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The Second Dynasty of Hix

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November 18, 2007 - December 28, 2007

Ascension Address

Ragnarök is upon us, my Valkyries, and I must say that I am somewhat disappointed in the quality of the heroes you have been providing lately. I hardly need remind you that we require spirits of warriors who have died bravely in battle to aid us in the final battle against the Jotuns. Of course, we may also be able to find good uses for various figures such as brilliant tacticians, wise rulers, celebrated philosophers, or even great artists. As usual, I’ll leave the details of the choosing up to you all, but could you pick up the pace a bit? I fear Ragnarök is mere months away....

All Dynastic Rules are repealed. “Villager(s)” becomes “Valkyrie(s)”. “Mayor” becomes “Allfather”. Singular third-person pronouns become feminine when appropriate.


The following players were active at the begining or end of the dynasty

aaronwinborn, Amnistar, Bahro, BobTHJ, Chivalrybean, Darknight, Elias IX, Hix, Icarus, Igthorn, Josh, Kevan, Oracular rufio, Rodlen, Rodney, ShadowClaw, spikebrennan, Tesla4D, Yoda

Final Ruleset

Ruleset 51

Proposals of Interest

How Many Acorns is Socrates's Soul worth? - Made the bidding process of unclaimed Einherjar, the primary asset for the dynasty.

Baseball Cards - Created the creation process for Einherjar.

Different Statistics - Gave Einherjar a representation of power, and differentiated one Einherjar from another.

Ready to Ragnaroek - Gave a function Einherjar, and brought back the Norse references to the dynasty.


Clucky won the final battle, passed the mantle to AaronWinborn without checking that they wanted it, and CfJd to pass the mantle to SpikeBrennan instead.


In the closing moments of the dynasty, spikebrennan set up a number of one way trades in an attempt to sneak away with victory. It didn't quite work as only 2 people voted on their trades, with against votes, and the dynasty ended 30 mins after he posted his last trade, making them moot. Nice attempt, bad timing given how fast Clucky got the results out.

  • I should point out that those trades would only have worked if the other party in question had voted _for_ them. I was basically trying to give people an opportunity to cause me to win, as opposed to anyone else, if they saw fit. Didn't work out. Spikebrennan 04:28, 31 Dec 2007 (GMT)
  • Lol. Ya still got the mantle passed on to ya --Darknight 22:58, 31 Dec 2007 (GMT)
Dynastic Histories

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