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The First Dynasty of Brendan

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June 19, 2004 - September 6, 2004

Ascension Address

Employees and Associates, I'm glad to see you all here today. It's a good thing I wore my glasses. Pause for laughter. I--that's, um, hold on.

As I was saying, I've called this team-wide infosession to discuss the reformation of our mission statement and, more importantly, the new philosophy behind it. We've thrown out all the old rules and cleared up most of the lingering tasks. We're ready to forge ahead, to think outside the box. I may be your District Manager, but each of you Teamspersons is equally vital to the dignity of this company as a whole. The TTC Conglomerate is, now more than ever, poised to leap directly into the cutting edge of office solutions. One quick note--as is clearly visible in this PowerPoint? chart, our CorporateCorporal? license has corresponded with a distinct and sustained rise in productivity. In other words, since morale's improved, the beatings will continue.

Now, if you'll flip to the next page in your handouts, we'll begin.


Final Ruleset

Proposals of Interest

This dynasty was all about documents, which moved from inboxes to outboxes, and earned players rewards when they processed them. They could also be delegated around the office.

  • Page Turner: "A Document consists of one or more Pages, each of a specific colour, and in a specific order. A Document is represented in the GNDT by a string of letters, being the first letters of each of its Pages' colours, in sequence. (eg. a Document whose first Page was Red and whose second Page was White would be listed as "RW".)"


Kevan posted a declaration of victory:

You're probably wondering why I've called you all to this meeting. Sit down, sit down. [the lights dim, and the beam of an overhead projector flickers across the conference room]
I begin this rapid sequence of projects with 178 Dignity.
I drop to 168, to generate a one-page Red Document.
I drop to 158, to generate a one-page Yellow Document.
I combine the Red with the Turquoise I've already got, to create a TR, then combine that with the Yellow to make a TRY.
I delegate this upwards (it being Yellow) to Chronos.
From Rule 11, of Red Documents:- "The Delegating Teamsperson may Generate more work for Delegatee; Documents generated in this manner cost the Delegatee Dignity to produce, rather than the Delegator."
I force Chronos to generate 18 one-page White Documents, at a cost to him of 180 Dignity.
I drop to 148, to generate a one-page Red Document.
I delegate this to ChinDoGu, and force him to generate 12 White Documents.
I drop to 138, to generate a one-page Red Document.
I delegate this to Truman, and force him to generate 3 White Documents.
I drop to 128, to generate a one-page Red Document.
I delegate this to Josh, and force him to generate 5 White Documents.
I drop to 118, to generate a one-page Red Document.
I delegate this to KnightKing, and force him to generate 8 White Documents.
I drop to 118, to generate a one-page Red Document.
I delegate this to Dirk, and force him to generate 10 White Documents.
I drop to 108, to generate a one-page Red Document.
I delegate this to Codex, and force him to generate 11 White Documents.
I drop to 98, to generate a one-page Red Document.
I drop to 88, to generate a one-page Yellow Document.
I drop to 78, to generate a one-page Turquoise Document.
I assemble this into a TRY, and pass it up to Brendan marked URGENT, and force him to generate 20 White Documents.
Finally, I generate another Turquoise document, mush everything in my Inbox together and get it processed as one.
I now have 68 Dignity, and the second-highest Dignity among Teamspersons is 9. Under Rule 14, I hereby declare victory.


Dynastic Histories

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