rodney, SPBM, spikebrennan, Thrawn, Truman Capote, vostibackle

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Final Ruleset

Is here

Proposals of Interest

I want a purple dragon - Defined Dragons. Each Breeder had one dragon they were raising. And I want Cookies too! - Defined Cookies, the dynastic currency that was also dragon food.

Now turn and cough - Gave the Dragons stats, using their Breeders GNDT rows. Initially, the stats were just Muscle, Scales and Heartbeat, corresponding roughly to Offense, Defense and Health. Shortly thereafter, another proposal added Flame and Wings.

Training Day - Allowed Breeders to boost dragons' stats with daily training sessions. It did not, however, provide any exercises.

Move it or lose it - Defined the moves that a Dragon could use while battling another dragon. The selection of moves had several major implications on combat. It mostly reduced combat to comparing stats with added randomness. Also, since most moves only used one stat, it encouraged training up only that stat (plus maybe Scales to resist other attacks).

Time for a workout Provided exercises that were used in the daily training sessions. The exercises all has a positive, though random, impact on dragons' stats, and the dynasty became dominated by grinding from this point forwards.

Fighting is also about breaking stuff Allowed Breeders to buy items to aid their dragons in battle, along with some too-expensive-to-buy items to help with training. While unused for most of the dynasty, they did have a significant impact on the final (and only) battle.

A Challenging Proposal Created the rules for starting battles. However, since the reward in cookies for winning would likely not even be enough to heal the winner's dragon, no normal battles were ever attempted.

The Ultimate Challenge Created a special battle, the Succession Challenge, in which a Breeder could achieve victory by beating a pre-statted dragon. Although its stats were high, including twice as much Heartbeat as an ordinary dragon, they were balanced and thus suboptimal for the combat system. Also, since its stats would never increase, the Breeders' dragons would eventually surpass it.

Succession Challenge The battle that ended the dynasty. Also notable as the first battle of the dynasty.


After training only Muscle all dynasty to the exclusion of other stats, and with the help of a couple of items, Bucky's dragon attempted the Succession Challenge and was able to take down the Dragonmaster's dragon in two hits. Because Bucky went first and used some defensive items, the Dragonmaster couldn't win barring exceptional luck (85 or better on 3DICE30).


  • Checks dragons off the "Dynasty themes to do still" list*. Makes ya wonder what themes we can think up next lol.--Darknight 06:51, 27 Sep 2008 (GMT)


Written by Bucky

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