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The Third Dynasty of Clucky

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July 30, 2007 - August 29, 2007

Ascension Address

Lets do this thing!

It is a well known fact that given an infinite amount of time, and an infinite amount of monkeys banging away at an infinite number of typewriters, eventually those monkeys will type the Blognomic Ruleset. But until this point, we have simply taken that fact for granted. After all, it is infinity. And that is how infinity works. We don’t have an infinite amount of monkeys, nor an infinite amount of type, so all we can do is speculate as to what would happen. Now we are presented with a unique opportunity. A opportunity to take a finite number of monkeys and equip them with an outline for a Blognomic ruleset and we what will happen. Hide the bananas. Lock up the poo. Its Monkey Time!

Repel all Dynastic Rules Replace ‘Corporation(s)’ with ‘Monkey(s)’ Replace ‘Government’ with ‘Top Banana’ (*hi-fives Elias*)


The following players were active during this dynasty:

aaronwinborn, Amnistar, Banana BobTHJ, Bucky, Brendan, Clucky, Chivalrybean, Chronos Phaenon, Darknight, Denis Brendano, Elias IX, Hix, Icarus, Josh, Kevan, lars atomica, Night, Oracular Rufio, Rodney, Shane, Zephyr

Final Ruleset

The final ruleset can be found here.

Proposals of Interest

(This list of significant dynastic events is currently incomplete.)


Clucky apologised:

I am really sorry guys, but I have found that I just don’t have enough time to continue running this dynasty. I’d love to just be able to freeze it at this stage and continue it at a later point. I realize that that probably isn’t possible, but who knows what the future will hold. Regardless, I’m gonna need to pass the mantel here before inactivity kills everyone.

A random die roll among players who wanted to win chose Josh.


Of importance to this dynasty was the Monkey Dynasty Gamestate Documents, which tracked the Monkey Dance. Also, King Kong, an NPC, quickly made his way to the top of the Monkey Line, which would probably have made it relatively difficult to ascend to the top again, if the dynasty had continued.


Written by Aaronwinborn.

Dynastic Histories

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