The Tenth Dynasty of Kevan

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October 18, 2012 - November 11, 2012

Ascension Address

Some might say it has been a difficult month for NewsCartel, with the public backlash over our use of royal paparazzi shots, the troubling revelations from the ongoing Cartlesham press inquiry, and a steepening decline of print sales. However, NewsCartel sees this as a unique opportunity to distance itself from the poor editorial decisions and unpopular brand associations of the past, and is henceforth liquidating all of its titles, firing its editors and redistributing its existing ground staff across a new raft of print newspapers, which are due to launch Monday. The opportunity to improve our public image has never been stronger, and I will be looking to all of you to help shape a new and successful era of NewsCartel in these challenging times.

Replace “Student” with “Editor” throughout the ruleset, and “Professor” with “Mogul”.


11 Editors were active at the beginning of this Dynasty: Bucky*, Clucky*, Cpt_Koen, Henri, IceFromHell, Josh*, Kevan*, Murphy, quirck*, RaichuKFM, spikebrennan

Final Ruleset

Ruleset 105

Posts of Interest

  • Hold the Front Page allowed the creation of Newspapers, with stances on War, Science, Government, Royalty, Sport and Celebrity.
  • News From Around the World defined locations where news could break
  • Down to the Wire allowed the Mogul to randomly generate news stories; these would then be thematically tied to world events which happened during the game, where possible.
  • New World Order changed the locations to reflect the Guardian newspaper’s most reported countries of 2011.
  • Building a Name for Ones Self gave papers a reputation for Journalistic Integrity, Balance, Understandability and Humor.
  • Fit to Print allowed Newspapers to report on Wire Stories by leaving comments on their posts, with bonuses for reporting on stories that matched a paper's Stances
  • The Moon on Monday allowed papers to close down and restart with fresh stats.
  • Orienteering defined certain subjects as left- or right-wing, setting the paper's overall tone accordingly.
  • There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute gave the Public an opinion on each subject, which could vary over time.
  • Echo Chamber caused Public Opinion to alter based on the majority of press stances
  • BlogNomic, the game that accurately models the annoyance of Hugh Grant allowed newspapers to perform Sharp Practices at the cost of Skeletons In The Closet: beginning with Phone Hacking, which could generate new Wire stories on a subject of their choice
  • Stance Shift changed Royalty to Business, since Royalty stories were being generated for countries with no royal family (and players had rejected a proposal to limit them to the UK and Japan, and another to just remove it)
  • Culture of Leaking added Inside Sources as a Sharp Practice
  • Downsizing added a Sharp Practice of Departmental Firing, to remove Stances
  • Enquire Without allowed newspapers to launch Inquiries into one another
  • Popular Demand gave bonuses for reporting on stories which the public which were particularly interested in
  • Top of the World created a victory condition: have a Reach of 14 and no Skeletons in your closet. It also added a way to get rid of Skeletons, at a cost.
  • Agree Strongly created the Sharp Practice of Biased Polling, which could modify Public Opinion
  • Attack Journalism added a Sharp Practice of Mudslinging, which could create Skeletons for rivals
  • Blah Blah Russian Sport defined low-interest stories as unreportable
  • Skeleton Key simplified the penalty for Skeletons

News Wire posts


Scshunt achieved victory after building up the Reach of The Imprint to a level where the Skeletons in its Closet were no longer a problem. Upon the DoV being approved, he passed the mantle to Josh.

Dynastic Histories

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